Angel tapped her pencile against her notepad- that was balanced ontop of her knees. It was lunch time and she chose a small in closer hidden from most of the quad. This small moment of solitude was just what the doctor ordered.

She glanced up and as a group of cheerleaders walked passed. Her head tilted to the side in minor interest- watching how they interacted with what was considered the "cool" crowd. One of the blonde drones was showing off her ass to some bulky kid that she guessed was a football player.

"Ah, the natural mating ritual of the bimbo and the jackass."

Angel jumped at the voice. She turned her head over her shoulder slightly and found a girl around her age standing over her. She had on a white shirt with a black corset over it and red skinny jeans. Her boots were bulky and made her look punk. Her long blonde hair was corn rolled and put up in a red bandana.

"Name's Roxie." She squinted her eyes at her. She smirked,"Let me're the new girl?"

Angel stared at the odd girl."Yeah, Angel."

Roxie laughed."Prissy name for a loose cannon."

She blinked. Loose cannon? "A what?"

"Shit, you haven't even been here for a week and already rumors are spreading through the hallways."

Angel rolled her eyes and looked down at her notepad. The girl muttered something that sounded like whatever and left.

Angel glanced after her and sighed."Story of my life."

Jason shrugged on his jacket and swung his key ring around his middle finger. He walked down the hall way when a his neighbor from across the hall opened the door. It was slightly cracked with a gold chain lock dangleing above.

An old man with no hair and had his gut poking out from under his stained white tee."Rent?" His voice was grough and reeked of cigerates.

Jason dug into his pocket and threw a small bundle of money at him. When the guy looked up to say a retort he was long gone.

He jogged down the stairs and casually walked out of the rats nest of a home. The fall air was crisp and smelt of maple leaves. Jason pulled his jacket closer to him and walked towards a small deli.

A small bell tinkled at his arrival. A young woman sat behind the counter smacking away on a paiece of gum- her nose stuck inside the pages of a Gossip Girl magazene. Jason went straight towards the back of the store. He scanned the racks of drinks until he found a 10 oz glass bottle of milk. He grabbed it and silently went to the check out.

He coughed to get the girl's attention. Nothing. He tried again, louder this time. The girl slammed her magazene down on the counter and snapped,"What the hell is your-" Her eyes widdend and she instantly sucked in her breathe.

Her scrowl turned into a flirtatious smile."Sorry for the wait." She looked down at the bottle of milk and scanned it. To his joy she talked as she ranged up the price." new around here?"

He gave a short nod. She eyed him."That's cool."

Chew. Chew. Blow. Pop. She repeated this process with her big slobbery wad."You look like a college kid. You going to that Beta party over on the strip?"

Silence. The cash registure rang and popped up the price. The girl leaned over the counter slightly to reveal some of her cleavage."That'll be ten fifty."

Jason slamed the exact amount on the counter. She blinked."O-kay. Well if you are going to that party be sure to look me up. I'll make sure you have one wild night." She placed the money in and bagged the bottle of milk. She torn the reciept out and quickly scribbled down something on the back of it with a fuzzy tipped pen.

The girl gave him both the bag and reciept with a suggestive wink and smile. As he walked out she called after,"Don't forget about the party!"

He ignored her comment and torn the reciept up throwing the pieces into the wind. He sighed and muttered,"Girls."

Normally he would have been all for a good time out on the town, but today he was suffering from sleep deprive and the last thing he needed was a night full of booze, pot, and hot sex.

He turned a corner and went down into the subway system. Today he was meeting up with an old friend from Gotham. He recieved the message about a week ago. It's been a while since they last talked. In a way they were alike on how they got into the theft gig. Yet there was a big difference between them that it wasn't even funny.

Jason walked passed a blind man playing some garbadge tin cans set up as a drum set. He dropped some change into the old hat as he briskly walked by. He made it inside the car just in time when the doors slide to a close. He pushed through the people and found an empty seat next to a black haired girl. Her eyes were closed and head leaned back against her seat with ear buds in.

He frowned. He glanced at the girl a few times. There was something about her that seemed familar. Question was what is it? The more he stared the more normal she appeared to be. If she was normal than what was this feeling? He furrowed his eyebrows together. Love at first sight? He did a mental eye roll. He was not one to believe in such nonsense, not to mention he was already in limbo.

He pushed the feeling aside and focused on the metal flooring.

Angel felt a jerk and opened her eyes. She blinked away the blury dots that appeared in her line of vision and tooked out her ear buds. She was listening to some AC/DC while she took the subway home. She sat up straight to stretch out her sleeping muscles a little. That's when she noticed him.

Her eyes widend a little. There was a boy sitting next to her and appeared to be asleep. His hair was silver and seemed unnatural. He must have dyed it. Her eyes curiously studied his face. He had beautiful eyelashes that carefully feathered his skin. He had a strong face and broad shoulders. Angel was defaintly impressed by the way he was built.

He was muscular but not to the point were it looked deformed or disfigurely. She instantly cursed herself for wanting to see his eyes. For some reason she already knew what color they would be. Gray...Like a sea after a storm. How could she possibly know this when he was a complete stranger? She sighed- only to jump a little when the subway car lurched to a stop.

"Fifth Avenue. I repeat Fifth Avenue."

She yawned as she got up and slumped her satchel against her shoulder. She stole one last glance at the boy before getting off on her stop. As she walked through the crowded subway station she couldn't help but wonder if she will ever see that boy again.

Jason got off the subway at Little China Town. He walked up the stairs and made a right turn. This part of town was like another world. It was connected to the other sections of Jump City but yet held it's own identity. This was the place he was told to meet his old friend. Selina Kyle. She taught him everything he knows. From fighting to picking a lock with a tooth pick.

