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The Man in the Moon knew that the guardians were still having troubles with their newest member so he decided to take matters into his own hands and help the guardians to know Jack just a little bit better and so he decided the best course of action would be to send the guardians into the past to watch Jack's memories both from before he was immortal and after. And maybe help not only the guardians get along better with Jack, but to have Jack get along with the guardians and so the Moon began his plan.

Jack Frost-Jack Frost-***************************************************Jack Frost- Jack Frost

Four of the guardians were currently at the North Pole sipping hot chocolate and talking happily. The only guardian yet to show up was Jack. "He's late" Bunnymund stated annoyance clear in his voice.

"Give him chance he will get here" north replied

"It's his first Christmas get together with him and frostbite decides to be late"

"From the way you are talking I'd say you miss jack"

"Miss him I just know he's probably out there causing trouble" Bunny denied. Sandy was snoozing in his chair and tooth was smiling at the two as she sipped her hot chocolate. Suddenly there was a blast of wind and a light spray of snowflakes as Jack came flying in sliding to a stop on a thin pane of ice, "hey guys sorry I'm late I had blizzards to make and all that. Hey North how was the Christmas flight"

"It was great plenty of snow to land on" Jack gave an exaggerated bow before twirling his staff around and settling it over his shoulders.

Bunnymund rolled his eyes and shook off the excess snowflakes that settled on his nose. Sandy, who woke up when the wind had blown through the room, waved an exclamation mark over his head. Tooth squealed with delight and gave Jack a hug. Babytooth followed shortly after nudging against Jacks cheeks in a sort of hug. Jack smiled at them and swung his staff around freezing some elves before he settled down into a red fluffy arm chair. Just as he sat down the Moon shined so bright blinding the guardians with its light.

Jack Frost-Jack Frost***************************************************Jack Frost-Jack Frost

The light died down and Jack found himself seated in a snow bank instead of an arm chair. The rest of the guardians were in the same situation. Bunnymund jumped up first and rounded on jack "what did you do."

"What makes you think I did it."

"Please guys let's not fight. Let's just figure out what's going on and where we are"

"Were in Burgess," Jack stated looking around I'd know this place anywhere.

"So you did bring us here frostbite"

"No Man in Moon brought us here that's what that light was" north stated. All while this was going on Sandy noticed two kids running and laughing in the snow he was trying to get the other guardians attention to no avail. "JACK!" The girl called out when the older boy hit her with a snowball in the face. All the guardians turned around in shock but none more so than Jack when he caught sight of the children. It was him back when he was young. What was happening?!

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