Notes: Ever wondered why Ra-Tilt didn't hurt Lyra in the end? Ra Tilt only hits monsters that have large Astral Plane bodies and does nothing to a normal human. I was going to have Amelia use Bomb Di Wind, that's like casting a Razor Wind/Gust attack to blow enemies/upcoming attacks away, but Lyra'd probably be blown away xD nya~



Was I dead? I saw a bright white light before I got hit. I feel no pain or anything. I didn't even see my life flash before my very eyes! I'm a total goner! No! Waaaaggghhh!

"...Miss Lyra..." I hear someone say. "Miss Lyra..."

"Myuh..." I mumbled.

"There you are!" I then felt a tug on the back of my overalls and someone pulled me in an instant. Before I knew it, I was sitting down. I looked around and I could see again. I looked back to where I was and some green bush there by a tree. I wasn't dead. "I left you for just a moment and you got yourself into trouble again, Miss Lyra!"

I looked up and saw Amelia - thank Arceus! Relieved look popped out of my face. "Amelia!" I squealed, suddenly want to grab Amelia and hug her. I was too eager and not wanting to stand up so I grabbed whatever from her. Her legs were the closest to me so I went and hug her legs, smudging my face against them. Her baggy, yellow pants was making my nose tingly. "Thank you, Amelia!"

"Yah-You're welcome, Miss Luh-Lyra...!" she said, struggling from my grasp. "That's enough holding me like that or I'm going to tumble over!"

"Sorry!" I apologized, then trying to get up, but for some unusual reason, I couldn't. My legs felt like they were buried underground. "Uhh... I can't seem to get up, Amelia..."

"Oh, great..." Amelia mumbled. "Guess I'll heal you again when we go back to my palace... and by the way, where's that Poh-keh-mahn you were with...?"

"You mean Gothi?" I paused for a second. Last time I saw it was with me, then those thugs showed up... "Gothi!" I exclaimed. "Where are you?!"

"Ritaa-ah!" I heard it shout.

Suddenly, out of the leaves from the tree beside me rustled. My Gothorita fell and landed on Amelia's waiting arms. "This one seem okay. It does have a few cuts and bruises that I can easily heal, but you're more severe, Miss Lyra," she said.

"Glad it's alright," I said, sighing in relief.

"Come on, let's get going!" said Amelia, giving me my Pokemon. "Carry it and I'll carry you!"

"Wah-Wait! Keh-Carry me?!"

"Don't you worry! I've carried both my daddy and Mister Gourry at one time. They're three times bigger and taller than I am. Also smashing huge boulders that are two times bigger me that fell on me before, so you're no problem!" She then gave me a confident smile that caused me to blush in embarassment.

Tha-This girl can smash boulders way bigger than her...?! She's no ordinary Princess!

"What's wrong, Miss Lyra? Your face looks flushed..."

"Oh, nothing..." I said, shaking me head no. "Let's get going!"

"Hold on tight!" exclaimed the taller girl. She slipped her warm arms on my back and legs. "Okay, let's go!" She looked at me then, "Levitation!"

Levi-?! Waggh! Suddenly, her feet hovered off from the ground and we lifted off. Feels like I was riding my Altaria when I ask it to fly me to a certain town. I tugged onto Amelia's shirt with my free hand, the other holding my Gothorita, just incase I fall off. Well, it's not like Amelia is a type of a girl who drop people off for laughs while flying... "Yah... You've never dropped anyone before, right...?" I stupidly asked.

"Actually... I only dropped tons of food inside a bag once when I jumped over a cliff, but I landed right on Miss Lina's face for that matter. Food went everywhere. She wasn't pleased..."

"I wouldn't be pleased as well if you done that to the food."

Before I knew it, I was back at the palace. Amelia landed safely as some guards saw her and nodded, opening the big doors for her. I saw a man in the near entrance. He was really big, like multiply the fighting type Gym leader, Chuck - by two! "Daddy!" Amelia called out, startling my thoughts.

Tha-That big guy is her father?!

"Don't say that my daddy looks like a monster," Amelia whispered.

"I wasn't going to..." I whispered back. "Besides, I wasn't even close to what I described him in my mind..."

"Amelia!" he replied, walking towards us. "Who's that in your arms?"

"She's Miss Lyra. She came from a different world."

"Is that so? Well, looks like she isn't familiar for a start."

"Daddy, can we go to the hot springs? I know I haven't been there for a while, but Miss Lyra is hurt and I was thinking for her to rest there to relax her body..."

"Sure, I don't see why not, daughter."

"Thank you, daddy!"

Wow. She sounds like a huge daddy's girl...

Whilst Amelia was walking passed the hallway, she doesn't seemed to be tired at all. It's been a while that she's holding me like this. Gothorita seemed to be enjoying itself. "Amelia," I started.

She then looked at me. "What is it?"

"Aren't you tired at all? You know, you carrying me all the way here..."

"No, I'm fine. You're light as a piece of chicken drumstick."

She compared my weight with a piece of drumstick?! How dare she!

"Anyway, Miss Lyra, why did you let yourself get hurt? Bandits are very hard to fight if you're no sorceress."

"Thanks for that late warning," I frowned, crossing my arms. "For starters, you never actually gave me any manual books or instructions for me to know about this place of yours."

She just giggled at my remark while she walked.

After thirteen minutes of walking down the hallway, I saw a foggy or steamy looking room right up ahead. It had see-though sliding doors. "We're here," said Amelia when we got there. "Unmoving doors... By my magic powers... Open yourselves to me..." she chanted, feeling a warm presence around us, "Unlock!" At that moment, the doors slid open and the warm breeze from the room suddenly encircled around us as she walked inside like it was some sauna bath place.

It felt good! Too good! Like I just want to jump into the hot spa that I see in the room now!

