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The light faded to Jack landing in an alley way staff at the ready as he looked around. That's when past Bunny made himself present swinging his boomerang around in his paws, "Hello mate, been a long time, blizzard of 68 I believe; Easter Sunday wasn't it." Bunny stated. Future Bunnymund laughed knowing Jack was about to be thrown into a sack.

Jacks eyes lit up "Bunny!" he said happily then he frowned and fidgeted with his staff "You're not still mad about that are ya?" he asked.

Future Bunny put his arm around Jack "not anymore mate" Future jack smiled at Bunny happily, he had become the older brother Jack had never had.

"Yes" bunny said sourly, but then he smirked "but this is about something else; fellas." The guardians all laughed when they saw Jack being shoved into the sack by some yetis "Hey! What's going on? Ow put me down." Future Jack elbowed Bunny a bit when he refused to go through the magic portal.

The guardians then found themselves in the pole as Jack's sack hit the ground "ow" past Jack complained. They watched as Jack got out of the sack and looked around.

"He's here… quiet! Hey there he is Jack Frost" North boomed in his loud Russian accent. Jack looked confused and shocked as he took in the sight of all the guardians. Tooth giggled at the look on his face the first time she had been too busy to really stop and watch.

"Wow! You got to be kidding me" two yetis came and picked Jack up "put me down" past Jack protested and the yetis set him down.

"hope the yetis treated you well" North of the future laughed that was definitely one of his funner (yes I know this isn't a word but who cares) ideas and seeing jacks face was priceless. Future Jack stuck his tongue out at North and the man threw his arm around Jack gluing the boy to the big man's side.

"Oh yeah, yeah I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal" past Jack stated sarcasm dripping heavily in his voice.

"Oh good that was my idea" past North stated happily. Future Jack rolled his eyes "you know Bunny obviously" North said pointing to Bunnymund.

"Obviously" Jack stated back.

"And the Tooth Fairy" Past Tooth giggled like crazy and zoomed right up into Jack's face.

"hello Jack I've heard a lot about you, and your teeth!" Future Tooth blushed; maybe she had come on a bit too strong, but everyone from the tooth fairy division, who had met the winter spirit, had gone on and on about how amazingly beautiful Jacks teeth were and when she finally got to meet them she just had to see.

"My…my what?" Jack said trying to back away from Tooth and her little minions.

"Open up. Are they really as white as they say? Yes, huh oh they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow."

Tooth blushed even brighter future Jack seeing this from his place at North's side smiled at Tooth reassuringly "Its ok Tooth don't worry about it." Future Tooth nodded. Jack was such a sweet boy, she now thought of him like a son/nephew. She couldn't help but fuss over Jack and now he was going to get it more than ever; especially learning how alone Jack had been.

"And Sandman, Sandy… Sandy. Wake up!" North boomed startling a sleeping Sandman. Future Sandman blushed as well but he smiled anyway happy he was in the story.

"hey anyone want to tell me why I'm here" Jack asked looking at all the guardians. Sandy raised his hand and then went off, images flashing over his head in quick procession. Sandy smiled shyly as he watched himself then he flew over to Jack and took the boys hand, he felt Jack twitch like he always did when someone touched him; Sandy assumed it was a side effect of being alone for 300 years, but then Jack's hand relaxed and he squeezed Sandy's hand. Sandy and Jack had been the closest in the beginning and had become quick friends, even now Jack tended to talk to Sandy about personal things more than the other guardians. Perhaps, Sandy thought, it was because he didn't speak so Jack knew his secrets were safe but Sandy didn't care about the reason he was just happy Jack trusted him. "uh that's not really helping but thanks little man" past Jack said smiling at Sandy who gave a small shrug in return. "I must have done something really bad to get you four together. Wait; am I on the naughty list?" future Jack looked slightly sad and wondered if he was still on the naughty list, he hoped not after all 317 or not he was still a kid and he still enjoyed presents.

