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He could hear screams around him that overshadowed a distant voice that whisperer his name again and again, before finally releasing a scream.

He could feel his body burning while his arms and legs quickly froze. He did not remember what he was doing before or what had he said, but he feel in peace, and in completely calm, smiling in that vast obscurity, before an intense green light blind him.

(Scene Break)

-.- The boy who lived

Harry Potter snapped awake, his head ached, more specifically the scar on his forehead, an interesting line-shaped lightning bolt, which recently hurt every time he was dreaming and the dream ended with a green light. He had no idea what could this be, his dreams were usually related to the sea, ships and exciting fights against persons in white sailor suits, but the green light always came out of nowhere, just after the strange feeling that his body was freezing.

A knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts.

"Are you up?" demanded a sharp voice.

"Yes" the child replied with annoyance.

"Do not answer me in that tone."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia" replied without changing the tone a bit. This time his answer was a brisk walk down the aisle.

The boy glanced at a shelf next to the bed where a spider was resting quietly.

"You're so lucky to not have to endure her all day."

Harry Potter lived with his uncle since he could remember, He knew that at the age of one, he had been abandoned at the door of the house, to be a burden to his uncle ... or so they told him constantly along with the story of how his parents died in a car accident, and Harry had been the only survivor, being left in the care of his mother's sister.

Harry hated his parents as much as he hated his uncle, but he hated them mainly to leave him and die in a really silly way, otherwise he would not be living with his uncle and bearing the people who said he was an orphan and that he better has not been born for being the son of a monster.

That thought made him stop, his hand still on the doorknob. Where had that thought come from? He had never experienced anything like that before; people just said he was an orphan, not everything else.

"Hurry. Breakfast is not done alone."

Reason number 7 for why he hated his relatives: They treated him as a slave. He did all the household chores, so he usually spends most of his time outside the house. His room was the cupboard under the stairs; probably the only thing missing was a shackle in his neck and a mark on the back.

A shiver crossed his body at the thought of a mark of a dragon claw in the back. Where that idea did came from? Today he really had very strange thoughts. Although a big ¨ D ¨ on his back did not bother him at all.

Upon entering the kitchen, Aunt Petunia gave him a pan full of bacon. "Don´t burn it."

"Of course not" said the child as he raised the intensity of the fire.

After breakfast, and being forced to eat all the burned bacon, his aunt told him to clean the kitchen. He had no other option to that. He was ending when a thud was heard in the kitchen, and soon after Dudley entered only to find Harry asleep on his feet, his head leaning against a wall and in his hands a still mopping stick. Dudley's face lit up, though this happened to Harry often, opportunities like this were unique, because normally Harry fell asleep in class or while Dudley was not at home, or when Harry was not. Without further Dudley went over and gave a direct blow to Harry in the face, knocking him to the floor.

Dudley burst out laughing as he left the house through the back door of the garden, and Harry sat up slowly. It was a fortune that Dudley had already left, otherwise he could have seen in Harry a murderous expression while small flames emerging from his shoulders.

Harry quickly finished store everything and rushed out of the house, before they could leave him another task. He was tempted to follow Dudley, but a part of him prevented him, the part that told him of the consequences if he did it. Finally decided that no matter what happened, he would better handle his own affairs, and so Harry took his own path.

Then, maybe he should have followed Dudley, walking aimlessly, someone started to follow him, he did not know for what purpose he did it, but after many twists and complicated ways, the little white dog was still following him. It was small, young perhaps a year or two at most, white but with all the dust, dirt and mud, he looked gray and brown. His face was completely childish, even silly with that tongue out. Something about this dog was driving Harry mad, only by seeing the dog he could feel a strange desperation to act.

"Go away" said the child, to which the dog responded with an angry comical bark. Yes, this dog annoyed him more at every moment.

Harry kept walking. It was strange to walk and know that someone was behind you. Normally no one wanted to be near Harry, the orphan who lived with his uncles and had a strange scar on his forehead. Harry hated that scar, his aunt had told him that it had in the accident in which his parents had died, so maybe that´s why he hated it so much, but this was not the only scar, Harry had a more or maybe you could say that he had two more scars. The two were quite similar; one was on his chest, and another on the back. Harry said that this looked like a sun, and it was not like he liked it, but this scar caused him some sort of pride, as if it was proving something important to him. His uncle told him that he got it in the accident too, but Harry had not believed him, if it had he would have died at the fragile age of one.

