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Lefou went into the blacksmith shop to talk to Pierre. "Pierre," Lefou started hesitantly, afraid to stand up to him. He remembered the last time he did when they were kids.

Pierre, still grinning, looked up and saw Lefou. His grin faded to a small smile.

"Oh, bonjour, Lefou. Need something?"

Ignoring his question, Lefou continued, "What was that, between you and Mabel?"

Pierre's smile faded. His eyes began to show annoyance. "What are you going to do about it Lefou? Tell Gaston? When are you going to grow up and realize you won't ever have her?"

Lefou was first hurt, then angry. "Pierre, when will you realize you can't have her either? You want Gaston to pound your face in like he did three years ago?"

Pierre came from out of the corner he was working in, walked up to Lefou, and grabbed his collar, lifting him up. "You say one word to Gaston, you are dead meat. Got it?" Pierre had pure anger in his eyes. He then put Lefou down.

Lefou looked fearful. He started to speak, but Pierre put up his hand to silence him. Lefou started for the door, then paused. "You know he is going to find out sometime." Without another word, Lefou was gone.

Meanwhile in the market, Mabel had finally picked up everything she needed, when she noticed a familiar face.

"Josette?" Mabel asked as she tapped the woman on the shoulder.

Josette turned around and as she recognized Mabel, the two women embraced. When they parted, they were still holding hands. "Mabel look at you, a true beauty!"

Josette smiled. "Are you home for a visit?"

Mabel's grin of excitement began to fade to just a smile. "No, I am home to stay. Although, I will need to go back for a few days to say my good-byes. But this is where I will be from now on."

Josette gave her a look of question. "I don't understand. Weren't you in Paris living with your mother and going to school?"

Mabel's smile faded. "My mother passed away a few days ago. And I had to come home and live with my brother, until a man decides he wants to marry me."

Josette gave Mabel a look of sorrow. And Mabel gave her a nod of acceptance.

"But enough about me," Mabel continued. "How have you been? I am sorry I never wrote you."

Josette linked arms with her as they started walking. "Well, I married Raoul last spring,"

"You did?" Mabel asked with excitement

"Yes, he and I have a daughter, we named her Emily, who will be a year old in March. Raoul is now fully in charge of the tavern. My father put it in his hands two months before he passed." Josette's eyes were downcast. She still felt the loss of her father as if it were only yesterday. She had grown up with only her father.

Mabel rubbed Josette's hand for comfort.

Josette and Mabel continued on walking, talking and catching up. Mabel told her about Paris and the cabaret she had worked in.

"Now, I wasn't a performer, nor a lady of the night. I was a governess for a woman's two nieces. I had to quit school when my mother and I ran out of money for rent and school. So I searched for work, found a cabaret, and asked the owner if he needed anyone to do extra cleaning. He told me 'no' but he did say that one of his performers had taken in her nieces and needed a governess. So I said

I would take the job." Mabel continued with a smile filled with longing. "I grew fond of those girls," Mabel sighed. "I need to go back and say my good-byes to everyone there. I have grown fond of all of them."

"It seems you will miss them deeply," Josette said. This time it was her turn to comfort her friend.

"Yes, I will. But I will be writing to the girls every chance I get," Mabel said with a grin.

"How old are they?"

"Lily is 8 and Eliza is 5. Their mother also worked in the cabaret, she was a woman of the night and passed away when Eliza was only two."

Josette looked down for she knew what it was like not having a mother.

Mabel began to speak softly. "Eliza always reminded me of you. Her burst of life and her smile that would brighten the whole room." The girls hugged each other and smiled.

"If you aren't busy tomorrow," Josette began, "you should come over and meet

Emily, for I might need a governess soon." the two girls laughed. They had missed talking and laughing together.

"I would like that." Mabel said sincerely. "Well, I better be going. Being home now means I have to cook dinner."

Josette looked confused. "But Gaston is going to the tavern tonight. He is holding some meeting. You should come as well so I won't be stuck with the barmaids all night."

"I suppose I can," Mabel began. "What time should I be there?"

Josette smiled. "Just come with your brother. Tell him I invited you."

The two women embraced, said their good-byes and parted ways. Mabel was happy to have her one friend back.

For Josette was the only girl who wanted to be Mabel's friend, not because

Gaston was her brother, but because Mabel was always shy and didn't talk to anyone. Her brother had always been the idolized one, and she had always been in his shadow. But she couldn't help the feeling of that all about to change.