"On naughty list; you hold record" Future Jack stiffened a bit and North looked down to see a frowning Jack by his side "but no matter we overlook, now we are wiping clean the slate."

Future North squeezed Jack to him tighter "I meant what I said Jack; slate is wiped clean" Jack looked up at North in shock

"Really?" Jack asked hope clear in his voice.

"Yup you deserve it"

"Thanks North" North just smiled in return.

"How come?" Past Jack asked looking at them suspiciously.

"ah good question" past Bunny snorted.

"How come? I tell you how come; because now you are guardian!" North cried out and the huge celebration began. Yetis with fire, music playing "it's the best part" past North whispered a wide smile on his face. The future guardians watched curiously as they saw the elves point to Jacks bare feet and then to a pair of shoes. Jack shook his head and backed up.

Future Sandy looked at Jack curiously a picture of Jack then the shoes then a question mark. "Sandy's got a good question, why don't you wear shoes Jack?" future Tooth asked. All the guardians looked to Jack.

Jack smiled "because shoes get in the way" at their confused looks he sighed "well you see my staff isn't my only conduit of my frost my feet are too it makes it easier for me to skate around shoes would just get in the way; besides that their really uncomfortable especially after 300 years of not having them and it's not like my feet get cold." the guardians all nodded it made sense. They turned back to the scene in time for Jack to slam his staff down frosting over some elves and blowing the oath book into North's face.

"What makes you think I want to be a guardian"

North laughs "of course you do; music!" he cried out

"No music" Jack yelled back in frustration then he turned to the past guardians "this is all very flattering but uh you don't want me"

"Question?" North asked turning to look down at Jack.

"Yes" Jack said

"Why did you not want to be guardian"

Jack sighed "I didn't think I could do it, and I didn't want to disappoint you and besides that I was so used to being on my own to suddenly be included it sounded like a joke; like one minute I'm a guardian and the next April fools we don't want you anymore. I just didn't want that" North looked shocked he'd never thought of it like that before and he felt sad knowing Jack had so little faith in them.

"You're all hard work and deadlines and I'm snowballs and fun times. I'm not a guardian"

the future guardians all smiled "yes you are"

Tooth laughed "isn't it ironic you're the guardian of fun and you just said you were all about fun times"

Jack smiled at her "I guess your right"

"Ya that's exactly what I said" Bunny stated. The future Bunnymund looked down ashamed.

"Jack I don't think you actually understand what it is we do" Tooth stated flying up to Jack then she turned and gestured to the globe "each of those lights is a child" Tooth stated

"A child who believes; and good or bad, naughty or nice we protect them" North stated. Jack laughed and Tooth blushed as North had to scold past Tooth about hands in his mouth "ok no more wishy washy pitch is out there doing who knows what"

"Wait you mean the boogie man" past Jack stated looking at north incredulously

"It sounds like you've had previous experience with him?" future Bunny asked Jack. Sandy looked up at Jack and squeezed his hand he knew about Jacks night terrors. The boy didn't sleep often but when he did he was haunted a lot by nightmares. It hadn't taken Sandy long to figure that out and he tried to protect Jack from then on but Pitch sometimes was able to slip through. Jack squeezed Sandy's hand back.

"I had nightmares when I'd sleep, but I never actually met him" Tooth looked saddened she hated to think of happy go lucky Jack all curled up and scared in his sleep. Now she wished she would have punched him harder.

"Yes, when Pitch threatens us he threatens them as well"

"All the more reason to pick someone more qualified" North and the other smiled

"There is no one more qualified than you Jack" future Tooth said smiling

"Mate without you we'd be doomed"

Jack smiled "thanks" they had no idea how much those simple words meant to him to finally be needed; it was a nice feeling

"We, you think we pick, no you were chosen like we were all chosen by man in moon" North said pointing to the moon

"What?" Jack looked shocked as he looked from the moon to the guardians

"Last night Jack, he chose you" past Tooth stated

"Maybe" Bunny added on. Future Bunny twitched and took a few steps back so he was behind the others, no one noticed as they were all too busy watching the scene before them.

