(A.N) Alright so in the cartoon they never unmasked Red X. It bugged me. Plus he made rare and random appearances through out the searies. So I figured it was time that people deserved to know a little about this mysterious masked villian. Or is he more then just a bad guy? Is he really a hero? Go pop some popcorn and get comfy 'cuase you're about to find out! Ladys and gentlemen I give you...the chronicals of Red X.

The job was easy. A simple break in- same as many that he performed many times. The only item on his list was a small computer chip. The reason on why his employer desired this was classified. Personally he could hardly care less behind his intentions.

This life was a hard one but at least it kept food on the table and payed the bills. That was enough for him to keep this gig up. It was a pain with the Titans breathing down his back- but after the insident at the abondened observatory the little heros have been giving him a few short calls. So far this week has cooled down a bit.

He jumped down into the ventalation system. His cape clung to his body as he slid down. He pressed his heels against the metal to slow his fall. He came to a halt at the end of the vent. He manuvered to were he could crawl through the tight space. One thing he loved about this suit was how it molded to his body everytime he put it on. Made it easier to slip through tight places, such as this.

He army crawled his way to the left tunnel and was met with w fork in the road. He pressed a small button on the side of his mask and a digital map of the building he was in. He smirked behind his mask and went right.

There should be a drop off right...about...He felt his hand slip and he went crashing down the airduct. He cringed as he placed his hands out and spread his feet firmly against the metal walls. A sigh escaped his lips. He gently used his hands to slide the rest of the way down.

He paused upon seeing a small sliver of light pouring through a vent opening. He lowered his upper body half down for a better look. A computer screen was left on. Much to his delight the room was empty. He took out a small round ball. He squeezed and it morphed into an explosive red x. He jumped upwards and looked away. There was a small clang and puff of smoke.

He dropped down and landed on his feet. He did a quick glance around before he settled into a leather chair. He typed in the code he was given and waited for the information to process. There was a soft beep and a safe from behind opened. He got up and walked over to it. Inside was the chip he was after. He chuckled and picked it up.

"This is too easy." He pocketed the item and jumped back through the way he came in- careful to turn off the computer.

He crawled upwards and jumped out. He looked around once more before leaping off the roof. He slid down the tileing and flipped backwards. He free falled towards the gournd only to release his grappling hook and swinged through the empty streets.

Red X walked slipped into the dark office. His employer, Yakoyushi, a CEO from Japan. He owns one of the worlds most successful Post holdings of revenue. Not even Wayen Enterprise can top the power Yakoyushi has earned. He knows the ends and outs of the black market buisness. Rumor has it that he's son, Oki-San, is now leader of the red dragons- a powerful gang that managed to gain control over Japans trade with foriegn nations.

It was just his fortune that persuaded Red X to agree on this run. Normally he would work for competeing companies and leave the filth to steal for themselves- a guy's gotta eat. This job will defaintly pay off some late bills and keep him supported for a few months. Not much, but it's enough for him.

"You were successful?" A rough and heavily accented voice asked. A large chair turned to face him- showing an old short Japanese man. He had a scar that ran across his eye. Yakoyushi.

He revealed the small square chip."Not much of a challenge."

"Then perhaps you don't want your reward?" Yakoyushi leaned back and pressed a hidden button underneath his desk. A small safe appeared."Understandable...considering that you are the best."

He smirked behind his mask and held up the chip."Not so fast there Yakoyushi. We had a deal, remember?"

The Japanese man smirked."Ofcoarse...Red X." He typed in a code and the safe opened up. It revealed a small bundle of hundreds."Thrirteen hundred. As promised."

He walked up and placed the computer chip on the desk and snatched up the cash. He ran his gloved thub through the loose green cash. He turned to leave when the old man's voice stopped him.

"Are you not going to count it? How do you know I'm not shorting you out?"

He glanced through his mask at the old man."Becouse I know we'll be doing buisness together again." He pressed the button on his belt and deterialized.

Red X opened the window of his small apartment. He grunted as he jumped inside the dimmely lite room. He sighed takeing off his white skull mask. His silver hair spilled out into the darkness- almost glowing. He turned on a lamp and went into the bathroom. He stared at his reflection through a cracked mirror.

