It was tough being this sexy, Damon Salvatore thought as he gave himself the once over in the mirror. He spent his free time, doing what he had done best, drinking and partying. Occasionally he would see Bonnie and Jay and hang out with the gang, but Damon had grown tired of the melancholy Bonnie and was craving the days before he had come back to Mystic Falls. It seemed like all Bonnie was interested in was the baby, work, and home. Those 3 things cramped his style. He promised Jake he would look after them and he meant it. And not that he didn't love her, he did, but she wasn't ready for what he wanted from her, so he let her be. He just wasn't prepared to play second fiddle to anyone, let alone a dead man.

Jay was seven months old and looked more and more like his father every day, Damon like the kid. Whenever he was around him, the baby would be a constant on his Uncle Damon's lap. Bonnie was better although not overtly happy, but better. Twice a month Jake's parents came down to see the baby and Lucy was a constant also. She seemed to be pulling it together.

Life was funny he thought, throwing on his jacket, he would have thought he would be jumping for joy knowing Bonnie's husband was gone forever, except he only felt bad about what the young couple had lost. And as hard as it was at first, he gave Bonnie the space to grieve. Over that time though he had slipped back into his old selfish ways and was reminding Stefan and the others of how big of an ass he was.

Elena and Caroline had moved out of Bonnie's house and Stefan and Elena were gradually finding their way back together. Caroline had taken a break altogether after her break with Tyler.

Things were sort of back to normal, well as normal as Mystic Falls could be. There was the occasional big bad, but other than that life was good. Damon was headed out on a date with some waitress he met at the Grille, and the girls were going out for some drinking and dancing. It was Bonnie's suggestion; she was working too hard and needed a girl's night away from diapers, bottles, and medical charts. Having dropped Jay off at his grandfathers the girls headed into town for some fun.

Two hours later they were hammered! Elena could never handle her liquor, even as a vampire and Bonnie hadn't had alcohol in almost 2 years. Damon spied the three of them dancing together at the Grille and quickly sent his brother a text telling him they needed a ride home.

Just as he was about to turn his attention back to his date, he saw a guy around their age, approach the girls on the dance floor. He made his way behind Bonnie and began to grind behind her to the music they were listening to. Damon waited to see what Bonnie would do, thinking she would push the guy away, to his surprise she didn't. With Elena and Caroline encouraging her she allowed the stranger to fondle and rub himself against her. Damon was fuming, how could she be dancing with another guy?

She was having fun! Bonnie was letting the stranger grind into her and it felt really good! She missed this, being close to a man. And like Caro said she was young and she had needs too! She wasn't going to marry the guy, she just wanted to have some fun, alcohol, grief and lack of sex or sleep can be a bad combination.

As she was getting dressed to go out, she thought about Jake and what he would want for her. It was coming up on a year and she hadn't looked twice at another man. Bonnie and Jake both knew the dangers of his profession, and even though they were planning a life together, they understood it may be cut short at any time. He had told her plenty of times not to waste her time mourning him, that if he died he was the luckiest man in the world to have found her. He wouldn't want her to pine over him; he wouldn't want her to do it forever. Jake liked to have fun he was always the life of the party and he would want her to have fun! Maybe not this kind of fun, but hey! She danced with the guy for a few more dances before St. Stefan showed up and put a kibosh on their fun. As Stefan held the door for them, Bonnie was surprised to find Damon standing outside on the sidewalk.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked surprising them all.

"What are you doing?" she slurred.

"Oh I was here on a date and spotted the 3 of you acting like you were crazy! And you Bonnie grinding on some stranger, you are a mother for Christ sake!"

Caroline giggled, "She was getting her groove back." Grinding herself into Bonnie to which they both laughed.

Stefan was busy holding Elena up who was having a hard time focusing on anything. Caroline and Bonnie were both trying to hold onto each other, without falling over.

"I was having fun. I 'm allowed."

"You're a mother, where is Jay while you are getting loaded?" He yelled crossing the distance between them.

"Mother's aren't allowed to have fun?" she breathed into his face, he scrunched his face up, she reeked of tequila.

"Jesus Bonnie, how many drinks did you have?"

"Not enough to deal with you and your white, I mean whitetio… RIGHTEOUS! " she finally got it, "indignation." She finished trying to sound dignified.

And then "Oh God, " she muttered and stumbled away from Caroline, Damon went to grab her thinking she was going head first into the side walk, instead he found himself covered in vomit. All over his jacket and down the front of his shirt.

"GOD DAMNIT!" He growled lifting Bonnie off of her feet and cradling her in his arms. "I am going to f'ing KILL you!"

He looked over at Stefan who was trying to juggle Elena and Caroline.

"I'll meet you back at the boardinghouse."

Stefan nodded and wrestled the girls over to his car.

Damon deposited Bonnie in the front seat of his Camaro after he wiped as much vomit as he could off of himself.

She was rolling her head back and forth moaning.

