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Epilogue - Fifteen years later

It's strange seeing Brittany in a lady suit. What's even stranger is seeing her body return to it toned state after two kids. There was never a doubt in my mind that Brittany wouldn't be able to regain her fit physique, but I kind of hoped she would become really lazy so I could be the perfect wife to attain to her every need.

After Brittany fell pregnant she decided to retire from being McKinley's cheerleading coach. Ten years of her life were spent whipping that squad into shape and proving that she could lead them to win consecutive national championships, and she did. In my final year of high school we won the first place trophy and the look on Brittany's face was priceless. I knew that coaching a high school cheerleading team was exactly what she needed to feel accomplished again.

We returned to LA a few years ago because Brittany's old boss Sandy had unfortunately passed away. There weren't really any tears at the funeral, just a lot of inside jokes and quotes said by Sandy during takes.

Brittany had made a speech that day. She was staring right at me and on the verge of crying but she held it together. She said she owed a lot to her boss, because if she hadn't gotten into the industry she doesn't think she'd have ever got the chance to meet me. I held her hand the entire way back to Ohio and told her how lucky we were to have found each other.

We were even more lucky when the donor sperm wiggled it's way inside Brittany and created twins for us. We lay in bed wrapped up in each other that entire day. The phone rang a few times but neither of us answered it. It was then that it clicked in my head once again – this is really happening.

Five years after I graduated Brittany and I got married in a small ceremony at a local park. It wasn't the most extravagant location but nobody seemed to mind because all that really mattered was making a promise to each other that day. However, deciding not to wed in a church almost gave my mother a heart attack, but she accepted it right before I was about to walk down the aisle. My father walked me towards the love of my life and I knew that Brittany was the love of my life because I had had girl's make a move on me in college and I wouldn't even look their way. I'd be swirling the straw around in my glass just wishing Brittany was there.

I didn't receive a scholarship or intern-ship it was more of a right place right time kind of deal. Quinn mentioned she was taking in a course in journalism and I groaned for two hours at how boring it must be. Somehow she convinced me to visit the college in Connecticut and bring some of my English papers. She had gotten friendly with the English department and without my knowledge at the time, handed in my papers so they could suss me out. Along with my A grade average and borderline brilliant test score average, Yale accepted me and I was off the next week living with Quinn in a small apartment.

I didn't expect so many visits from Rachel; Quinn's girlfriend, but found it worked out well because it gave me the entire apartment to myself when they would go out. Brittany popped in out of the blue once and I was in my underwear, laying on my bed masturbating and moaning her name. When she cleared her throat I almost fell off my bed in shame. But after realising that it was my girlfriend standing in the doorway with a grin on her face, well, you can imagine what happened next.

Brittany didn't seem scared at all when I told her I'd be moving which would result in me seeing her less. That's how I knew that she knew we could make it work. Distance didn't mean anything to us – as long as there was Skype.

Of course there were days where I doubted my choices, but a quick phone call from Brittany had me smiling again. She told me that as long as I'm happy and sure I can make a career out of this, then she would stick by me.

Four years without Brittany. We would treasure the breaks where I would return to Lima or she would visit Connecticut and either make love the entire week or weekend or discuss my future in the career of journalism. I informed Brittany I strictly did not want to work for a gossip magazine and she giggled saying, "Aren't they the only ones left?"

A few months after receiving my Bachelor's degree, I found myself at the front of a local newspaper for youths. They needed an advice columnist and until I could work somewhere big, I would take that job and end up loving it. Brittany told me I had the potential to work at the New York Times but because of her endless love for a small town like Lima, Ohio; I didn't want to leave her again. We had already spent four years apart with occasional visits and it made me realise how much I needed her.

When Brittany was 33, our daughter and son were born. Carmen and Oliver had sandy brown hair and big brown eyes. Carmen had darker skin like me, while Oliver shared the creamy skin tone of his other mom.

We celebrate the twins' birthdays at my parent's house every year because that's where we met and we love sharing that story with them – leaving out the inappropriate details of course...

Its thanksgiving dinner tonight and we're having it our house. Brittany removes her lady suit after trying it on and walks around the bedroom in her underwear. Carmen and Oliver are bouncing on our queen bed, messing up the blankets that I had just tucked in. I roll my eyes and stand up from my desk, reaching forward and swiftly grabbing Carmen around the waist and pulling her into my lap.

