Zak gripped the bed sheets as an unseen force pounded into his tight hole. He had never felt a pain, or a pleasure, so intense. "Is this what you wanted from me you sick fuck? Huh? Is this what you wanted?" He yelled. With no audible response the pounding grew more intense. "F-!" He couldn't call for Aaron or Nick. He could never let them see him this way. He couldn't let them see as he got raped by nothing. This was not of his own free will. It was obvious that there was force more powerful than he inside the building.

"S-stop!" He panted, trying to keep his composure. His cock was rock hard and he couldn't keep himself from letting out a low growl as his prostrate was stroked. An invisible hand rubbed his dick, starting from the bottom and working it's way up. Although it felt like nothing, Zak felt it. He felt the callouses and rough fingers. They certainly didn't feel like a ghost.

"Stop!" He cried as hips rolled against him again. Whatever was inside him was huge, and it felt like he was being torn apart. He felt blood dribbling down his leg, and reaching the bed sheets. A few tears streaked his face. The pleasure he was feeling, despite the pain, was causing saliva to dribble down his face. The sweat on his palms caused his hands to slip and he reached out to find another hold but found nothing solid. The rocking was making his body shift on the bed.

Zak couldn't take it any more. He let out a howl as he came, his seed shooting everywhere, including all over his body. His entire body was wracked with spasms because of the force of which he came. When he was finished, he felt the entity vanish, a very quiet, but very mocking, laugh echoing in Its wake.

For a solid ten minutes Zak laid in the bed, forcing back tears, and telling himself that nothing worse could happen. Nothing. When he had composed himself, completely forgetting his earlier thoughts, he yelled out, "Aaron! Nick! Please! Come quickly! Please..." Within seconds his two buddies were in the room, swarming around him.

"Zak, dude. What the hell happened?" Nick exclaimed, kneeling down beside the bed, reaching towards the almost too-muscular biceps.

Aaron sent down his camera and knelt down beside Nick, reaching out and pulling up Zak's jeans, covering him. "Seriously man. Who did this to you? Maybe we should have called the police and had them check the place out."

Zak shook his head. "It was a ghost. Or a demon. It doesn't matter. It's over with. Let's continue the investigation."

"Not this time." Nick stated firmly. "This investigation is over right now. You don't get over this just because we appeared. We're taking you to a doctor, and that's that."

"I agree with Nick. We're done. We can always come back some other time and finish. Your health is way more important."

Zak chuckled a very sad sounding chuckle before saying, "Fine." There was silence for a moment before Zak yelled, "You won't win next time, beast! I'll be ready next time. I will!"

After his loud declaration, he had his friends help him to his feet, and help him pull his pants back on. He hobbled to their H.Q., where Aaron called the owner of the building to unlock them, explaining in as little detail as possible. As the other two packed up, Zak replayed those nights events in his head before swearing revenge on the invisible bastard who did this. This boy would not be taking this laying down, that was for sure.