"Man in moon; he talks to you" Jack asked looking at the moon in a 'what the heck' kind of way

"You see you cannot say no it is destiny" North said and future North nodded agreeing with himself.

"why… why wouldn't he tell me that himself?" Jack asked "After 300 years this is his answer to spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some hide out thinking of new ways to bribe kids no, no that is not for me!" Jack yelled up at the moon then he turned his heads to the guardians "no offense"

"Sorry about that" future Jack said to all the guardians "I get it now; I understand what you all do"

"h…h how was that not offensive" past Bunnymund stated hopping forward in anger. Future Bunny hid his face knowing what was coming and nothing could stop the guilt that pierced his heart. Future bunny forced himself to watch. He had been so angry at Jack at the time he hadn't really been paying attention to the boy and so now he made himself concentrate on Jack. "You know what I think; I think we just dodged a bullet I mean what does this clown know about bringing joy to children anyway"

Jack stopped short and turned around laughing "uh you ever hear of a snow day I know it's no hard- boiled egg but kids like what I do" Jack stated looking just as angry

"But none of them believe in you do they" Bunny flinched and so did Jack even after getting some believers the words still stung and he was always afraid that he'd wake up and Jamie wouldn't be able to see him anymore. "see your invisible mate it's like you don't even exist" future Bunny watched as deep hurt and self- loathing rose up in Jack's eyes behind his glare and felt the pain in his heart even more as he realized he sounded exactly like the damned groundhog. How could he have said those things, he was always going on about being the guardian of hope but here he was crushing all of Jacks. Jack was shaking slightly it was in the past he told himself. He did matter, he did. He felt North's arm tighten around him and Sandy's hand give his a squeeze and he felt some of the tension leave him at least enough so he stopped shaking.

"Bunny enough" past Tooth stated. Tooth looked at Bunny and went to comfort him, but Bunny shrugged her off he didn't deserve her kindness, not after what he'd done.

"No the kangaroos right" Jack said turning his hurt into mocking anger so past Bunny couldn't see the hurt in his eyes; he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing the that he had gotten to him.

"The what? What did you call me, I am not a kangaroo mate" past Bunny said defensively

"Oh and this whole time I thought you were" Jack mocked "If you're not a kangaroo what are you?" Jack spat out the question like an insult.

"I'm a bunny, the Easter bunny; people believe in me" past Bunny stated. Future Bunny looked away in misery he couldn't watch it anymore the sadness and hurt in Jack's eyes was too much. The moon flashed brightly and the scene dissolved.

"Bunny" Tooth stated

"Don't" Bunny said backing away from her

Jack stepped forward; Sandy and North let him go knowing what Bunny needed was Jack and vice versa "hey kangaroo" bunny looked up only to receive a snowball straight to the face. Jack laughed Bunny smiled slightly, but it didn't last long and he frowned again. Jack sighed he didn't entirely know what to do in these situations "look bunny it's…"

"It's not ok frostbite so don't say it is. I really hurt you I'm exactly like that no good ground hog" Bunny muttered and to his surprise Jack laughed he looked up in shock and Jack hugged Bunny

"Trust me when I say you are nowhere near as bad and come on so we hit a few bumps in the road were friends now right" Jack asked smiling

"No" Bunny stated everyone stared at Bunny in shock including Jack then Bunny smiled "were family and don't forget little ankle biter" Bunnymund stated ruffling Jacks white hair. Jack broke into a smile and hugged Bunny, Bunny hugged him back

"thanks furball"

"Always frostbite"

The moon shone brightly finally the two were starting to forgive each other and themselves. Already they were ten times closer and Jack didn't seem like a shadow hovering just behind the guardians now he was right in the front with them.

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