Ch 12:The Green Feeling

The small party made Chihiro the happiest in her past three years.

Chihiro sighed as she fell on the mattress. Rin was next to her and laughing. She immediately stopped when everyone in the room shushed her. After all,it was the middle of the night and Chihiro and Rin were still awake. The party kept them awake,but Rin fell asleep a few minutes later. Chihiro,though,couldn't fall asleep.

She rose from her mattress and quietly exited the room. She walked on the bridge again. It seemed like the place she visited the most.

"Today's my first day of being fourteen," she sighed as she leaned forward on the bridge.

A flash caught her eye. Chihiro cocked an eyebrow. Maybe her hair tie in her hair caused a reflection. Nah,that wasn't likely. The flash came from the garden.

Chihiro walked over to see what caused it. Again,she was disobeying Haku but oh well. Instead of slapping him be an option,why not just make him angry? He's a water spirit but can he drown me? Or will he fire at me?

Chihiro asked these questions to distract herself from her nervousness. When she arrived at the flash,she was really surprised to see an injured girl. She had dark pink hair and something seemed oddly familiar about her.

Chihiro stepped forward to see if she was unconscious but a cut of wind blocked her.

She looked to he side and her face paled to see Haku.

He didn't seem to show that he was angry. Instead he just looked at the injured figure.

"It seems that she just passed out."

Chihiro couldn't trust her voice so she just nodded. She watched with a little pang as he carried her bridal style. She followed back silently as he carried her to the boiler room.

While Haku was explaining to Kamajii,Chihiro sneaked out. It felt like it was hard to breathe so she just ran out of there and on to the bridge.

Chihiro gripped on the railing until her knuckles turned white. So far,her first day of being fourteen was on a rough start.

Chihiro looked at the passing train below. Was she jealous?

Chihiro almost laughed at herself. "Why am I feeling this way,"she thought,"After all,I am just a human and he's a spirit. He never had feelings for me anyway..."

Chihiro sighed and her breath hitched when a hand was on her shoulder.

She turned and of course,it was Haku.

"What's wrong?"

Chihiro looked back toward the train's rails. "Nothing. Why would there be anything wrong?"

"You look upset."

Chihiro sighed and asked,"Are there any others for you to read their expessions?"

Haku smiled and said,"I seem to care about your's the most though. Can you tell me what's wrong?"

CHihiro shook her head but she asked,"Can you explain the feeling of being hurt and scared of losing someone you care about?"

Haku stood next to her and impersonated her pose. "Jealousy."

Chihiro stiffened and banged her head against the rail.

Haku made a small sound of surprise. He quickly held her head to stop her and he brought it up to examine the damage she has done.

Chihiro's bangs hid her eyes but as Haku removed the bangs to examine the possible wound,Chihiro whispered,"What do you think about me anyway... why did you save me... why do you care..."

Haku's hand had stayed unmoving on her forehead. When Chihiro asked him those questions,he could sense her despair.

When Chihiro looked up with tears in her eyes her eyes just grew bigger when Haku's lips were on hers.

I couldn't think of anything for this chapter. For the next chapters there will be more drama (maybe). Please don't get bored...