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When one chose to forget,
he shall seek contentment.
SpinLord presents
Place to Try
A Naruto-Angel Beats crossover



Naruto's Choice: To Start Anew

Given a choice, a human would choose the one that benefits them the most. That is simple human logic; it doesn't matter if it sounded selfish. Frankly, that is quite understandable if you are presented with that freedom to choose; hence, Naruto's condition now.

The smirking, blue-haired girl in front of her, whose name is Frederica Bernkastel—who coincidentally happened to be a Saint of Time and Space—gave him three choices; three paths for him to choose. On second thought, though, he surmised that all she was giving him were start points for paths that he himself should carve by his own. Now, here laid the problem; of course, in every choices, the hardest part of it was to actually choose.

Like explained before, human beings are selfish. They have this endless greed for having all the things in the world, and possibly the otherworld as well. For a human, choosing one option while letting the other go isn't as easy as it is made to sound like, because it left them with the feeling of regret for not choosing the other. This was also one of the speculations of why techniques like Kagebunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) and the Uchiha Clan's Mangekyou Sharingan: Izanagi were considered as forbidden techniques. It is because they feed off people's greed, while in turn giving that greed something like a growth serum. Greedy people might use these techniques to take on more than one path. In turn, that action would make their greed grow and made them determined to take even more paths than their previous attempts.

In truth, they were just afraid of making the wrong choices.

Uzumaki Naruto was not greedy. Despite the fact that he held mastery over the Kagebunshin no Jutsu, he had no interest in using it for his own personal , he was also aware of the weight of choice that he was presented with. Unlike the greedy people which were aforementioned…all Naruto lacked was the decisive attitude in making a choice.

Not anymore.

"Rika-chan…" Naruto uttered, never really getting the hang of saying her name properly. His voice was steady, unwavering. Unlike before, he was now ready to choose. And unlike before, he is not afraid of the consequences. "I've made up my mind."

"That is relieving. What, pray tell, is your decision then?" Frederica asked, her smirk dissolving into a smile as she waited for Naruto's answer. This time, however, she knew that she didn't have to wait too long.

"I…" A slight sense of hesitation entered Naruto's mind, which was kicked out the very moment it entered by a more powerful determination. He can't back down; not now, never will. "I choose to forget."

Silence fell upon them, leaving Naruto's echoing throughout the endless space they were currently in. None of the people present dared to disturb the silence, letting it span even further. Finally, Frederica piped up with a light-sounding voice, "I see." At her mental command, the Orbs of Time in her hands began to move. Two of them dispersing—flying away at moderate speeds—going back to where they were before they were summoned. 'She might have a library filled with those things.' Naruto thought, sweat-dropping at the image which his mind conjured up. His eyes eventually fell on the lone orb that was still hovering on Frederica's hand.

'I never thought that this would be his choice…' the girl thought, her dark blue hair—to note, it looked more indigo in dark places like the one she was in right now—waving as she cast a look on the two orbs that flew away. Her attention then fell to the orb in her hand, 'This is…universal code: Angel Beats. Of all worlds that should fit the criteria…'

"May I ask what made you choose to forget about your memories of the past?" Frederica asked curiously.

"It's…it's not that I actually want to, if you're thinking like that." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head uncertainly, "It's just that…I think it's probably high time I put that life to rest."

"Hm…that is a wise reasoning. However, I still don't see what made you think like that." The blue-haired girl pushed on, "I am not criticizing you. But I am curious as to how you achieved the strength to move on from your past. Aren't those memories precious to you? Aren't your friends worth remembering? Is your dream not worth achieving anymore that you chose to forget about it?" she let her words sink into Naruto's mind. She waved her free hand, gesturing for Naruto to relax when she saw him tensing up at her words. "Questions like that roam my mind as it is now. These aren't riddles that I want you to solve; I am merely curious about it, that's all."

Naruto laughed lightly at Frederica's questions, which sounded more like she was accusing him. It didn't unsettle him, though; he had prepared himself with an answer. "It's nothing like that." He said, still chuckling slightly between his words, "Yes, these memories are precious to me. And I won't ever forget about my friends. About me being Hokage? It's still my dream, and nobody's gonna say otherwise!"

He paused. He realized that he wanted to say more, and at the sight of Frederica's inquisitive stare he willingly continued, "Even so…I don't think living for the past will do me any good. Sure, it hurts to forget about them, but eventually I will have to forget anyway. I'm already dead, after all. Even if I want to remember them, keeping these memories to myself is damn selfish."

Frederica nodded at the blond, understanding his reasoning more and more. "I see…so, you're willing to give these memories to Shippuden?" That is a very noble decision, according to what her mind interpreted. Of course, it was expected, given who she was talking to. Even Naruto's alter-selves, who preceded Naruto's arrival to this dimension, gave their memories willingly.

