It's official, I have WAY too many stories...

I was planning on doing this story AFTER I finished one of my other ones, but...

This story's going to go on with the main story (the manga, not anime), so this is going to take forever to finish.

Btw, I had to search up Japanese names for this story...

?'s POV


Groaning, I slammed my hand against my obnoxiously loud alarm clock, turning it off. I got up reluctantly, dreading this day ever since I ended middle school.

Today was the first day of school, and I was attending Kaibara High School, along with my sister, Satoko. She's starting her third year there.

My name is Katsu Mori (God, that sounds weird), I'm fourteen years old, and I have a perfect life. A life too perfect.

I have a mother and father who let me do whatever, whenever, a sister who helps me and cares about me, straight A's, perfect friends, perfect, perfect, perfect.

But I want to have a messy life. One where I have strict parents who discipline me when I did something wrong, where I would have to sneak out at night to hang out with my friends, or when arguing with my parents over something as little as my grades was normal. Where my sister and I fight to a point where we scream and yell confessing we hate each other.

But that doesn't happen. No, I had to have the life everyone else wanted. If I had the chance to trade lives with someone, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

And it doesn't really help that I to win at everything unintentionally. Even if I try to lose, apparently, I won't let myself. I guess I live up to my name Katsu(It means victorious), which isn't exactly a good thing; to me, at least.

Grumbling, I grabbed my towel and took a bath (in the manga, apparently no one takes showers), wondering how the heck I got myself in this situation that is life.

My damp long white hair drying in a towel, I stared at my school uniform -which happened to be the guy's uniform. I refused to wear a skirt everyday to school. I looked ridiculous in dresses, skirts, or pretty much anything girly. And that includes the girl's uniform.

After tightly tying my white tie a billion times (I wanted to waste time), I headed off to school, my sleek black messenger black dangling from my shoulder. Satoko already left, leaving me to my peace alone. Just how I liked it.

The large white building known as Kaibara High School towered before me, as if taunting me to come inside. I could already see a couple of people staring at my choice of uniform out of the corner of my piercing blue eye, and I just smirked. I walked towards the office, rather anxious to get my schedule and homeroom. Guess this'll be fun.

I got Ms. Shiraki as my homeroom teacher, along with some gray haired boy. We had talked for a bit, but I never really caught his name.

Oh well, it's not like I'll ever talk to him again anyways.