She then walked to the stoney bit of the room and she gently placed me on the nearby bench. "Okay, I'll be going to heal you now, Miss Lyra," she said, holding out her hands on front of me and Gothi. "Blessed, humble hand of God... Breath of Mother Earth... I pray thee come before me... Show your great compassion to this person and deliver them..." I felt a warm feeling like I just ate an ice cream cone in a hot and sweaty day with a fan gently making me cool during summer. Then a big glowing sphere jumped out of her palms and landed onto me and Gothi. "Recovery!"

Before I knew it, the pain on my legs started to disappear. I stood up and tried to remember how to use my feet. I think one is sleeping because it felt numb. I was literally trying to walk like a toddler who's trying to walk on their vulnerable feet. "Wah-Woah!" I exclaimed, trying to keep my balance and Amelia helped me up. "Thanks, Amelia..."

"You're welcome! Now, let me unbotton your outfit for you..." She then started to remove my overalls and pulling them down.

"Hold on!" I halted, startling the girl who was eager to undress me. "Just what do you think you're doing?!" My face was red-hot. No-one has never tried to undress me before!

"Uhm, helping you to get undress...?"

"You actually never asked my permission or anything." It's... sexual harassment!

"Oh, can I undress you, then...?"

"You may not because I can undress myself!" I said, carefully not scaring her off. "Oh-All right?"

"Okay, Miss Lyra," she whispered. "Its just... Miss Lina lets me undress her when we go to the hot springs together..."

I turned around to undress myself. I then heard Amelia shouting something before diving onto the hot springs a while later. She then began splashing about. "Miss Lyraaa!" she sang.

"Coming," I said. My Gothorita decided to just sit down on the bench near my hat to relax while I sprinted and dived in. Ooh! It feels nice... then I felt Amelia was watching me. I turned to face her and she eyed my chest. "Wah-What is it, Amelia?"

"Nothing... It's just being around Miss Lina so much... I had forgotten what they looked like!" she exclaimed, almost like her face was popping out exclamation marks.

"Forgotten what?"

"These!" She then poked one of my boobs.

I splashed backwards, with my arms over my chest. That was weird. Mine aren't big as hers are. What is she talking about?! "Eesh!" I gasped. I blinked a few times, then spoke up, "say, Amelia. How did I survived that fall before? I was meaning to ask you earlier, but slipt my mind..."

"Oh," she mumbled, "I was out for a morning stroll and I heard screaming. I saw you falling off that roof and decided to rescue you. I then healed you and your Gothi with my magic, then you woke up in the afternoon," she explained.

"Wow," that was all I could say, "you're awesome, thanks. I owe you my life! Twice!"

"Well, it's really the heart of Justice that helped me aiding you back there..." she blushed. "But I have a long way to get there..."

"Amelia, don't worry!" I said, grabbing her hands to hold them. "I promise, I'll be a Pokemon Master if I know that you'll be a Champion of Justice, deal?!"

She then looked to the side, then back at me. "Sure, I don't see why not!"

Then we giggled.

We spent about a good hour at the hot springs. By the end of the day, I was all worn out and refreshed. As soon I was dressed, Amelia, Gothi and I were outside her palace, just somewhere near in the forest where she rescued me the second time.

"Sorry about your castle, Amelia..." I said.

"Don't worry! I have my people to fix it soon. It's not a problem," she commented.

I was looking at the ground for a while, then decided to look at her. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked.

"Maybe someday... in another life..." she replied. She had sadness sounding in her voice.

"Alright, Gothi... Time to do it again..." I commented to my smaller companion.

"Rita Goth!" it said.

"Use your Psyshock and Dark Pulse at the same time!"

"Gothoro... Rita... Goth... Ta..." it chanted and it was like before in the arena. Dark blue spheres and pink with purple aura surrounded it. "Riiitaaaa-aaaahhhh!"

Then it engulfed us. Huh. Nothing's happening!

"You guys need a jump-start!" Amelia exclaimed. She had her hands on front of her. "Strength of all souls which dwells between chaos and the infinite..." What is she planning to do with that spell? "Eternal flame of blue..." Her hands started to make a sphere coloured glow light-blue in her palms. "Hidden strength that slumbers deep within me..." Wind was gathering around us and our hair was flowing. "I call you forth here and now..." She then opened her eyes wide, releasing the spell straight to me and my Pokemon. "Ra Tilt!"

"Whooooooaaaahhhhh!" I shouted and bit by bit, my body was disappearing. "Amelia... goodbye..." I had tears in my eyes now. Not knowing a sudden few moments could make me shed into tears...

"Farewell, Miss Lyra... I promise to keep that photo of us safe..." she cried.

Before my whole body fully diappeared, I swiftly jumped straight to Amelia to hug her, to my surprised, I went right through her like I was a ghost.

That made me cry even more.

"Miss... Miss Lyra..." Her voice faded out as all I saw was white.

"Lyra! Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy!"



I was myself lying down on the grass. Whoa! I'm back! I'm at White Forest again! My Gothorita was peacefully sleeping next to me so I just carried it.

"Hey! Lyra! I was calling ya earlier and ya didn't hear me! Ya got worms in yar ears, maybe?!"

I then saw Benga running towards me. "Benga! It's been a while!"

"A while?! What are you talking about, Lyra?" he asked. "Hey, it's only been three minutes!"


"Anyway, your bag...?"

"Thanks!" I then grabbed my bag off him and walked towards the Pokemon Centre with him. I then stopped in my tracks, started to think about Amelia... I looked up in the sky as cool breeze came. "I wonder if there's someone out there that as cute as her...?" I whispered.

"Hey! Who're ya talkin' ta?" Benga interrupted.

I then giggled, looking at him. "No-one, just the wind..."