Seeing the blond grinning widely at her, she was fighting hard against the urge to grin just as wide. Naruto's wide grin then fell to a simple smile as he continued talking, "Yeah. I kind of figured that since I'm dead, my world's memories are better off being used by another person. I mean, dead people don't have uses for their dead world's memories, right? After all, maybe by doing this, Shippuden will be able to avoid the same fate that my world got." He chuckled, "In the end, maybe I'm just looking for atonement, but this is the least I can do."

Frederica gave a chuckle herself, and that put the blond at ease knowing that she was convinced. However, the lack of response from the other occupant currently occupying the dimension made him turn around and look at said occupant with a curious pair of eyes. That person—taller in stature but also having the same facial features as him—is none other than the Bijuu once sealed in his stomach; the Nine-Tailed Fox demon, Kurama. Though, the current Kurama is more of an eye-candy than a demonic fox; given how his human-like form looks like, it was only fair to give him such a credit.

To be honest, Naruto was a bit jealous that Kurama's looks had beaten his—and the blond was the real human out of the two!

"Kurama…" Hesitantly, Naruto muttered. He felt a bit guilty for choosing without Kurama's agreement. Of course, with him having his life connected to Naruto, Kurama should follow the blond wherever he would go. Only…since their life is connected, Naruto should've asked the orange-haired man-fox's thoughts about this matter. Even if they already had an understanding of each other, that doesn't mean every thought they share is simpatico. (Err…is simpatico the right word?)

Kurama actually chuckled at Naruto's look, "Keh…what's with the long face, brat?" he closed his eyes and smirked, subconsciously printing Naruto's stupidly worried face in his mind. Oh, he would totally blackmail that yellow-head with this!

"…" Naruto's answer was to be silent as he waited for another retort from Kurama. When none came, he took the opportunity to open the conversation, "I know how you feel about this. Honestly, I don't think you would agree with me on this since I know that these memories are precious to you, too. But…I'm doing this for both of our sakes, as well!"

Kurama raised an eyebrow. He tilted his head questioningly at Naruto, eyeing him curiously. "Really? You know how I feel about this?" he asked, gaining a nod from his former jailor. Then, Kurama laughed aloud and surprised the blond by the suddenness of the laugh. "Kuh…Hahahahaha! By Kami, I never thought that I would meet an idiot like you in my entire life!"

"WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?!" Naruto yelled, gaining a tick mark on his temple while his hand rose in front of his face in the shape of a closed fist.

"Brat…" Kurama interjected calmly, stopping Naruto's angry tirade on him, "You should realize by now that what you ASSUMED you know is wrong."

While Naruto was a little peeved to hear that he was wrong (he noticed his lack of intelligence, but does it hurt NOT to mention it from time to time?), he felt like he needed to know just what he said wrong. "Then…how do you really feel?"

"How do I really feel, huh?" Kurama parroted. He chuckled before baring his teeth in a smirk towards Naruto, "Right now, you should be able to realize that you have my support on whatever choice you make."

Naruto blinked owlishly after hearing the statement. 'It can't be that simple…' he thought suspiciously. If he knew Kurama (which he felt he does), then there should be some kind of condition regarding whatever deal that they make. He was the Nine-Tailed Fox, after all. Foxes are the symbol of mischief and trickery, so put two and two together and you would know that this win-win situation is absolutely rare. "Just like that? You would just accept it without any rejection, just like that?" Naruto questioned, feeling confused by Kurama's strange statement.

"Is it so surprising?" Kurama asked back, "All I'm doing is following my instincts like I always did. Hell, even if I'm not, I know that we can't go separate ways. You, of all people, should realize that."

"Wait, we can't?" Naruto exclaimed in confusion, "Why can't we?"

"Isn't it obvious? Our lives are connected ever since you became my Jinchûriki." Kurama answered. He sighed tiredly, "Seriously, I thought you could figure that out yourself."

"But…doesn't that mean I'm literally robbing your freedom?" Naruto's face turned a bit sad at the revelation. He had never thought that even Kurama's life was bound to his, and as such they would have to latch onto each other just to stay alive. However, the downside to that is all for Kurama, because he was the one who had to follow Naruto around just because Naruto is the one who reigned supreme over the prison that is his own body. Frankly, it all sounded too unfair.

Kurama's next words that came out of his grinning mouth froze the blond in place, "So what if it does?"

"...w-what?" Naruto was beginning to doubt his ears. Did something damage them? Or maybe the Juubi's roar was really that deafening.

