Notes: Pretzel-skinned means skinny or thin as a pretzel (PretzElesa) in my Ly-guage Dictionary, nya~

Moments later, I just had to wake myself up!

I sat myself up and I was in bed. It was early in the morning. The bed had white sheets and pillows. This wasn't my bed! But I was feeling faint still and I laid myself back down and sighed deeply. That's some dream.

Heh. Me meeting Elesa in person... Who am I kidding? My mind must be corrupted as shit that it made me think of that my mom actually gave me a lot of PokeDollars and let me go on a journey by myself in Unova. Puh-lease... This has to be some sick dream! I must have Jumpluffs dancing in my head... but then again, which Pokemon Centre is this? In Johto?

"Oh, you're up!" I heard someone say. I turned my head and saw a familiar face. "You actually passed out all night." It was Elesa.

"Wait... I wasn't dreaming?! Yo-You're really... that... super-model?!" I exclaimed. Everything came back to me all at once that I had a sudden spasm that made me jerk up and laid back down on the bed.

She giggled as I flopped back down on the bed like I was a fish wearing a straight-jacket. "Yes. Elesa, that's me," she said, grabbing a seat and dragged it close to the bed I was laying on. "Want a proof?"

"N-No! It's fine. I-I trust y-you."

Great. I ate more Butterfrees and Beautiflys again, with Beedrills this time that stung my tongue to prevent me to speak proper words.

Lyra! Come on! Elesa is right next to you! Say something! Spill your guts! Uuuuunngh! No, I can't. I can't do it. I'm too shy to even say anything anymore. It's way too hard. I might blurt out the wrong words and I might scare her off and I don't want that to happen! But I have to tell her... Tell her my biggest secret. Uhm, no way. We just met. She might think I'm one of those weird fanatic girls out there. The really weird ones.

I looked back at her and she just gave me a perky smile. That made my cheeks hot. I turned back to my hands and I was fiddling with my fingers. I just couldn't take my mind of this. It was already embarrassing knowing that I'm blushing like this and I fainted right in front of her yesterday, plus that spasm attack I just had a second ago...

She can totally see right through me...

"Hm. Not very talkative, are you?" asked Elesa, "or are you just shocked to see me?"

I gulped. My throat was really dry. I opened my mouth to say, 'Yes, I'm shocked to see you...' but I only manage to let out a squeak. Damn it, Lyra! Speak now. Speak now! Speak now! I blushed more and kept my mouth shut instead.

"It's alright," she said. "A lot of people gets tongue-tied whenever they meet me, so I'm used to it."

Then there was another silence between us.

I decided to hum something to practise before talking to her, then I cleared my throat. "Uhm, Elesa...?" I finally said nervously.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"I wa-was meant to go to your concert luh-last nuh-night, but this girl at your other Gym said you were doing your concert at the new Gym... and I sort of fainted from the roller coaster ride from your other Gym... Th-that's why I didn't make it..."

"Oh. That make sense."

We spoke no word after that.

"I never got to know your name, have I?" she asked, breaking the silence.

"Oh, uhm... I-It's Lah-Lyra..."

"Lyra? What a fascinating and unique name."

"Fascinating? Unique? Ah, stop it... don't embarrass me..."

"I'm not. Honest," she giggled.

"I-If yah-you say so..."

"Listen, Lyra. My free time is over. I have my duties as a Gym Leader to battle trainers and I need to get ready, as well as being a super-model, you know."

"Oh... Ohh! You're going now? Is that it?"

"Yes, but I want to battle you. Think you could swing by the new Gym later if that's all right with you?" she said, getting up from her chair.

"Sha-Sure!" Anything for Elesa! Yes! I'll go! "I'll be there!"

"Okay, sounds like a date, then!"

"A duh-date?"

"Yeah, you know... like an appointment."

"Oh." Sheesh, Lyra! What in the hell are you thinking?!

"Alright then, see you later, Lyra." And with that, Elesa walked off.