"If you throw up in my car, I swear" He threatened. Before the words were out of his mouth she did it.

Damon gripped the steering wheel and screamed "FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

"I'm sorry." She mumbled miserably.

He drove to the boarding house as fast as he could; leaving Bonnie is the car while he helped Stefan take the two girls in.

They deposited them both in Elena's bed.

"I'll get the witch, "Stefan said, " you should get cleaned up."

He nodded, Stefan could tell Damon was furious! He didn't know whether it was because of the vomit or the fact that he watched Bonnie getting spanked on the dance floor by another guy.

He carried her upstairs and was amazed that she had no vomit on her. Apparently it was all over Damon. "that a girl," he thought.

He left her in one of the spare bedrooms and left to go find him a spot to sleep for the rest of the night.

It was 3 in the morning before Damon got the stench of vomit out of his baby. After he got cleaned up again, he went to go find the little momma witch, she had some explaining to do.

He walked into the guest bedroom and found her passed out on the bed. She was curled up on her side and for a moment he was reminded of how young she still looked. She still reminded him of the 17 year old girl from New Orleans he took advantage of. He sat down next to her on the bed and pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face.

"Whew." Her breath smelled like vomit.

He took a moment to admire the new curves of her body, her breast, her round behind; motherhood had done her body good.

He was so tempted to crawl up in bed behind her; he wanted to, it would be so easy to slip right back into the habit that was Bonnie.

But this Bonnie was a lot more complicated than the old Bonnie. Watching her sleep he realized he had no idea who she was now? She was a more grown up than before and besides that she was a mother, a wife, a widow. He couldn't play his macho mind games with her; she had too much to lose.

She was beautiful though and Damon couldn't help but to feel that old electric pull he had felt for her kick start again.


Her brain was going to slip out of her ear, Bonnie thought, as she sat up in the bed that morning. She blinked a few times to clear her head and saw Damon sitting at the foot of the bed.

"Hello little momma."

"Damon, what the hell happened last night?"

"Well let's see, you got plastered, bumped and grinded with a stranger, threw up on me, in my car, and passed out."

"Oh my God, I'm sorry." She apologized, cradling her face in her hands in shame.

"There is a toothbrush and some stuff for you in the bathroom, get cleaned up."

For some reason, he sounded like her father, he was looking at her with such disapproval, she wanted to ask how long was she grounded.

After getting cleaned up she exited the bathroom and was surprised to see Damon still waiting for her.

She avoided his death stare, picked up her cell phone off the nightstand and called her dad to check on Jay.

"You want to tell me what you were thinking last night young lady?" he asked after she hung up the phone.

Bonnie brushed her hair out of her face and said, "What are you talking about?"

"The spectacle you made out of yourself, dancing with that guy, getting drunk, I mean you are a mother."

"Are you serious?" she asked incredously." I have seen you do much worse, and I had fun, I think."

"Your husband asked me to look after you and I promised him I would, you will not parade yourself all over town and get yourself into trouble."

She looked at him like he had grown two heads!

"Who's the prude now?"

Damon opened his mouth to respond but couldn't, she had taken him back to a place that he treasured and hated at the same time.

"This is different."

"Is it, I'm not dead Damon, I am a good mother and a good person, there is nothing wrong with me letting my hair down every now and then."

He took a deep breath and thought about it. He smirked, "Your right little momma."

He crossed the distance between them.

Bonnie eyed him suspiciously, "What are you doing Damon?"

" Well," stalking around her form," I just want you to know that if you ever feel the need to have "fun" again." he air quoted," I am willing."

"Do you think that's a good idea?" she questioned.

"Probably not, I know you still have some unresolved feelings for me and all."

She stared at him with her mouth agape.

"What the hell are you talking about feelings? If anyone has unresolved feelings it's you."

"Potato, Potato." He smirked and she couldn't help but laugh at him pronouncing the word the same way. It had been a long time since she genuinely laughed.

"You haven't changed one bit Damon."

A pause

"I could though." He said seriously.

He scared her then, the way he was looking at her with those intense blue eyes.

"I have to go," she paused," Jay."

He pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face.

"Alright," he breathed really close to her face. "Give him a fist bump from his uncle Damon."

"Alright," she whispered but made no move to leave the room.

And then because he couldn't help himself and because he had waited for her for 5 years, he crossed the small barrier and touched his lips to hers.

She didn't stop him.


Bonnie slammed her hands on the keyboard of her computer.

"DAMN!" the report she had been working on for a week was gone! The guy from IT said she should have auto saved.

"Thanks," she said into the receiver sarcastically and slammed the phone down

"asshole " to the receiver.

She checked the time on her computer, "shit," she was late picking up Jay from daycare again. She logged off and ran all the way to the parking garage.

"SHIT PISS BALLS!" a flat tire.

She whipped out her phone, called everyone she knew, no one but Damon answered.

"I'll be there is 15 minutes."

