As he was falling from atop that castle he felt as though time was slowing. Gaston, for once was in fear for his life. He heard his father's voice in his head "You will never amount to anything now! You lost." he felt cold and was about to welcome death, but felt wet instead.

He fell into a deep part of a lake under a waterfall. He frantically swam to the surface to catch some air. Then attempted to swim to a grass bed at the side of the lake. He began to lie on his back and felt his whole body fill up with pain. It was hard for him to breath. He tried to sit up and is left side screamed out with pain so he collapsed back down.

For once in his life he felt weak. That won't do! He thought to himself. So he rolled to his right side then on to his torso, his chest began to feel as if there were ten elephants on top of him. And he crawled -every inch in pain- to a large rock that would support his body. He sat there with his hand on his left side he felt warm there and noticed he was bleeding, a lot.

Not only was there blood from his side but is leg and head. Bruised and bleeding Gaston need help and quick.

He decided not to sit and wait for help that would never come. So he got on to his feet and shouted in pain, then began to limp back to town. It wasn't that far just along five miles from the village.

By the time he arrived day was breaking and he stumbled into his home. And was shocked to see someone in there.

Paris (three days prior):

A woman by the name of Marie was laying in her sick bed with her daughter, Mabel a young girl of the age of sixteen, by her side. "Mabel my sweet child," Marie started saying as she had her hand on her daughter's right cheek, she had a smile on her face but it was a sickly smile, a dying smile. "When lord above takes me to be with your after I need you to go to Molyneaux and be with your brother. He will be able to take care of you. And it's a small town there won't be much danger." She dropped her hand down to Mabel's as Marie started to slip away. Mabel began to cry, she wiped away her tears with a handkerchief and kissed her mother's forehead and left the room.

Mabel called down to the doctor "She has passed monsieur." Then continued down the hallway to pack her bags. She didn't have many dresses maybe six, including the dress she was wearing, so there wasn't much to take. She packed her second pair of shoes and hair pins and her mother's locket that had a picture of her parents and a picture of her and her brother as children. The last thing she grabbed was her money pouch then headed down the stairs let a note and money for the doctor walked out of the house her father and mother died in.

She had a cold look of despair and pain, she held back tears. She mounted her horse in the barn and headed out for her brother.

She was a beautiful girl with blue eyes, pale creamy skin and a mix of brown and auburn hair with perfect curls. She was a lady and rode side saddle like any upper class woman.

The journey from Paris was about three day's time she would stop in towns along the way.

The sun had set when she arrived into town. She decided to head into the tavern to ask about her brother. To her surprise only the Bimbets and the bartender where in there. They all stared at her as if she was from another world. She was the first to open her mouth "Good evening, I was wondering where I could find a Monsieur Gaston." The Bimbets looked shocked and jealous that a beautiful girl was asking for the man they loved "What is it to Madam herself?" Bunny asked

"He has enough women around him already!" Bambi added. Mabel just laughed "Oh no my intentions are nothing of the sort, I am Mabel, his sister." The girls gasped. The bartender was the first to speak. "Well, look at you I remember you as a little girl. Welcome home Mabel. How are your parents?" She felt a twist in her stomach. "They both are unfortunately no longer with us, my father past two years ago and my mother past a few days ago"

She down at her gloves trying to hold back tears. "That is why I need to see Gaston, not only to tell him the bad news but because I must live with him, for I am too young to live on my own in the city so I had to come back home. Do you know where his home is?" She looked worried. Why would she be afraid?

The bartender came from behind the bar and walked her outside and pointed to her the house. It was about seven buildings down. Mabel thanked the man and wished him goodnight. She got her horse and walked in that direction.

When she got to the home she knocked and waited. Knocked again and waited, then knock and wait again. She sighed and turned the doorknob. It was unlocked. So she stepped in calling "Gaston!" She looked around stepped in set her bag by the door and called again "Gaston are you home?"

She knew it was his house for there were trophies and medals and antlers. With the smell of beer and wet dog. She decided to go upstairs and look for him. The house was empty except for the dog.

She thought, well the sun has been setting, maybe he is still out hunting...I shall read and wait. She lit a candle and set it on the table so she read there. Minutes turned to hours and the moon had risen and she was wondering where he could be.

Then the door swung open and there she saw a dark shadowy figure. It was Gaston.

Gaston walked into his house and saw a woman he didn't recognize right away, she was very beautiful, and he thought maybe knew her from somewhere. He asked kind of confused "Who are you and what do you want?"

Mabel spoke in a voice so soft and sweet it was like a gentle bell ringing. "Why Gaston, it's me your sister, Mabel." He face began to soften. "Mabel, little

Mabel. Come here and hug your big brother!" he said grinning she rushed to him and hugged him and then noticed he was wet and cold but felt more wet (and warm?) on her right arm she took a step back and noticed red on her dress, blood on her dress. "Gaston you're bleeding!" Mabel said starting to panic. "Go sit on the couch, take off your shirt so I can clean it and bandage it." she rushed to her bag and pulled out a handkerchief, as well as a needle and thread, and then rushed to the kitchen got a cloth and some whiskey to clean the wound. She set it all down by him on the floor and went to get the candle so she could see the wound.

He came and sat on the ground she started cleaning the blood around it the wound and applied pressure for a good three minutes then she pulled out the handkerchief and dabbed some whiskey on in and said in a calm tone " This is going to sting, alright." Gaston began to laugh and say "Nothing can hurt GasTON!" it sung more than he thought it would he groaned from the pain. He picked up the whiskey and took a shot. "Sorry." she replied so sweetly even the angels would have forgiven her. She grabbed the other cloth and then told him to hold it there while she got the needle and thread ready. It was so quiet, Gaston began talking. "So, why are you here?" she didn't look up from what she was doing. "Mother past two days ago, I wrote to you saying she was ill. She sent me out here to find you she handed me a letter for you," Mabel got up and found the letter from her bag, opened it and handed it to Gaston. "She told me to give it to you when I found you." he began to read it.

The letter read:

"My darling son,

As you read this I have long gone to be with your father in heaven. I have sent Mabel to you. She will live with you, if it's not too much trouble, and help take care of you." Mabel began stitching up his wound. "I know you will take care of her and protect her since she is too young to live alone in the city. She needs you until she finds a husband. I will always love you my boy.


Your loving mother"

He folded the letter gently and set it down. "This is going to leave a scar."

Mabel said slightly to herself. "Eh, no big deal, the ladies love 'em." He smiled then winced at the pain. Mabel giggled. "There all done. You may apply pressure again for five more minutes. Would you like me to draw you a bath or do you want to head straight to bed?" she didn't want him going by himself without support. "I think I will opt for the latter." he replied and smiled.

He tried to stand on his own he got there but when he tried to walk it hurt him to stand up straight. Mabel grabbed the candle from the floor and went by his side to help him, he didn't like the idea of a woman helping him but if was going to be weak in front of any woman it would be his sister.

She helped him up the stairs, into his room and to his bed. She helped him take off his boots and then hugged him good night. Before she stepped out the door he said "I missed you." "I missed you too." she replied with a smile. She shut the door on her way out. She heeded back down stairs to clean up the mess grabbed her bag and headed up to another room he had to stay the night in. She changed out of the blood stained dress and sighed.

She loosened her corset and changed into her nightgown. Took out all pins from her hair and put her hair into a braid then tied it with a ribbon. She soon climbed into bed. It certainly wasn't her bed back home, but it would have to do. She set the candle on the bedside, blew it out then tried to fall asleep.

It was a night without father or mother. Just her and her brother now.