Scarred for life

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Clary P.O.V

I still remember that terrible night whenever I close my eyes. I remember the Wayland manor, the dark halls, and empty rooms reminding me of something from a horror movie. The smell of sweat and and tears coming from everyone in the room, except for my father, Valentine, and my brother, Jonathan. I remember the cool air chilling the sweat on my face. And most importantly, I remember killing an innocent man when I was just 8 years old.


I shivered, but it wasn't from the cold. As I looked around me, I took in every detail I possibly could... just in case. I studied my brother, Jonathan, and my father, Valentine, as they stood calmly in the corner of the living room, watching.

Next, I looked at my fathers right-hand-man, Panghorn. He's in a different corner holding back a screaming boy that looked about my age. The boy, to sum him all up in one word, was golden. From his blonde curls that reached the bottom of his ears, to his liquid gold eyes and golden skin, he looked like a small angel. The only thing that's un-heavenly about him is the swear words coming out of his mouth and the tears pouring down his face. I completly understand what has him so upset though.

In the middle of the large room, chained down and on his knees, is the boy's father. The father looks exactly like the son except for the fact that the fathers eyes are blue. I wonder if his mothers eyes are gold also... I was interrupted from my thoughts by Panghorn slapping the boy hard enough to send him to the ground.

The first time I heard my father speak all night, I heard him say, "Now, now Jace. We wouldn't want you to get hurt too, would we?" He made it sound like a question, but the boy, Jace, and everyone else clearly knew it was a threat.

As Panghorn roughly picked Jace up off the ground, my brother made his way towards me. I was standing in the middle of the room, right in front of Michael Wayland. Jonathon, who was 10 while I was only 8, stopped in front of me and drew a dagger out of his belt.

When Jace the the weapon he instantly started screaming profanities again. Jonathon held the dagger out towards me, but I refused to take it. "Come on Clary, you know you have to do this." Jonathon said in a calm, sweet voice, "Michael Wayland must be punished for going against the Circle." Again I refused to take it.

"Why do you have to kill him? Why can't you just banish him from the Circle?" I pleaded.

"Because he's a traitor!" Jonathon snapped but then regained an air of calm. "Also, he would remember everything and go tell the Clave. We can't have him doing that."

My eyes lit up with an idea. "I can create a rune that will make him forget everything! That way he can't tell the Clave anything! The Circle will remain a secret and Michael will get to live!" I didn't know much about the Circle, but I figured that they weren't mindless killers.

"Clarissa Morgenstern!" my father snapped, " You will not stand here and make a mockery of my prized organization! He deserves to die, therefore he will! Now take the knife from your brother and stab it through this man's disgusting heart!"

Once again I paused. Was it really worth it to kill an innocent man just to please my father? Surely if I don't kill him than my father will. Also, after he kills Michael, he'll punish me for disobeying him. Even if I get beaten and this man still dies, his blood won't be on my hands. I was just about to tell my father that I wouldn't kill Michael when a crackly, hoarse voice speaks up.

"Kill me. I understand you don't want to and I'm grateful, but just kill me." I looked down and was very surprised to see that Michael was the one that spoke to me.

Bewildered, I whispered, "You want to die?" His only response was a nod. "Why would you want to die?"

"I have lived a good life and seen many things. I've met the love of my life and had a beautiful son. I've rid the world of thousands of demons! I have lived a full life and I'm ready to enter the next world."

"Those all sound wonderful. Wouldn't you want to experience more? You can finish raising your son and kill thousands of more demons!" I had to convince this man that his life WAS worth living. He can't just give up.

"I've also had horrible times. I've seen my love, Celine, murdered, and I've been injured hundreds of times. Alas, my biggest regret will always be this; I joined the Circle because I thought it was a noble cause, only to find out its members are only interested in ruling over everything and enslaving everyone!"

So obviously he was ready to die. Though there was still one thing that didn't match up. "What are you going to do about your son? He's not old enough to take care of himself."

Jace, who was watching the scene unfold with tears in his eyes, glared at me and hissed, "What are you talking about? I'm older than YOU! Don't stand there and act like you know everything!"

Michael just looked fondly at his son and said to me, "He has his instructions, and I know Valentine won't hurt Jace. Even he is above murdering children." He smiled. "I promise you, Clarissa Morgenstern, I won't blame you for killing me. You have to do this to please your father, so do it. Take the knife and stab it through my heart. It isn't that difficult, I promise you."

Doing what Michael said, I finally took the dagger out of Jonathan's hand. Turning back to Michael, I placed the dagger over his heart and paused for the last time. I looked into Jace's eyes, knowing that I was about to kill the only family he had left and said, "Forgive me." before plunging the knife into Michael Wayland's heart.

As my father dragged me away from the dead man I was crying over, I heard Jace yelling at me, "I'll kill you Clarissa Morgenstern! I swear on the Angel I will! I'll murder your entire family and enjoy every second of it! I promise you."

Before leaving, my father looked over his shoulder to Panghorn and said, "Knock the boy unconscious, then leave him at the Lightwoods'."

End of Flashback

That night, the Clave found our home and invaded. They were told to kill everyone inside. Dad and my brother were taken, and I assume killed, but right before the Clave made it to my room, a giant wolf jumped in through the window and saved me.

That wolf's my Uncle Luke.

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