"Mom catch me!" Oliver shouts, causing Brittany to turn around and open her arms. The boy leaps forward right into Brittany's arms and they giggle as she throws him back on the bed. He catches onto her bra strap though and pulls it until it snaps hard against her skin. I wince as I watch Brittany clench her jaw, trying not to squeal in pain.

"All right that's enough fun, you guys have to go get ready for dinner," I announce. Carmen takes Oliver's hand and leads him outside. I tilt my head to make sure they're headed for their bedroom before sliding forward on the bed and wrapping my arms around Brittany.

She smirks and tangles her fingers through my hair, leaning down to softly capture my lips. I hum in approval and hold her tighter. I fall backwards on the bed with Brittany on top of me and we continue to kiss slowly until we hear some giggling in the doorway. Brittany groans and lifts her head to glare at the twins until they're scampering off screaming 'bath time.'

"Is it your turn or mine?" I ask.

"Mine," Brittany pouts adorably. I roll my eyes and push her off me.

"I'll do it since you're starting that new job tomorrow." Brittany grins and then tackles me again, pinning me to the bed with my arms above my head.

"I don't think they'll mind if we're a minute longer," she whispers with a small shrug.

"Close the door," I murmur back.

Brittany rolls her eyes, grinning and jumps off the bed to close the door. Just as she's about to shut it Carmen pokes her head in and grins. Oh no. That grin is the one thing – other than me – that Brittany can't resist. She turns her head and looks at me with a pout and I scoff but wave her off. Brittany throws on a large t-shirt and chases Carmen to the bathroom.

I sigh heavily, hopping off the bed to return to my desk. I swipe a finger over the mouse pad and click back onto my document.

The inappropriate details were never brought up in conversation with the twins because Brittany felt it didn't matter if they knew about her past. It shouldn't matter. Your past is your past because it is something you can't change. Brittany isn't afraid to tell the twins, I don't think. She is more afraid of what they'll remember when they grow up. Once they're teenagers they might bombard her with questions.

I keep reassuring her they wouldn't do that because no child wants to know about their mother's sex life. Like any human being, they respect that there are parts of a person's life that are hidden for a reason.

Maybe when I'm old and withered I'll blurt out that Brittany used to be a porn star and my family will blame my sudden outbursts on old age or lack of pills.

And maybe when I really grow up, I'll be able to finally accept that I captured Brittany Pierce's heart. Because after fifteen years it still has not sunk in that she loves me back.

- Ask Santana

I save the file onto my USB so I can take it work and print it out. As soon as my kids hear that printer go off they slam their palms on it asking it for candy. It's amusing but also frustrating when they attempt to eat my articles.

Last week I had a few people write in asking what my life was like and how I got to that point. I decided to focus mainly on being apart from Brittany and the fact that she started off with a career in porn didn't change the way I felt and how my parents felt about her.

Hopefully my boss publishes the article because it is the first time I'm writing mainly about my personal life and sometimes that can either gain more readers or lose them. Hopefully at least one person will be able to relate to the distance part of the relationship and if someone can relate to falling in love with a porn star, meeting her, marrying her and having kids with her then, well, hopefully that gets me a raise.

I set the turkey in the middle of the table and grin at how organized everything is. Even with work I've managed to cook, buy a few little ornaments my mom will probably steal and makes the twins lunches every morning.

Brittany of course takes over when I'm extra busy as she's been between several jobs in the last few years. She hasn't found her calling – that's what she informs me anyway. I don't think I could blame her though; she did spend a lot of money she had saved just to buy this house. My parents paid for some of it without my knowledge so I had to promise them I would visit every couple nights. I don't understand why they were so anxious in us moving out when I returned from college because I had been out of town for so long.

Besides, we only moved next door.

After that house was sold the owners decided they wanted something by a farm and put it on the market a few months before I returned to Lima. So there was a wedding, a house warming and the strangling hugs from my parents that I returned too.

"This looks amazing baby," Brittany compliments softly, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind.

"It's just a little something I put together," I reply shrugging. Brittany chuckles and sways us slowly side to side. The kids rush passed us and jump onto the sofa.

"You look beautiful," Brittany whispers in my ear. I tilt my head and grin.

"You do too," I lick my lips, "I wish I could take you right here right now."