Staring back at him was no longer Red X. Now he was Jason Moore. Seventeen year old orphan who lives in a shitty apartment. Only when he looks in the mirror now the mask he puts on stares back at him like a phantom. His gray eyes look at him blankly. His mother's eyes. He looked away from the reflection and stripped off all of his costume. He kicked off his boots and turned on the shower.

Jason winced and touched the scar on his chest. A flash of lightening crossed his eyes and he was back in the alley. The hot water pounding against him snapped him out of his memory.

He gasped and laid his head against the cool tile wall. He braced himself and relaxed into the waters warmth. His breathing turned shallow and his heart beat slowed. The noise from the outside world of Jump City was drowned out by his breathing. His eyes drooped shut again and his mind travled back to that alley. The smell of gun powder still hung in the air. Blood. Cold blood spread on his shirt. The dull taste of metal filled his mouth.

Breathe. Breathe. He tries to breath. Only to cough and gag on his own blood. His blood. He was dying and he knows it. He accepted it. For once in his life Jason wasn't afraid. Too long had he spent his life on running through the streets. This death would be the rest he needed.

Jason slammed his fist against the tile. A crack appeared underneath his knuckles. He glared at the wall and ruefully turned off the water. He grabbed a white towel and did a sloppy job of drying himself. He ran his fingers through his, now damp, hair.

He gulped in the cold air of his small bed room. He picked up a stray pair of gray sweats, jerking them on as he walked towards his bed. The pants hung low on his hips. His toes curled on the hard wood floor, enjoying the cool feel. He plopped down on his bed and allowed sleep to take over.

The familar smell of her perfume filled his senses. The sun was shineing over a field of wild flowers. A small breeze ruffled his hair. Her laugh broke echoed through the peaceful void. He turned around and smiled at the sight of a little boy. His golden hair glistening through the sun. The child was running towards a red haired woman. She wore a sun hat that blocked her face and a pale yellow sun dress that whipped around her ankles.

"Mommy!" The woman held out her arms for the boy. Laughter was evident in his voice.

"Jason..."The image started to fade. The boy ran faster trying to get towards her."Come to me Jason."

"Mommy don't go!" The boy ran faster- his feet starting to hurt. His arms and hands were stretched out in front of him.

"Jason.." Her voice was drifting away. His legs felt like lead. His heart pounded against his ears.

"Mommy!" Tears ran down his cheeks. Almost..Almost there! He tried to grab her out stretched hand but captured air. A loud gust of wind blew away the peaceful image and replaced it with darkness.

"MOMMY!" He fell to his knees and started crying."I'm sorry...Mommy..I'm sorry..."


The sixteen year old girl jumped at the sound of her Engilsh teacher. Her class mates laughed and started wishpering again. She ran her hand through her long black hair and blinked up at the small pudgy woman.

"Sorry Mrs. Vida. Didn't get that much sleep last night." She innoscently rubbed her right eye with the heel of her hand.

Her teacher sighed and placed crossed her arms over her chest."This is the fifth time this week. Next time I wont be as forgiving."

The bell rang and Angel started placing her text books inside her satchel. She slung the purple bag over her shoulder and clutched her binder close to her chest. Some students bumped into hersending her back in her seat. A chorus of laughter filed out the door.

She sighed and went back up and walked towards the door. Another stupid day in hell. She brushed a piece of hair behind her ear and took out her schedule. This was her third school within the school year. New school, new family, new zipcode, and new foster parents. She's been in the system ever since she was five. Her parents just left her wondering the streets of Gotham and with a last name that didn't appear in any known records, she was then noted forever as the orphan.

One would think she would have had a story similar to that of a certain red head Annie. Wrong. Her life was spent hopping around one state to the next. No matter what the lawyers and charity givers say- orphans are like pets, people always want the puppies. Apparently ten was the mark of no chance in getting a family.

Angel doesn't mind though. Other then the moving, she was always a lone wolf anyways and she honestly was better off alone.

She yelped as a group of skater dudes skated by her. She readjusted her bag and trudged through the crowd. She ignored the looks and stares that people gave her. She was used to it by now. She focused on her schedule and finding her next class. Chemistry. She wrinkled her nose a little. Great...I'm gonna get relocated for blowing up the school.

Angel folded up the paper and pocketed it. She walked up the crowded stairway. Only two more years...

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