"I said, so what if it does?" Kurama said again, chuckling mirthfully. "To be honest, I don't care whether if I can't choose for myself, or if I am robbed of that freedom." He stepped forward towards Naruto, towering over the blond by his obviously taller stature. A smirk was placed on his face; the smirk was one of sincerity, strangely enough. "As long as it is you...as long as you're the one who chooses the path we should go on, then I will follow you regardless."

A jaw was nearly unhinged...and that was Naruto's jaw.

People usually has many disbeliving moments. Like, for instance, when a religious part of your family tells you that this time tomorrow will be doomsday. Sometimes, it's really that shocking. Or perhaps, it's just something as simple as when your neighbour tells you that a dog you own shits on their lawn. Simple as it is, you wouldn't expect it happening on a normal day.

Kurama was like that, in a way. Well, no, he didn't shit on anybody's lawn (a chakra-filled shit would usually result in something worse than a Tailed-Beast Bomb). But being the hate-filled Bijuu he was, it was an extraordinary feat for him to actually not complain about something. Therefore, it was really an eye-popping moment when the fox-turned-man didn't have any qualms about the matter currently at hand.

"Why?" Naruto asked in wonder, "Why would you trust me with something like that? Why do you believe in me so much?!"

The smirk never left Kurama's face, "Because you have done the same for me, Naruto." He chuckled again at the sight of Naruto's dumbfounded look (seriously, that dumbfounded look made him look dumb), "Don't you remember? Back in our world, you trusted me to protect your friends. Me, who could've destroyed your friends just as much as Juubi. Knowing that, you gave everything you got to me and believed in me. And, well…" Kurama paused, looking downwards to his feet while his long hair shadowed over his face. Naruto looked curiously at him before being surprised when Kurama placed his fist in front of him and grinned, "It would be a joke if I don't trust you just as much, don't you think?"

At that moment, Naruto realized one thing that he was grateful of. Kurama wasn't just saying things...thinking back, he wasn't really the type to mess with words. This bond that they have wasn't something that one can merely cast off as "friends". On normal circumstances, humans and demons can't be friends. At the same time, though, if they are able to establish a bond similar to that, then whatever emotions that became the basis of that bond becomes stronger than that of a bond with the same species.

The bond that Naruto and Kurama had is one which is based with trust, of faith, and of believing in each other. As such, those feelings are amplified. They were more than friends.

They were comrades.

Naruto smiled, relief washing over his body when he was convinced that Kurama would be by his side. It made him feel much stronger than he already was. It made him feel…invincible. "Yeah…" the blond raised his own fist and connected it with Kurama's own, "Thanks, Kurama."

"Don't sweat it, brat." Kurama said back. Naruto's smile widened before he pulled his fist away from Kurama's. Turning around, he faced Frederica once again with a hundred-fold of confidence. Nodding at the girl and eyeing her with unwavering eyes, Naruto then said, "We're ready."

At the moment, Frederica was studying Naruto's face closely. The reason why she did so was unknown, even to her, but it concerned the uneasy feeling that she felt after Naruto said those words. She frowned in confusion and thought, 'What is this? I feel a strange vibe coming from Naruto's person, but what…?' The question ran along her mind without an answer to accompany it. It unsettled her. Even though Naruto was standing there normally without showing any kind of strange behavior, she still felt it.

The blue-haired girl's eyes narrowed when a hypothesis turned up in her mind, which only served to confuse her more. 'Is this…regret?' she thought. She had to resist the urge to scratch the back of her head in confusion; why did she pick up a sense of regret pouring from Naruto's person?

Frederica is a saint, so it didn't surprise her that she could sense the heart and emotion of a person. Her surprise was more to the reason of why Naruto exuded that sense of regret when he clearly found the confidence and the undeterred belief to proceed to the next world and forget of his last one. There was only one answer to that, though it sounded unlikely at the time. 'He's hiding it…that regret he has.' Frederica concluded mentally. A sigh escaped her lips, wondering why she was so surprised.

She had expected this to happen. No matter how pure and strong Naruto's heart is, he was still a human being. There was just no way he could take up such a choice like this without having even the slightest of regret lodging in his heart. He lost his world, after all. No…more importantly, he failed to protect it. Such a failure couldn't just be forgotten so easily. The purer the savior is, the harder his downfall feels.

Considering the fact that Naruto is the purest she had ever seen, his downfall should be bone-breaking.