"Santana," Brittany scolds, causing the twins to perk their heads up towards us. I tangle my fingers with Brittany and drag her down the hall.

I gently push Brittany against the wall and place my leg in between her thighs. "I want you."

"Baby," Brittany breathes, trailing off when I press my thigh up against her core. "Oh fuck."

She throws her head back and grips my shoulders, letting her mouth hang open and eyes flutter shut. I roll against her, creating a slow rhythm at first to make her lower body quiver.

"Hello!?" My mother yells in the distance. I freeze against Brittany and her eyes immediately snap open.

"Shh," I hush her, giggling against her cheek.

Brittany whines and subtly rubs down onto my thigh. "I need you."

"Mommy and Mama are making weird noises over there," Oliver comments loudly. I immediately push myself away from Brittany and flatten out my dress.

"We'll continue this later," I husk, winking at my wife before sauntering off down the hall. It takes about a minute for her to catch up to me and another three minutes before we're all sitting at the table eating dinner.

"So you're starting your new job tomorrow Brittany?" My dad asks with a mouth full of food.

"Yeah," she nods, "I'm only going to work as a dance instructor but I bought a new suit to impress them."

"That's my girl," I cheer, nudging her beside me. Brittany chuckles throatily, shaking her head and taking a sip of her wine.

"I'm looking forward to it," Brittany shrugs, "hopefully it will be a little less work than coaching a cheerleading squad."

My mother laughs. "Why didn't you go back to that job?"

"I had run my course there," Brittany answers in a wise manner, "I didn't really have a reason to be there after Santana left, but I needed to do something to keep my mind off of her."

"You wanted to keep your mind off of me?" I question with a smirk.

"You know what I mean babe," Brittany answers with a shake of her head.

My dad laughs. "Still a famous pig Santana?" He asks.

"Yep," I grin.

"I want a pig!" Oliver shouts. My mother wipes her mouth with her napkin and stands up, walking over to Oliver and Carmen on the other end of the table.

"Come on kids let's go find a pig film, there has to be one lying around here somewhere."

Brittany and I frown at each other while my dad continues to quietly eat the rest of his dinner. Once we're all finished Brittany takes the plates to wash up. I told her I could help but she insisted I relax since I organised everything for tonight.

My dad joins my mom and the twins in the living room while I sneak some kisses with Brittany in the kitchen. She giggles and tells me to join my parents but I tell her I'm still horny from before.

"Oh my god," she exhales, whipping the dish towel against my stomach. I squeal and jump away, waiting for her to finish washing up before approaching her again.

"I don't know why I'm still searching for my calling, I think I'd found it all along," she explains, wrapping an arm around my waist to bring me closer.

"What is it?"

"You." I smile shyly and she dips her head down to nudge my nose with hers. I stare up into her eyes and Brittany puckers her lips.

I chuckle and lean in to give her a smooch. We hear a gasp from the living room and we pull apart.

"Santana and Brittany in LA," Carmen reads out loud, holding up a black tape.

"Ooh, you didn't tell you made a home video while you were there," my mom squeals in delight. Brittany's eyes widen as I rush forward to snatch the tape away.

"This is the most boring thing you'll ever see, we just talk," I explain with nervous laugh.

"I wanna see!" Oliver whines.

"Nope," Brittany answers firmly as she comes to stand beside me. "Let's just say there were toys and dress ups involved but none of it is appropriate for kids your age."

When I catch my mother's eye she looks as though she could pass out any second now. "It's passed your bed time anyway kids."

"We want story time!" Carmen screams. Brittany groans and then orders the kids to sit down in front of her. My parents watch the interaction with a weary expression, afraid that Brittany might lose her filter again and blurt out every detail of our trip to LA.

I walk forward and spread my legs to cuddle Brittany from behind. She tangles our fingers together and the twins immediately giggle.

"It all started with this social networking site called Twitter…"

Authors note: I really hoped you liked this. I didn't go into detail about their time apart so you can just envision what it would be like. Four years is a long time so you obviously could imagine the struggle. This has been one of my favourite stories to write and I'm so happy I got to expand on it all because of you awesome readers. I really can't thank you enough for coming on this fun ride with me and I hope to hear from you guys in the future.

p.s I checked on the Yale website and it didn't have a journalism course anywhere but for the purpose of this chapter it now does :)