I just laid back in the bed I was laying on as Elesa went through my mind. I have no idea how many times she visited my mind. All I know, once she was in, it was hard to get her out. I decided to get my lazy-butt up from the bed about moments later, so I can get my mind off things. I bet Elesa's got a full schedule until later. It won't hurt to go around Nimbasa for now. I grabbed my bag that was on the drawer beside me and I went out of the Pokemon Centre.

I looked around and saw the Ferris Wheel. It looks fun, but I decided not to go. Maybe another time.

I just couldn't get Elesa out of my head for some reason. I want to battle her now! But would it be rude if I come right now? Hmm... Okay, all right... I'll go and see her!

I then went for Elesa's new Gym. Wow. This one is totally better than her first one. There was a small TV-like projector on the side. It had a silhouette of Elesa on it. The Gym was right beside it. It was coloured black and gold, with red carpet coming out of the front entrance. Bright white lights were flashing in beat.

I slowly entered the Gym. In the distance, I could hear music. Heavy drum beats that was throbbing hard in my ears. It was slowly getting louder as I was walking there. "Are you ready?" someone sang.

From my knowledge, that was Elesa singing. I suddenly decided to run for it. I was too damn excited to just simply waltz my way in. As I saw a light, I swiftly sprinted, hearing more musical instruments and singing adding to the music. "Doo doo doo doo-doo-doo... Yeah!" she continued to sing. "Yeah-Yeah... Yeeeaaaah!"

I finally made it. I was on some stage-like place where models do their cat walk. I was walking slowly now. People of Elesa fans crowded the whole place. "Doo doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo... Yeah!" I was admiring all these bright and pretty lights everywhere I go. Light patterns of different symbols were floating around everywhere on the Gym floor. Green laser lights were beaming out as far as I could see.

Then, when I was standing in front of the main stage where Elesa was standing on, three yellow bright lights exposed the model... "Give me what I!" The crowd suddenly went crazy! The sharp cones on Elesa's headphones glistened into gold-yellow when she sang those last few words like electricity sparked around them. She tore her yellow puffy jacket like it was nobody's business that was covering her pretzel-skinned body.

I wonder what she needs? A battle? ... New outfit? New hairstyle?...

I was utterly speechless by all this. I have never been to a concert so being here is so brand-new to me. I walked up a few flight of stairs before Elesa's stage. There she was, a ready-to-lose smile of hers have appeared like she was trying to intimidate me. I was feeling a little unnerve though. "I knew you couldn't wait to battle me, Lyra, so I told the other trainers that I'll battle them after I you," she said. "Just remember, this battle isn't an official one-on-one battle." I then nodded, showing that I understood her. "Well then, my beloved Pokemon will fight against yours. Do you have what it takes to beat mine?"

"Ye... Yes!" I finally said, grabbing a Pokeball from my shorts. "Come on out, Lucario!"

"Rio!" it said, flexing its arms. I'm not sure which Pokemon Elesa will use, but I do know that she's an electric-type leader and my Lucario knows Dig.

A smirk appeared on the model's face. "Go forth, Zebstrika!" she called out, throwing a Pokeball and out came a zebra-like Pokemon.

"Strikaaa!" it exclaimed.

This won't even take long! Her Pokemon was clearly an electric-type! "Lucario, use dig!"

"Caaah!" it said, digging its way down.

"Not so fast, Lyra, dear!" said Elesa. "Zebstrika, use Quick Attack before it burrows itself underground!"

"Trikaaa!" her Pokemon exclaimed, charging itself to Lucario in a fast pace.

"Rio! Luca!" the blue Pokemon cried out. Then, it shook off the sudden attack. Lucario is part steel afterall.

"That won't beat my Lucario, Elesa," I proudly said. "Lucario is part steel!"

"Is that so?" said Elesa, mockingly. "You don't know my Zebstrika then!"

That made my face have a worry line.

