"Knuckles - Family Reunion"
Written by: Toni-the-Mink
Sonic and all related indica (c) SEGA, Archie, and NOT Ken Penders. :P

This story is somewhat a "chapter" that would be based off a series, if I put proper thought into it. But since I can't and I don't feel like it, you only get this one chapter.

The Sonicverse this takes place in is primarily Sonic X, but it centers around the games as well, with just a FEW Archie elements thrown in.

This idea has been swirling in my head for centuries now, but it wasn't until I was given this :thumb344836795: as a Christmas gift that I wanted to write the whole thing out, even if given the setting, it wouldn't make much sense...

I just wanted an excuse to finally write in Chaos XD


The Chaos Emeralds were powerful. They were power beyond belief. A power that Dr. Eggman and his army ever longed for. So imagine that power times ten. If that kind of power was in Eggman's control, the world was done for.

That's why it was vital to find those Super Emeralds before the doctor did. Everybody went their seperate ways, taking each end of the earth to track down these emeralds. Some went as pairs, some as teams, some by themselves.

Knuckles was one of those who went out by himself. He was never a "team player". He didn't need a sidekick, nor did he follow any leaders. Blame it on living on his own for years. Not that he spent his entirety by himself. There were others before... but he'd rather not go into that right now.

Everyone spread out in different directions. The echidna volunteered to travel south, where the Mystic Ruins laid. Why there? Perhaps something about being the Master Emerald guardian gave him a sixth sense on where Chaos Emeralds (including their super-charged counterparts) could be located.

Or perhaps, something about it reminded him of something...

Just being here, around the relics of the ancient civilization, the former settlement of Angel Island, made him feel nostalgic, even though he had never personally lived here. He was always on the floating island as long as he could remember. But this whole area... it seemed like there was something apart of him here. Like he was missing something...

"Feels familiar, doesn't it?"

Knuckles was unaware he wasn't alone, after looking over the remains of an echidna temple, so understandly he was startled and whipped around to the source of the voice. Seeing who it was didn't ease him any, as it was the last thing he would have expected.

"An echidna?!"

A much older echidna, well near his centuary, if not beyond. He was similar to Knuckles in appearance only with a darker, brownish-red fur tone. Multi-colored beads decorated his long dreadlocks, and he donned a brown tunic with sandals and a long wooden staff. This elder echidna gave a small smile. "Surprised? I don't blame you. We are a rare breed after all. I'm a little surprised, however, that it took you this long to discover this."

Knuckles was at loss for words. He was still taking in the fact that there was another echidna in the world, standing near him, talking to him. The elder stared down the younger echidna, as if studying him.

"Hmmm... I haven't seen you in ages, boy. Have you been on Angel Island this entire time?"
Knuckles blinked. "You know about Angel Island?"

"Of course," responded the elder, "This whole area used to be Angel Island... before a thousand years ago it was lifted into the heavens, and the Knuckles Tribe with it. However, there were a handful that were left behind. At one point, they lived in the ruins, but since then, went out into society."

"Are there more here..?"

The elder shook his head. "Only myself and my great-granddaughter. What about you? How many echidnas are left on the island?"

Knuckles turned away, sighing. "None... All this time, I thought I was the only one left..."

The ancient echidna sighed. "That bloody massacre then..."

"Massacre?" Knuckles glared back up, "What do you know about what happened? Just who are you anyway?!"

The elder echidna chuckled and smirked. "Come at me."

The teen was befuddled at the request. "What..?"

"If you are who I think you are, then I'll tell you who I am."

"What's that supposed to mean?! Crazy old man, I'm not gonna attack you!"

"Have it your way..." the elder turned away, "... Wimp."

"WIMP!?" Knuckles clenched his fists, "That does it! I'll show you just who you're about to mess with!" He raced towards the old man and pulled back his fist, ready to land a punch squarely to the back of his head and launched his attack.

But the older echidna was suddenly gone.

As Knuckles leaned forward from the punch, he was left wide open for a staff to suddenly appear at his legs. He was knocked off his feet and was sprawled out on his back.

There was more chuckling, further infuriating the younger echidna. "You're good, but brash."

Knuckles scrambled back to his feet and put up his dukes once more. "Damn it, you old coot! I'll make you pay for that!"

More chuckling. "Your father's strength, and your mother's hot temper... You are indeed Knuckles."

The fury in the young echidna was replaced with shock and confusion. "You know my name..?" He did another take, "Wait, you knew my parents?!"

The old man nodded. "I did indeed. You see, your father was my grandson."

"Grandson..?" Knuckles pointed to the older echidna, "Then, that makes you..."

The elder nodded once more. "You catch on quickly. My name is Athair... your great-grandfather."

Knuckles just stared in disbelief. His great-grandfather... a relative... just five minutes ago, he thought he was the last of the echidnas.

Athair leaned forward on his staff. "I can see this is alot to take in, boy." He made his way to the younger echidna, "Come inside my little home. We'll discuss everything over tea."

Athair's little home seemed nothing more like a small cave leading underground. But once inside, it turned out to be much bigger than it looked. It was well decorated with ancient relics and antiques, and it was well-lit with candles and lanterns.

After the initial shock finally settled in, Knuckles had relaxed with some black tea, sitting on a cushioned stone seat. Athair sat across from him in a rocker, holding a cup for himself as well. "All this time, you thought you were the last echidna?"

Knuckles nodded.

"How sad. It was have been lonely..."

The echidna glanced away.

"I'm certain you must have many questions..."

"You have no idea," Knuckles muttered.

Athair leaned back in his chair. "Well, fate has brought us together," he said, "So what would you like to know?"

Knuckles had to think about that for a moment. He never expected to meet an elder of his race who could answer so many things. He had a million questions he wanted to ask, but never really thought about having answered. Where to start..?

"What were my parents like?"

Athair thought back. "I have only met your father three times," he responded, "The first, he was but an infant brought here by his father, who was my own son. The second, an adult introducing me to his new family, including you as an infant. The third..." he stopped himself. He didn't want to overwhelm the boy. "Each time, he came off as a loyal, strong individual who loved his family. Your mother was kind, but easily offended... even scary at one point. But she loved you and your father dearly."

"What happened to them?"

"You probably don't remember. You were a young child when the massacre broke out."

"Massacre..?" Knuckles tried to think back as far as he could. He could just barely remember fights among the island.

"The third time your father and I encountered, he had told me everything that unfolded... What remained of the Knuckles Tribe had begun fueding over the power of the Master Emerald. It had gotten to a point where it turned very violent. The power-hungry would maim and destroy any and all that got in their way. Many echidnas were killed. While your family tried to escape, your mother was grabbed and dragged off. You gave chase, as I was told, and your father lost sight of you. He had to leave you behind."

"Leave me behind?!" Knuckles spat, "He didn't even TRY to go after me or my mother?!" He seethed and turned away. "Sheesh... I would hate to think of my own father as a coward..."

"He wasn't a coward," Athair responded sternly, "Your father WANTED to go after you and save your mother. But with all the violence and chaos around him, he couldn't risk going forward." He glared at the younger echidna, "His top priority at that moment was to protect his infant daughter."

"Infant daughter..." the statement slapped Knuckles hard, "Wait, WHAT?!"

"That's right, Knuckles..." Athair smiled, "You have a younger sister."