It was not strange that the Dursleys did not care of Harry, and his cousin knew he had priority over Harry. Dudley had always used anybody lower than him as punching bag; Harry was no exception, until one day at school: Harry, tired, replied the hit. It was such a blow that Dudley's eye turned purple and swelled so unusual for a kids fight.

Aunt Petunia almost fainted when she saw his little angel that way, Uncle Vernon beat Harry so badly that he could not move for several hours, but at school no one looked at Harry the same, most saw it with fear and no one wanted to go near him. Dudley meanwhile continued using him as punching bag, knowing that Harry was aware of what would happen if he try to fight back, the trouble was that Harry was very clever and when he saw his cousin approached with intent to fight, just scurried out the place, not that Harry liked the idea.

Harry looked back, it seemed that among the many turns he had lost the dog, and just in time, he thought as he fell asleep again, this time in the middle of a park. This was normal, happening at least once a day, anytime, anywhere. It happens without warning at all, to the point that it seemed that he had fallen dead, but he was actually asleep. A school nurse had called narco-something Harry had not learned the name and his uncles, not caring at all, had not to take him to a proper doctor. The teachers scold him every time it happened at school, to the delight of Dudley. Aunt Petunia repressed him when she received notices from teachers and when he fell asleep in the middle of lunch, and despite all the scolding, Harry could not do anything about it.

Something wet in her ear woke him, he opened his eyes he found a large and bright black eyes watching him intently. "Luffy?" His answer was a sharp bark. No, Not Luffy, definitely. But that starters him, Who was Luffy? "And you are still here?" He reprimanded the dog.


"Why do not you go away?" His response was a little moan.

"Do not have were to go?" Another moan

"Is it easier for you if I'm here?"


"Is it hard without me?"


"You ... you want me to live?"

Guau guau

Harry felt strange, as if this was not the first time that this happened. No, Luffy had said the same thing, of course, in different ways but why now did not feel the curiosity to ask: who was Luffy? In his mind he could see the blur image of his brother ... Brother? Yes, his brother, his younger brother. But where was his brother?

"Potter, Did you have sweet dreams?" And there came Dudley, followed by all his gang.

"Go away, I have no time to deal with you" He had to find Luffy, Where had he last seen?

"Look, Potter woke up feeling brave." So focused was Ace that he did not realize there was a blow coming to him, leaving him on the floor. It was the second time that day.

"Stop calling me Potter!" he exclaimed as he rose and a tiny white ball was placed in front of him.

"Look, Potter has a new friend," said Piers Polkiss, one of Dudley´s friends as he reached out to take the dog, only to be beaten by Ace before getting close enough. The others rushed to Ace that began dealing blows right and left. He had no time for this, he had to protect the dog and find Luffy, the last time he had seen him had been in Marineford, what happened there?

Dudley was the first to flee as he could, immediately follow by the other, while Ace dropped himself back into the grass.

Sure, he remembered, he had died in Marineford, or so he thought. Luffy had stayed there, while he had to relive his childhood.

The dog came quickly and was there when Ace first noticed the collar around the dog's neck. Ace sat heavily before deciding to return the puppy.

Return the puppy was not so hard; the owner was very friendly and even gave him a small reward. Now what followed seemed to be more complicated. All these years he had lived with the Dursleys because he didn´t had another choose, but now he remembered all his life, the thought of living alone seemed the best idea of all his new short life.

Before he could come up with a plan, Ace was already in Privet Drive and Vernon violently pushed him inside the house and then threw a hit, which never reached its target as Ace dodged and returned without much skill. Being small again was complicated.

"Insolent brat" the man shouted from the floor "How dare you hit me and my son?"

"You two were the ones who started it."

Uncle Vernon's face turned red with anger: "I should throw you to the street..."

"Oh, do not worry," interrupted Ace. "I was going anyway" and so he left the house.

Any place was better than this.