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White sheets over to bare bodies, as the suns light barely came into the room. His arms where wrapped around her shoulders as her head rested on his chest. As the sun's ray's hit his face, he squinted and slowly opened his eyes. He looked down at her and a smile came upon his lips, she looked so peaceful, so perfect, like an angel…his angel. He lightly touched her cheek. Things had been pure hell between them for the past 2 weeks or so, but their love was way to strong for it to end. She opened her eyes as she felt two strong arms around her, she looked up and smiled as she saw Chris looking down at her.

"Hey" he said creasing her cheek

"Hey" she responded with a smile

He slowly sat up as she rested her head on his shoulder. Looking down at her he asked.

"So does this mean you accept my apology?"

She smiled and nodded as she got his and kissed it lightly

"I love you Chris"

"I love you to Stephanie" he said kissing the top of her head.

He looked over at the time 8:15. They had to catch a flight to Australia at 11:20. The Global Warning Tour, he was excited to go over seas….see the other side of the world. He wished he could spend time with Stephanie…but not too many knew about their relationship…..less that they where even talking to each other because of him being on RAW and her being the Smack Down! GM.

"We better start getting ready babe we have to leave in a few hours" he said stocking her chestnut hair.

"Ahh can't we stay like this forever?" she pleaded.

He chuckled "Well I guess we can stay like this for a few more minutes". She smiled at him and kissed him and gave him seductive look.

"Or we can stay like this forever" he said as he kissed here back


About 40 minutes later Stephanie left her room with her stuff. She was going to meet Chris down stairs in the lobby. Once she got down stairs to the empty lobby she spotted Kurt, Christian, Edge and Chris.

"So then me as me, Christian and Edge hear this loud scream….and some other disturbing sounds" Kurt explained with a shiver.

"Yeah it scared the crap out of Christian over here" Edge said with a chuckle

"It did not" Christian said denying as much as he could "that incident did not scare me".

Chris couldn't help but to laugh and asked "What floor were you guys in again?"

"The second one" Kurt answered

"No, dude it was the third floor" Christian corrected him

"And why was it the third floor?" Kurt question him

"That was the same floor that me and Edge got numbers from these two hot Swedish chicks" he answered grinning.

"Yeah Sweden rules!" Edge said

"Yeah it dos" Christian answered as he high-five his brother. Kurt just shook his head in disapproval.

Chris felt two hands come upon his shoulders, he looked up and saw her. Man is she gorgeous or what? he thought.

"I'm I interrupting something?" she asked. Both Edge and Christian shook their heads. She smiled and sat next to Chris.

"So what's up guys?" she asked as she looked around the table

"Oh we were telling Chris about our little adventure last night" Edge answered as he took a sip of his water.

"Really?" she asked

"Yeah, Edge and Christian here got some numbers from these German-"

"Sweetish….they where sweetish man" Christian corrected him

Kurt rolled his eyes and said "Ok, they got some numbers from these Sweetish girls….happy?"

"As I ever can be" Christian said smiling

"Anyways" he continued "So we were walking to the elevator, then we heard this scream….and it wasn't a scream of help me …let me just tell you that….and some other…odd noises"

"really?" Stephanie asked trying to hold back her laughter knowing that it was her screams they where talking about

"What's so funny Steph?" Edge asked confused

"Oh nothing" she said

"Yeah….nothing" Chris said as he began to laugh

"You guys are way to crazy" Kurt responded. Then it finally hit him

"It was you!….you where the ones with the all that screaming and stuff"

"Well….Stephanie was the one screaming" Chris said joking as Stephanie hit his arm playfully

"Stephanie Marie McMahon….I cannot believe you" Kurt said as he shook his head.

"So you guys where the ones doing all that funny business?" Edge asked finally getting with the program. They both nodded and couldn't help but to laugh.

"So you two gave me those nightmares last night!" Christian said trying to forget that horrible night.

"I thought you said you weren't scared little bro" Edge asked

"Ummmm" Christian said "Well….no…see I didn't say that….I said that If I would have been scared I would have had nightmares" he said trying to be smooth "Meaning I never had nightmares…."

Kurt and Edge laughed, as Kurt was going to say something to Chris & Stephanie, they where too busy to talk. Their foreheads touching, eyes locked and whispering to each other….they were in love, Chris leaned in and lightly kissed her.

"Well….umm I guess we should leave these love birds alone eh?" Edge said, both Kurt and Christian nodded with agreement, they left the lobby, leaving Chris & Stephanie in their own little world.



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