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I'm tearing away pieces are falling

I can't seem to make them stay

You run away

Faster and faster you can't seem to get away

He walked up the ramp fans booing at him. He had just hit the Nature Boy "woooo" Ric Flair. He could really give a rat's ass what the fans thought at this moment. He got backstage and many people gave him weird looks…as if they didn't want him there. He felt a bit out of place. But he had his reasons for doing this to Smack Down…and doing this to Stephanie. He pushed his thoughts out of his head for a moment as he saw Eric Jackoff near by with this smile on his face. He put on his best cocky look as Eric approached him. "Jericho my man" he said as he tried to shake his hand. He looked down at his hand and just gave him one of those 'why the hell should I shake your hand' look. "Ok then" Eric said as he brought his hand back and continued "great to have you with RAW Jericho you have no idea how the ratings will go up and how entertained the fan will be-" "stop sucking up Junior" Jericho finally spoke. "Me sucking up?" Eric asked confused "you know what I'm talking about now just get right to the point the Living Legend has no time for little people". "Little People right…oh ok Here's the deal Jericho we've never seen eye to eye and hell we probably won't…but I'm glad that you found your place in this company and that is with RAW…away from that little bitch of Stephanie's show Smack Down" Bishoff said laughing.

Break hope there's a reason

For questions unanswered

I don't see everything

Yes I'm inside you

Tell me how does it feel to feel like this

Just like I do

When he called Stephanie a little bitch he had the urge to punch that ass right on the face. But he had to calm down and just go along. "Yeah well as long as you know RAW IS JERICHO Junior!" with that Jericho walked away and left Bishoff just standing there. Chris walked down the halls of the arena. The show ended and yet fans were still out there. He was beat he couldn't wait to get to his hotel room and just fall asleep…and never wake up. He felt like crap 1. He was tired and 2. He lied to Stephanie. Telling her that he was happy to be on Smack Down. He was ecstatic hell he even gave her a copy of his new CD (Fozzy Go Buy it! Lol erm). How could he have been so stupid and jumped to RAW? He had his reasons but he couldn't think of those right now. He had to reach Stephanie. Talk to her explain to her everything. Sure he knew she wouldn't be in a good mood…hell she might not even want to talk to him. But he had to one way or another he was going to talk to her and Explain everything.

I don't care about anyone else but me

I don't care about anyone

Do you really want this?

Sometimes I scare myself

I just can't let it go

You believe it

Everything happens for reasons I just don't know

He went in his lockeroom that Bishoff had 'reserved' for him. He went in and laughed at the sight. "He is kissing my ass" he thought to himself. Bishoff had gotten some food for Jericho all in silver platters and fancy and stuff like that. And he saw a white envelope he opened it and read it:

Hey Jericho,

I hope you'll enjoy this delicious food that I had someone bring it in just for you. I mean a Living Legend Deserves the top best right? Well welcome to RAW a place where you'll shine…unlike Smack Down here you'll be the top dog, the Montezuma of the lockeroom the chief…eh well you get what I mean. So enjoy this and I'll talk to you soon.


"Ass" he said as he ripped the letter into tiny little pieces and he sat on the couch. He saw the food he was reaching to get a grape but then it occurred to him "this jackass could of have poison this". He just sat there staring at the ceiling…feeling alone.

I don't care about anyone else but me

I don't care about anyone

I don't care about anyone else but me

I don't care about anyone or anything but me

Goddamn I love me

He reached to hotel and checked in. Went to his room and put all his stuff down. At this time he would have been with Stephanie coming back from the house show…or maybe they would have been in bed already in each others arms. That morning he left the hotel room with out telling her anything about where he was going. He got up and just told her that he had to do something important. She sighed and lightly kissed him and told him that she loved him. He touched his lips. Where she had kissed him that morning. And he knew that it was probably the last time he was going to kiss them.

He got changed and sat on his bed. Looking at the small silver phone on the nightstand then at the time 12:30. He really didn't want to wake her up…but he had to talk to her. He quickly dialed her number hoping that she would answer and that she was tired enough and not see who was calling. Because if she knew it was him she wouldn't answer. It rang about 3 time when he was about to give up her heard her voice "Hey-" "Steph it's-" "You've reached my cell phone I'm not able to answer it right now so just leave your message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can". "Funny I never remember her changing her voice mail" Chris thought as he doze off then remembered that he was still on the line and he spoke nervously. "Hey Steph it's Chris…I know that you have to be upset with me…hell what who I'm I kidding you probably hate me right now-". "Hate is what I'm feeling right now Chris" the other side of the line said. "Steph?" he asked surprised "Yeah…you know what Chris I really don't wanna hear any of your crap that you have to say or how your going to kiss up to me to forgive you-" "baby please let me explain" he pleaded. "NO! You broke that promise that you made to me on Smack Down you told me that you were fine there…you said you would never jump to RAW…but you lied…you lied to me Chris!" she said with her voice getting chocked up. Chris knew she was going to start crying and he tried to comfort her. "Stephy baby you know I love you and I didn't mean to do what I did…I didn't mean to hurt you-" "well to bad Christopher! You did-" "Baby please-". "Don't you baby me…I don't want to hear anymore or you damn excuses!" with that he heard the dial tone. She has hung up on him. He tighten his jaw "SHIT!" he said as he threw his phone across the room. He out his hands on his head and sighed "If she would only let me explain" he whispered to himself. He fought back tears and turned off the light and went to bed.


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