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Epilogue: Look Where We Are Now

Seven Years Later


"Daddy! Mummy!"

I chuckle lowly in Bella's ear, turning my head to bury my face in her hair. I can feel Bella shaking with silent laughter in my arms, and I bite the inside of my cheek to stop sounds from escaping me.

But that proves impossible when a minute later, the bed dips. I take a deep breath and pretend to snore, smiling when our little squirt giggles.

"Stop it, Daddy! I knows you awake!" she whines.

Knowing the show's over, I lie still for a second then sit up quickly and grab my little girl. She squeals and squirms in my arms as I bring her down to lie between Bella and me.

At three years old, Sarah's the perfect combination of Bella and me. Her skin is porcelain and her eyes are big, doe-like ones – just like of Bella's. Her features are much the same as mine except for her nose, which is exactly Bella's from when she was this age. Her hair is bronze and naturally tight ringlets, cut short.

She's a little angel, but that's only after her birth. During Bella's pregnancy, she gave us hell. Bella's ride was not a smooth one, and to top it off, she was born late-preterm at thirty-four weeks. She needed help with breathing, but it was feeding that took the longest.

It was only because of the support from both our families that we got through it. Bella was a mess for months after our baby girl was discharged, and I was not far behind her, but I knew I had to stay strong for her; for the both of them. I hated to see my wife in pain, scared and worried and it killed me to feel so helpless.

But look where we are now. Three years later, and Sarah's perfect. We still have check-ups every now and then with Dad, just to make sure everything's ok and well… because we're crazy overprotective.

Me in particular.

"Daddy," she whines and I open one eye.

"What is it, baby girl? Quietly now; Mummy's trying to sleep," I whisper, turning her around and throwing an arm around her. She squirms against me and giggles when I hush her. I lean down and whisper, "See? Mummy's sleeping."

Her brows knit together as she pouts and frowns. "S'time to get up now, Daddy," she mumbles.

I huff when I hear Bella giggle. She knows I don't have any willpower when it comes to our daughter. Hell, if Sarah asked, I might even wake Bella up just to appease her.

So to get back at my wife, I play-gasp and whisper loudly into Sarah's ear. "Mummy's waking up, baby. Go jump on Mummy to help her. I'll go make breakfast."

Bella laughs in that way women laugh when they're trying to communicate: "I'm gonna get you back for this."

All I can hear is my wife and daughter laughing and giggling as I walk out the bedroom door and down the hall. In the kitchen, I get out the milk, flour and eggs needed for pancakes.

I'm just flipping one when I feel warm arms wrap around my waist. Bella's hand snakes up my chest and I yelp quietly when she pinches a nipple.

"That's for getting our daughter to do your dirty work," she grumbles. I look over my shoulder and lick my lips at the sight of her. She's gorgeous with her crumpled shirt and shorts, sexy bed hair and sleepy but cheeky expression on her face. I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her against my chest.

I look down at her again and she's looking up at me with that look in her eye. It's one that I know well because I look at her like that constantly. I lean down and press a kiss to her lips. She hums and fists my shirt, sighing against my lips as I languidly deepen the kiss.

"Where's Sarah?" I whisper against her lips.

She leans back and grins cheekily. My girl knows what I'm thinking. "She's in her bedroom, playing with Moo," she says softly.

I grin. That bloody cow-doll can keep our little girl occupied for hours. She loves it. "Hmm, is that right?"

She cocks an eyebrow at me and chuckles. "Yeah, it is. What's on your mind, Hubby?"

Instead of verbally answer, I slide my hand down to her ass and give it a nice squeeze. She moans against my chest, and the sound goes straight down to my cock. She weaves her hands through my hair and fists it, tugging softly as she presses her lips to mine. I moan, with one hand on her ass, squeezing and rubbing just the way she likes it, the other wanders down to the stove and turns the knob to shut it off.

Bella giggles, breaking the kiss when I cup her thighs and lift her up. I kiss and nip down her neck hungrily, sucking at the junction between her neck and shoulder. She whimpers deliciously and my fingers spread, my pointer grazing against her hot core, making her moan my name breathily in my ear.

"Please," she mumbles.