"Zebstrika, use Flame Charge!"

What?! That thing knows a fire-type move?! Good one telling your foe the weakness of your Pokemon, Lyra!

The zebra Pokemon was stomping its feet repeatedly and flames engulfed it. "Zebstrika Trika!" it said. "Ka Zeb!" It then charged itself to Lucario, faster than speed of light.

It was too late for Lucario to dodge it and it got hit pretty badly. "Lucaaaa!" it said.

"Lucario!" I exclaimed.

"Surprised, Lyra?" asked Elesa.

I was certainly not expecting that! I guess I let my guard down too soon! "Darn! Lucario, use Dig! Right now!"

"Ri!" the injured Pokemon replied. It hurriedly dug a ditch in the battle arena.

Elesa didn't order her Pokemon to do anything. They were just looking around where Lucario could be digging up to.

"Hurry and hit Zebstrika!"

Then there was a small earthquake that could be felt underground. In an instant, the ground underneath Zebstrika started to crumble. "Cario!" the part steel-type Pokemon shouted, hitting Zebstrika right on its face.

Elesa gasped in shock as her Pokemon hit the ground and skidded across the floor. "Zebstrika!" she said. It slowly got up. It was tired from the battle. I saw it was taking deep breathes in and out fast. So did Lucario. "Quick Attack, Zebstrika!" Elesa ordered. "Time to end this battle!"

"Lucario, hit 'em with your Aura Sphere!" I commanded. Both Pokemon attacked each other, but Lucario's Aura Sphere exploded when Zebstrika collided to it. The collision created a gust of wind in the battlefield.

When the smoke was gone, both Pokemon appear exhausted. They had tons of cuts and bruises. Suddenly, both Pokemon fell to the ground. But to me, Lucario fell a mini-second before Zebstrika did.

After we returned our Pokemon back inside our Pokeballs, Elesa walked towards me. "Wow, that was the first time I ever had a battle that was a draw!" she said in surprised.

"Doesn't matter much because I saw Lucario hitting the ground before Zebstrika..."

"Don't get worked up, Lyra. It's a tie, okay?"

"If you say so..." I was really drawn from the battle even though it was a tie. Elesa walked with me through the catwalk-stage while the crowd cheered. As soon as the entrance was near, I faced Elesa. "Well, I better get going. You know, back to Johto..." I said, trying not to give Elesa too much information about my background.

"Alright. Come visit Nimbasa sometime again if you can." She made it sound so easy like Nimbasa was just five steps away from Johto...

"Elesa, there's something that I have to tell you..."

"Okay, tell me," she said, sounding so curious.

My heartbeat was pounding so fast and frantically, "I like-like you!"

Elesa froze for a moment and looking at me with her poker face. She then placed her hand onto my chest, where my heart was and I froze in place, making my pulse go crazier than it was! "Your heartbeat is the most incredible sound that I ever heard, Lyra. No other sound can beat it."

She... Elesa likes me back?!

"...but no, I'm afraid that I have to pass on this. You're a great girl, Lyra and I don't want to hurt you in any way, but I'm sorry, you're still a kid, okay?"

"It's all right... I can deal with all this..."

"That's my girl!"

Your girl? Liar! I then turned around on my heel, started to sniffle softly. When I snorted loudly (for her to realize that she hurt me), I felt a cool hand holding mine. I turned my head and saw her holding my hand tightly. I smiled at her touch. Elesa then turned my body to face her. Without hesitation, she leaned over to my face and kissed my cheek and wiped my tears away.

The crowd went nuts! "Lyra! Lyra! Lyra!" they chanted in time.

"Don't cry. It'll be all better, I promise," Elesa whispered.

"You promise..." I made my way out of the Gym entrance, waving good bye to Elesa one last time.

Bright lights hit me on the way out. Guess I was inside for ages. Elesa doesn't seem to like me back, but that's alright. Telling her how I felt about her was already enough. It takes a lot of courage to even say things like that.