Ch 1:Lost and Discovered

Chihiro had heard that her parents had persished in a local fire. At age 13,she needed a legal guardian to take care of her. The only one available was Aunt De-Vil, and since the name described her perfectly,Chihiro's only option was to run.

In reality,Chihiro didn't really care that her parents died. After the move and the four day stay in the spirit world,Chihiro's parents had blamed her for everything. They even had the nerve to confront Chihiro about being adopted. They had given proof to her a few days before their death. And in a few days, it will soon be Chihiro's 14th birthday. What perfect timing,because now,Chihiro was packing a bag with a sketchpad and art supplies,with only one destination in mind.

A door slammed and Chihiro looked up in alarm. Quickly tying her hair with the hair tie Zeniba gave her,Chihiro slings the bag across one shoulder,opens the nearest window,and jumps. Landing perfectly in a feline position,Chihiro brushes imaginary dust off of her,and starts walking. However,after turning around for a minute and glaring at the blue house that she used to call "home," she breaks off in a run,towards the spirit world.