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Chapter Thirty:
Carol sat up in her bed, Maggie was shaking her

"he's not breathing!" the pregnant woman jumped out of bed and ran to Hershel's cell, Beth was sobbing while holding her father's hand, Lori was standing over him. The first lady shot Carol a panicked look

"do something!" Beth sobbed, Lori closed her eyes and leaned forward before Carol had time to object. She knew it could end badly if Hershel didn't come back, mouth to mouth seemed like the only way to save him, Carol stood close incase he needed to be pulled off of her. The Greene girls held each other as they cried, Lori breathed air into the older man's lungs then pumped on his chest, she went back to his mouth and he grabbed her head. Carol was about to strike when he let go and looked around, he didn't speak, but Carol could tell he knew where he was. Carol squeezed his remaining foot

"gave us a scare there Hershel" he looked at her then to his girls, Beth grabbed his hand and smiled throw her tears, Lori and Carol left them to speak to their father as long as he stayed awake, which wouldn't be very long. Everyone looked at them for news when they stepped out Lori stepped forward

"he's awake" everyone smiled, Carol snuck away to sleep, in her bed, Lori could come get her if she was needed.

Daryl sat in a chair near the cell block entrance, or what everyone else had taken to calling the holding cell. Sophia was right, the prisoner were planning something, and by the looks of it wasn't good. Always whispering, it was making him nerves, not knowing what those guys were thinking. Carol and Lori came out of the cell Hershel was in, everyone held there breaths, it was Lori who stepped forward. The redneck kept his eyes trained on his wife, she looked exhausted, she'd gotten a lot less sleep then the other pregnant woman. Daryl wasn't no doctor but he knew that couldn't be for the baby, he decided to confront her about it later.

"He's awake." Lori said the words everyone wanted to hear, they cheered, exchanging smiles, Carol ran up the stairs to their perch, he smiled, guess he didn't need to trick her into sleep after all. The prisoners started whispering again, one getting harsh sounding, he looked over to see it was the second biggest black dude. Daryl tried reading his lips, he only got the words

"no…pregnant….crazy…" the redneck stood and went to find Rick, stopping by Carl to ask him to watch the door, and to not listen to anything they said. The kid agreed, Rick wasn't far, just out in the field, Daryl walked to the spot right next to him.

"They plannin' somethin', read one of the guys lips, they was talkin' 'bout something being crazy and something 'bout Lori or Carol, maybe both." Rick looked forward

"I think I know what to do, we'll offer them a cell block, say we'll help them clear it out for food, least half of what's in the kitchen." Daryl was ready to open his mouth to argue, the leader but up his hand "if they pull one thing while we're in there, they die, all of them." Slowly the redneck nodded

"ain't lettin' them no where near Carol, or any of the women, they keep to their side, we keep to ours." Rick nodded, and looked back at the sun

"let's just hope they keep that promise." Daryl sighed and looked forward

"were going to need to start making runs for more supplies, baby shit, food, and things. Important stuff you know?" (A/N I couldn't resist stuff, and things!)

"Well go as soon as we settle the prisoners in." The redneck nodded, satisfied and walked back inside the prison, Carl said he had it under control and that he could go to sleep, Daryl wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to sleep next to him woman. Even if it would be a quick nap, seeing as how he would have to wake up and go with Rick, Shane, and T to clear out a new cell block with the prisoners. The second he got to his perch Daryl Dixon took off his shoes and crossbow and lay behind his woman, drawing her closer to him. She stirred, then turned in his arms looking sleepily at him. Carol smiled sweetly at him, and snuggled closer to him.

"I don't have to wake up, do I?" He kissed her head

"no, ya get ta sleep, ain't good for the baby with you runnin' 'round here like a chicken with it's damn head cut off." She nodded and closed her eyes again, falling to sleep almost instantly, Daryl was far behind her.

Sophia went to check on her mama, but instead got to see one of the sweetest things she had ever seen. Daddy Daryl was holding her mom his his arms, her head tucked under his chin. It took everything she had in her not to squeal, her parents were together because of her -with a little help, of course- and she was getting a sibling, everything she ever wanted, and all it took was the end of the world. Sophia skipped down the stairs going to Carl's side, he smiled at her and tipped his dad's old hat.

"Little lady" he said, Sophia giggle, Carl was silly, that's why he was her best friend, Sophia took his hat and placed it on her head, tipping it like he did.

"Sir" he smiled and took it back

"Daryl went to sleep with your mom for a little" she nodded

"yep, I know, just thought I'd come see what your doing." She looked into the cell at the prisoners who were still talking in hushed voices. She lowered hers "I don't like them here, just don't feel safe." Carl nodded

"I ain't gonna let nothing happen to you." She smiled at him and sat on the floor, then looked up at him expectantly, he sat down too. Sophia looked around

"I can't wait till we get all this cleared, it'll be a great place to explore." His eyes darkened

"we ain't exploring, to many places, easy to get lost, no more getting lost." She huffed

"I didn't plan on getting lost" she crossed her arms over her chest "plus I'll have you to look out after me." He shook his head

"to easy to get lost." The young blonde rolled her eyes

"okay, always have an adult with you, I know. I know. Anyway it wont be for a while so relax Carl." He nodded and we fell into a comfortable silence. Later Rick, T-dog, Shane, and Daryl went into the tombs to clear out a cell block for the prisoners, when they came back they told us that only two prisoners reminded, the other three were dead. I didn't really care, the bad ones were gone, and the okay ones got to live, on their own respectable side. Everyone excepted the fact three men had died and stared discussing a run into town for needed supplies and baby stuff, everything went relatively normal. Little did they know what was to come.