In some ways she was a mother figure in his life- but time goes on. It had been aproximately three years since he last saw her. She up and disappeared after a hiest gone wrong. They tried to stay in touch but as of late she never so much as come over for a formal visit.

Jason went inside an old warehouse and walked down a dimely lite hallway. The walls looked like they would come down any second and the floor boards creaked and moan in complaint as he made each step closer to his destination. He turned a corner and found a black cat sitting on it's hind legs in the middle of the hall.

He smirked and bent down to offer his hand for it to sniff."Hey Midnight. Long time no see." The cat purred up to his welcoming hand and rubbed her furry face against his touch. Jason looked up at the room up ahead.

He scooped the cat up and rubbed his forfinger underneath her chin."Is she in there?" The cat blinked and stared at him before jumping out of his arms.

Midnight meowed at him and promptly went straight ahead. He chuckled as he followed suit. The cat slipped inside the dank room. Jason clutched the paper bag as he entered.

"Well if it isn't Jason...or should I say Red X?"

A tall burnette sat on an open windowsil. She had on a full black suite that fitted neatly around her curves and black boots with steel at the tips of them. Her eyes were shaded by her black mask. Her hair was down and curled slightly at the ends. Her bangs was pulled back by her metal cat ears that double play as night vision goggles.

Jason crossed his arms over his chest, careful of the bag."Still dressing up in high fashion Selina?"

Her ruby red lips twitched upwards."Can't deny a girl some plessure." She titled her head to the side to examine him."How's buisness here?"

"Boomin'. Can't really get much jobs in this dump. People here are the do it themselves type...if ya get my drift."

She chuckled."I told you that finding a good employer would be hard." She paused a moment."What's in the bag?"

He pulled out the glass bottle of milk and tossed it to her. She caught it with ease and uuncaped it with her steel clawed gloves. She licked her lips.

"Hmm...Trying to butter me up?"

Jason leaned against the rotting door ignored her comment."So..what brought Catwoman here to Jump City?"

"Heard about your little run in with Boy Wonder. Wanted to make sure you were 'in the clear'."

He shoved his hands inside his pockets."Bull shit." Her eyes narrowed."You said it yourself every thief for themselves- you wouldn't come over four thousand miles away from your safe haven unless you gained something out of it."

She took a swig of her milk and glanced down at the floor. He glared at her."Now tell me the truth Selina. Why are you here?"

Selina sighed something like a mix between a pur and a growl. Her eyes stayed focused on the floor boards."I'm here to retrieve some stolen property of mine."

"Who would be stupid enough to steal from another thief?"

"You'd be surprised..or need I remind you of the time you stolen from me?" He rolled his eyes."Then shut it and let me finish. Some clues lead me to a man that goes by the name Slade."

"That mad man?"

She set her milk down."Yeah, he has taken my egyptian idol of the godess Isis."

"He must be insane to take a worthless statue of a cat."

"It's not worthless. Legend says that whoever has the idol can use it to summon and control the God Anubis. With that power Earth will come to meet the ten plagues of Egypt and in the end only the Gods and the beholder of the idol will survive. Then Isis will-"

"Come forth from the heavens and deliver a new race that will walk the Earth and among them the new ruler." Selina glared at him."I heard the story before. Honestly who believes in that hocus pocus crap?"

She looked down at her steel claws."Haven't you realise that there is no hocus pocus? The magic is all too real and for my own reasons I cannot have Slade useing it."

Jason smirked."Is kitty playing hero?"

She looked up at him."Lets just say I'm not into the whole world domaination thing. Whatever Slade's up to it can't be good...for anyone."

"ANGEL! Get yer lazy ass down here right now!"

Angel sighed and set her laptop aside. She looked over at her pet husky."Well Theo the hag calls."

She slide off her bed and made her way down stairs. The wooden floorboards creaked under her feet. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of cigerate smoke and booze filled her nostrols. She pulled her hair up into a messy bun as she walked into the smoke filled living room.

The place was dark with the television screen as the only light sorce. Her foster mother was in a beat up reclyner. Julian had her hair in curled up in hair curlers and had on a flimsy red silk robe. Her cigerate hung out the side of her mouth.

She glared up at Angel."Took ya long enough."

She crossed her arms over her chest."What do you want Julian?"

She took a drag from her cigerate."Put the trash out. I'm havin' company ova' an' I don't want dis house ta smell like rat piss."

Angel heaved. She went into the kitchen and inwardly cringed. Beer cans and bottles were scattered around the floor. She looked over at the garbage can and felt her eye twitch. The can was overflowing with pizza boxes and more beer cans along with some type of green substance. She held her breathe as she walked closer to the trash pile.

She nearly puked on the spot when she caught sight of the green gunk moving. She closed her eyes and shooked her head- trying to clear it. Her lungs were praticly begging for fresh air. She took a few small, gagging, sips of air. Her eyes watered a little as her hand lifted the sticky corners of the plastic bag. She lifted it up and out of the battered tin can. Her hands quickly tied a messy knot to hold the rubbish together. She gasped out the semi-clean air.

She whipped the sweat from her brow."Geez...Note to self, buy some air-freshener."

Angel gave an indulgent sniff and heaved the sticky bag up and crab-waalked towards the side door. She opened the door and was greeted with a shot of cold air. Her neighborhood streets were dead quiet- save for the distant rumble of part of the city that was awake. Her feet followed the familar cobble path and made it tp the back wall of their apartment. She summoned up all her strength her body could muster and flung the bag into the dumpster. She smirked upon hearing the satisfying clang of glass and metal.

She clapped her hands together to dust some of the mystery goo off."Now it's back to the life and times of Angel Vida."

She shoved her, now cold, hands under her arms for warmth. The soft glow of street lamps were her only company.

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