14- year old Jamie Bennett looked out of his bedroom window, wistfully, at the bald, snow-covered tree outside his window. He reminisced the fun he and his friends had had four years ago when they had helped the Guardians defeat Pitch Black, the Boogeyman. Ever since then, Jamie had been visited by Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun.

Today, however, the aforementioned Guardian was nowhere in sight. Jamie understood that the Guardians were often busy and weren't supposed to be spending too much time with a single kid. Jamie was often laughed at by some of his friends for believing in the Guardians. Some of them were those at his new high school, who would tease him and sometimes pull pranks on him, put ice in his locker, which would melt and wet his books, dress up as Old Man Winter and jump out at him and many others. Before Easter, they would sometimes leave him rotten eggs, too. Jamie was also teased by his childhood friends, ones who had been with him when they had defeated Pitch Black. Not all of them had stopped believing, though, there were some who still believed.

Jamie turned to look at his packed bags. It was nearing Christmas and the Bennetts were heading off to another part of the country to stay with a wealthy aunt of his and celebrate Christmas at her manor. Jamie was looking forward to that, as he had never been to a manor before in his life. He heard the manor was very grand and beautiful, even more so in the winter when snow covered it. But he wished he could see that one particular Guardian again before he left.

"Jamie!" called Mrs. Bennett. "Are you ready, dear? We're about to leave! You're supposed to bring your luggage down! Come on, we want to get there before dark!"

"Coming, mom!" Jamie called down before picking up two of his bags. He had certainly grown stronger over the years, though nowhere near as ripped as some of the guys in his high school, especially the seniors.

"Need some help?"

Jamie dropped one of his heavy bags, startled. He recognised that voice. He didn't have to turn to know who it was. A huge grin spread across his face even before he had fully turned to face who it was.

Jack Frost sat on the windowsill, with his staff, looking no different from the last time Jamie saw him, which was... well, the previous week. But he hasn't changed at all since four years ago.

"Jack! You came!" Jamie exclaimed, dropping his other bag and running to the windowsill and embraced the Guardian like he always did.

"Wow, you're growing taller!" Jack remarked.

Jamie beamed. "That's great! Soon I'll be as tall as those sophomores and I'll show them who I am!"

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Sophomores?" he asked. "You mean those big guys in high school?"

"You've been to high school?" Jamie asked.

Jack shook his head. "We had no high school back then. Well, not like the high schools today. I've peeked in windows of high schools before and I've seen the sophomores." He smiled a little.

"Jamie!" came Mrs. Bennett's voice again. "Do you need any help? Hurry, we're leaving in five minutes!'

"Alright, coming, mom!" Jamie called back before turning back to Jack. "Jack, I'm heading to the country to visit an aunt of mine. We're celebrating Christmas with her this year. She lives in a manor. Do you think you can come visit me there?"

"Sure," Jack said, smiling. "And don't worry, North knows wherever you are. He'll come. Perhaps if you stay up, you might be able to catch him."

Jamie grinned. "That'll be great. Right, I have to go!" Jamie carried his bags and hurried down the stairs. The sound of the car engine starting in the porch made him hurry. He took his last bag down and shut his room window and door. Jack flew up to the roof and looked down onto the porch, where Mr. Bennett was loading Jamie's luggage into the trunk of the car, and Mrs. Bennett and eight-year old Sophie was getting into the car. A moment later, as Jack watched, Jamie climbed into the back seat with his sister. Mr. Bennett got in himself and the car drove out of the porch and off to the country. Jack flew off.

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