She called the daycare and told them she was going to be late again and waited.

She was so wound up she was going to go crazy. She had so many things going on that she couldn't think straight. Between the baby and work, she had no social life, she hadn't been out since the girls night and that had been 2 months.

And Jay was coming up on his 11 month, so that meant she had gone almost 20 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days without sex. Not that she was counting.

She just needed a release, something to clear the cobwebs out of her head so she could focus on things. Her mind more often than not lingered on the kiss she had shared two months ago with Damon. She hadn't stopped him and she had to admit that she had used some of their past indiscretions to get herself off at night when the loneliness of her bed got the better of her.

Bonnie knew it was only a matter of time before she gave in; Damon was not making things easy for her. He outright stared at her whenever they were near each other. He stood to close; he made comments and said phrases that only the two of them had shared when they were intimate so long ago. He called her Ms. Priss and whenever she executed a spell correctly he would wink and say "That's my girl."

He was driving her crazy.

Would it be so bad if I gave in, she thought, I could set up rules. Damon doesn't like rules. Her logical side argued. What about Jay and the others? They wouldn't know anything, it would be a secret. She countered. We could get together a few nights a week and get "in the zone." She remembered the sex with Damon was in a word, sensational. Not that Jake wasn't a great lover, he was and she had loved him. She still loved him, but that part of her life was over.

She wasn't trying to fall in love with Damon; she just wanted to get it in, she thought, right as Damon pulled up in his all black Cadillac sedan and rolled down the window.

"'How much for a hand job?" he smirked.

She didn't say a word just picked up her things, threw the car seat in the backseat and hopped into the car.

They were silent except for him giving her directions to the daycare.

When she came out with Jay, the little boy smiled when he saw him and Damon reached out his arms and held him while Bonnie situated the car seat.

He asked Jay how his day was and if he had met in hot chicks. The little boy babbled a few syllables and Damon responded with more inane conversation.

Damon continued to talk to the baby on the ride, mainly because Bonnie had been quiet the whole time. She asked him to stop at the grocery store and she ran in and grabbed a few items she was out of while he stayed in the car with Jay.

When they arrived at her home, he helped her take their things inside and he waited around until they were settled.

Just as he was about to go she asked him would he like to stay and have dinner, she wanted to thank him for his help.

He was going to say no, but he had enjoyed the evening, running errands and hanging out with them had been sort of cool.

"Sure." He said shrugging out of his jacket.

He watched the baby while she finished dinner and when she was finished; they ate at the little table in the kitchen. Jay started to fuss half way through the meal, and Bonnie explained that it was well past his bedtime. He offered to clean the kitchen while she got him ready for bed.

Damon thought to himself as he washed the dishes, I should go, but he knew he wasn't, he was going to stay and he was going to give Bonnie what he could tell she wanted.

He felt it in the car; he saw it in the way she rolled her neck in the car when he spoke softly to the baby.

She came and stood next to him at the sink and rinsed and dried while he washed.

"How are we going to do this?" he asked concentrating on the glass.

"No one can find out." She took the glass and rinsed and dried it.

He nodded in agreement.

"You can't spend the night here; I don't want to confuse Jay."

"Sure." He shrugged but thought he's a baby, why would he care.

"I want us to still be friends when it is over."

He looked at her then, "Of course." He was thinking, we will never be over.

He took the last glass from her hand and placed it on the shelf; he turned and pulled her by the waist close to him.

"I'm going to make it good for you Bonnie," bending to nuzzle her neck.

"I know you will," she leaned into his embrace, enjoying the feel of being held and wanted.

He walked her back to the counter and lifted her up, placing her on the edge.

She frantically pulled at the belt to his jeans and he smiled looking into her eyes.


She didn't say anything just continued to pull at his pants. She had them unzipped and down just far enough to get little Damon out. He pulled back from her and she lifted herself off the counter so he could pull her scrubs down.

She lifted her leg up over his shoulder and grabbed him and guided him into her.

"Anxious?" he asked again, his voice cracking horribly. He had almost forgotten how good she felt.

She said nothing the whole time they went at it and neither did he, there was no kissing or moans. He just watched her concentrate on what she wanted, what they both wanted.

When it was over and they were both spent. She kissed him lightly and said thank you.

"You're welcome." He smiled kissing her back.

They were interrupted by the sound of Jay crying.

Bonnie fixed herself up and then sprinted up the stairs.

Damon waited in the living room for her to return and after about thirty minutes and she didn't he went up the stairs to find her.

He wanted to kiss her goodnight and maybe discuss a little of what had happened.

He deducted that she just wanted a sexual relationship and that was cool, for now.

He looked into Jay's room and didn't see Bonnie or the baby. Walking the sort distance to her bedroom he found Bonnie spooned up in bed with the baby and Jay curled up in her arms. They were both sound asleep.

Damon watched the two of them sleep for a while, smiling to himself.

He wanted to crawl in bed with the two of them and stay there forever.