This is my first story hope you like it

As Howl and Sophie lay in the filed of the never ending flowers with the moon and star their only light. Howl set up breaking the silence" Sophie ? i need to ask you something for my heart "

Sophie slowly got up to look Howl in his eyes, bluer then any body of water and clearer the most pure of any stone. "You can ask me any thing as long as you never turn me away' Howl just smiled and said " when you found me I was a heartless monster and you a young hatter who got mixed up in the cross fire between witch and wizard , but together we break broke free of our curses and we found love Sophie Hatter you are my forever and always '

by this point Sophie was slowly wiping her eyes still lost in Howl's eyes as he spoke his heart. "Oh Sophie will you complete my world and please marry me?"

Sophie unable to say a word just nabbed her head and then they fell to the ground as she hugged him and he hugged back.

Then as shooting fall he picked his beloved Sophie headed down to the little cottage. Sophie was almost asleep as they walked in Howl closed the door and looked it placing a sign the read " DO NOT ENTER OR FACE HOWL"

as the morning sun shown thought the small window as Howl lay still, slowly messed with Sophie starlight hair that always shimmered

her eyes slowly open to the smell of Howl ," Good morning love how did you sleep" Howl said in his intoxicating voice

"Great " Sophie

Sophie ,Master Howl WHERE ARE YOU ! came the voice of a young child

Howl and Sophie went outside to meet the you boy " Over here Markl"

howl and Sophie walked hand in hand with markl , As the three of them walked into the castle, howl picked up Sophie and pit her one the old sofa all eye fall on Sophie and Howl who were sitting on the sofa hand and hand still, then Howl and Sophie both leaned in for a kiss the room fall silent . the kiss broke and calcifer was the one to end the odd silent " Wow howl I didn't think you had it in you with the kiss and the ring on Sophie's hand " Howl shot the fire demon a look as if that would shut him up, . " well now that cats out of the bag, yes I did ask her to marry me and she said yes" the whole room cheered . " Listen i don't what a big wedding just you guys in the flower patch" that is all I want.

"If that's all you want then we can have it right now" howl said. Really howl ? yes we couldn't i wouldn't have said any thing.

hope you liked it I don't know where I'm going from here so it may be awhile thanks for reading till next time