. It was Jackson's first day at Monster High.

"Dad, this school doesn't even look natural! Are you sure?"

Jackson said.

"I'm sure, Jackson. Make some friends, have some laughs, have fun. Bye, Jackson. And Holt."

Dr. Jekyll said, driving off. Jackson stood there with no one to talk to. A bull rammed into him.

"You're a normie! Hey guys! We got a normie at school!"

Jackson ran into the school as the group of boys stared at him angrilly, and so did everyone else inside.


People, or monsters technically, said. Principal Bloodgood saw Jackson and pulled him aside.

"Jackson Jekyll. So nice to finally see you after years of talking to your father. If I were you, I would put on these."

She said, handing him some headphones. Jackson took them and put them on.

"What do I do with them?" Jackson said.

As everyone walked by, no one noticed the headphones, and Jackson stared at them as if they were blind.

"They're for Holt."

Principal Bloodgood said. She took out a portable radio and turned it on. Jackson stiffened immeidately and turned into Holt with a whoosh of fire.

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah YEEEAAAAAHHHH!" Holt said, jamming to the music.

"Now, you have to promise me you will behave yourself, Holt. Do you understand?"

Holt looked at Principal Bloodgood and made a weak nod.

"Yeah, sure! Heheheh."

Prinicpal Bloodgood laughed and walked away.

"Have a good day, Holt!" She said.

Holt looked around seeing everyone and ran down the hall like a lunatic.

"Who's he?" One girl asked. She looked alot like Frankenstein.

"Oh, him? He's a new kid like you. Apparently, he's the son of Mr. Hyde. Now, anyway."

The other girl said. Her name was Clawdeen Wolf, and the girl who asked the question was Frankie Stein.

"Maybe you should try and talk to him." Clawdeen said.

Frankie walked over to Holt and started a conversation with him.

"Ummm... Hello! I'm ummmm... Frankie! Nice to ummm... Meet you!"

Holt looked at her and smirked.

"Ooooo. This school's got some GREEEEAAAT ladies! Frankie Fine... That name really suits you."

Frankie blushed,

"Oh! Why, thank you! W-What's your name?"

She asked.

"I'm the Holtster, yo! Holt Hyde." He said, leaning a bit closer.

"What are the headphones for?" Frankie asked, taking them off.

"No no! Don-" Holt said, trying to stop her, but with a whoosh of flame, Jackson stood before her.

"Oh!" She said with a jump.

"Yeah... I-I'm sorry." He said.

"No no! You're fine! I'm new too." Frankie said, hugging him.

Clawdeen looked at the two.

"Aren't they great together. Haha." She said.

Jackson blushed. The bell rang and everyone went to their first class.

"Here are your headphones back." She said.

Jackson took them and put them back on.


Jackson began, but Holt ended it with a


Frankie giggled and walked to class with Clawdeen.

"You two make a cute couple." She said.

"Holt seems to really like me, and Jackson seems to too."

"You got jackpot, ghoul!" Clawdeen said cheerfully.

Frankie laughed and sat down for class, seeing that she didn't have the same classes as Holt.

"Welcome to your first class. Please get your books."

The teacher said, and everyone got thier books. This... is the first day of Monster High.