"Hmmm, ok," I mumble. I reach down between us and loosen the strings on both our pyjama bottoms. I pull my dick out, pumping it a few times as I watch her. She squirms against me as she pushes her shorts down.

She wraps her arms around my neck, helping me as I pull her small body against me. Even after birthing Sarah, and being four months pregnant with our second, she's a fucking vision.

My hand brushes against her slightly swollen stomach as I press a kiss to her neck. She moans and whimpers my name, begging me to fuck her now. I grunt, lean back and look into her eyes.

"Your wish, my command," I say huskily, my voice hoarse with desire.

I groan quietly as I enter her; she's wet, she's tight and she's so… fucking… hot.

"Fuck, baby," I mutter, looking into her eye. She's panting, her eyes half-closed with need. "This isn't going to be slow," I warn her.

"Please," she groans.

I breathe in deeply as I pull back then thrust back in hard. She mewls, her hands in my hair tighten and I groan at how oddly pleasurable the sensation is. I pull back again so just the head is still inside her, then thrust back hard and fast. She groans and arches her back.

My eyes land on her tits. I groan and mutter "fuck," unable to resist the delectable sight. I lean down to take a nipple in my mouth, rolling it between my teeth and swiping my tongue over it until she gasps a moan.

I grin and release it. I grip her ass cheeks, using them as leverage to quicken my pace and the hardness of my thrusts. She's squirming, one hand plucking her nipple and the other rubbing circles on her clit. My hand braces against a cupboard and I groan she squeezes me.

It doesn't take long before we're both close. Bella's moaning is getting louder and her pussy's clenching down on every thrust, making it hard to hold off. I knock Bella's hand out of the way and take over rubbing her clit, doing it harder and faster so she comes when I do.

And with two more thrusts, I feel my balls tightening. I grunt, my head falling back as I let go and spill into her in three long spurts. Bella lets out a strangled moan, gasping for air as her head, too, falls back and hits one of the cupboards with a low thump.

For a few minutes, we don't talk as we come down from our highs.

And then we hear the very light sound of our baby girl running down the hall. We freeze for a second, looking into each other's eyes in panic just before we get into motion. It's a flurry of movement as Bella rights were top and hair, slipping her chucked-away shorts back on at the same time that I tuck myself back into my bottoms and help Bella smooth her hair just a little.

We manage to be ready just as Sarah comes bounding through the door and into my arms, totally unsuspecting and none-the-wiser. Moo is in her hands and it jiggles from her movements as she rubs her face against my chest sleepily.

"Food ready now, Daddy?" she asks innocently, looking up into my eyes with those innocent doe eyes.

I sigh and chuckle. Just like Bella.

But then I remember the food and it's really hard to not swear as I sit her on my hip with an arm around her waist to keep her there. I walk over to the stove, turn it on and inspect the now-cold pancake.

"Sorry, Princess," I say, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Soon, ok?" I give her over to Bella and she wraps her arms and legs around her.

A few minutes later, Bella comes to me and whispers, "She's out like a light, baby. I'm gonna put her back to bed."

I groan petulantly. "Are you telling me that I got up and came out here for nothing?"

She raises an eyebrow and licks her lips. "Well, I wouldn't say it was for nothing, Edward. In fact, I rather think it was damned worth it and… hmm, very enjoyable," she purrs and winks, making me groan again. "You sure enjoyed it."

She then walks away, not allowing me to answer her.

I groan, smacking my forehead with the palm of my hand. I turn off the then mutter, "No, baby." I turn the stove off again, and put the pancakes on a plate. I wrap them up in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge for later then make my way down the hall to Sarah's room.

I lean against the door frame, watching Bella silently as she puts our little girl down on the bed, sweeps her hair back from her forehead and then kisses it once. She gets up and smiles softly when she sees me.

I wrap my arms around her waist as she wraps hers around my neck. She hums as I kiss her lips softly.

"Wanna go to bed for a while?" she mumbles.

I smile. "Yeah. But there won't be any sleeping."

She smirks and licks her lips. "Of course not, Mr Cullen. I do know you, remember."

I chuckle and sweep her up in my arms. She giggles before smacking her hand over her mouth, shaking in laughter silently as she presses her lips together.

I laugh at her quietly and carry her quickly back to our room.

Yeah. I love my life.

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