Again, she sighed. She noticed that her continuous sigh has caught Naruto's attention, and it worried the blond. That didn't stop her from sighing again, though, as the confusion that ate at her mind was stressing her out. She understood, though, that if Naruto wasn't exactly eager to show his repressed regret then he didn't want her to know. Such a problem was something that he had to face himself. Quickly schooling her face, Frederica pushed her earlier thoughts back to her mind and spoke up, "So it seems." Frederica responded calmly. A smile made its way up her face, albeit being shown as just a slight upturn of her lips. With a flick of her hand, the orb hovering over her hand floated upwards and suddenly expanded; the speed of its explosion-like growth made both Naruto and Kurama flinch involuntarily. When the orb finished transforming, it had become a large sphere with a pink glow exuding from it. Naruto's eyes looked at it with awe; sure, this already wasn't the first time he saw it, but he could never get tired of the pink glow every shards and orbs has.

If it was glowing orange, then it would SO much cooler!

"This is the world I promised you; the world that your path shall start on. You will start anew and live your own life, though it will be much different than your previous one." Frederica explained, breaking Naruto off his thoughts. Out of curiosity, Naruto stepped forward and reached out to touch it. As he made contact, memories in the world came over his mind in the form of pictures. He noticed something off about it, though. Frowning, he delved deeper into the memory onslaught, straining to search it thoroughly. Still, he came up with no answer. He let out a confused "Huh?" just to show how clueless he was.

"Is something the matter?" Frederica asked.

"N-Nah, nothing…maybe it's just my feeling." Naruto muttered. The hesitant answer made Frederica quirk her eyebrow questioningly, while Kurama was eyeing Naruto strangely. After a while, Frederica laughed lightly, surprising Naruto who had came to look at her curiously.

"Oh, I see. So you noticed it, too."

"It?" The blonde asked, tilting his head with a clueless look on his face.

"The empty feeling of this world's memories," Frederica elaborated as she smiled understandingly, "I'm surprised that you can sense it, too."

Naruto blinked, caught off-guard by Frederica's statement. "Oh…I thought I was just daydreaming. So you know what that is?"

"It is what you feel it is." Frederica's right hand hovered up and touched the orb as well, letting her mind see the world's memories, "There are memories in this world, yet it feels vacant of life at the same time. Do you know why?" Seeing Naruto shook his head, Frederica continued, "It has something to do with one of this world's unique traits; that much I can tell. Now, I'll start with one of the traits that this world has; it's a curious case in which it can be reset should the requirement for the world to do so is fulfilled."

"Reset? Like, going back to the beginning or something?"

"You can say it that way." Frederica said, nodding at the blond, "Although I think it's more of changing than being reset."

"What are requirements you were talking about?" This time, it was Kurama who was being the curious questioner.

"I'm getting to that later. For now, let's just say that this is a world where it will be reset according to the capacity of the souls entering it. It doesn't necessarily change if the world as it is already became the appropriate world for the soul entering it." Frederica's eyes averted to the orb, staring at it intently, "While it sounds impossible, I think it is a world with its own growth system. The changes it underwent through all these times led me to believe that this world is growing to the possible brink of perfection."

Kurama raised an eyebrow, feeling skeptic of the current issue, "That sounds too perfect. What's so different than heaven, if that's the case?"

Frederica raised an eyebrow herself. She realized that Kurama hadn't believed in her words, but she can accept that. It wasn't his fault that he was skeptic of a seemingly perfect world actually existing in this universe. "The difference, Kurama, is that if you go to heaven then that is the end of your journey. You won't be able to proceed further, nor will you be able to experience life as it is. If you live again in a different world, though, you get to have all the above."

"That doesn't sound so bad to me." Kurama said flatly.

"True, maybe it isn't such a bad idea to just go to heaven already." Frederica concurred, "But if I don't get to see you two struggle against fate once more, then where's the fun in that?" she asked innocently.

"You have a sick sense of fun." A sweat-drop appeared on Kurama's head. He still couldn't get a grip that the girl is a saint. Her behavior certainly wasn't what one would expect from someone as high of standard as a saint.

Frederica chuckled at Kurama's words. Her attention then diverted to Naruto, who at the time still had his attention on the big orb hovering in front of him. "So, Naruto, what will be your next step?" she asked in effort to bring his attention back to her. Naruto blinked owlishly (and looked stupid as he did so) at her before his face gave a smile, "You gave me a world, Rika-chan. That's too epic for me to ignore, so count me in!"

"All right, if that is your decision…" Frederica paused, her left hand rising to point at the giant crystal orb in front of her. Naruto noticed it to be the same gesture that she used to call her Shards of Time, but what made him curious is why she pointed her hand to the orb in front of them. He received his answer when the crystal orb seemed to change shape at one point; that particular point rising to form a white, pillar-like form protruding from the orb. At the top of the pillar was a plate-shaped part, which had the same color as the orb. At the same time, there were also some pictures moving about in that plate-like part. "However, before you can go to this world, you'll have to go through this one first."

"What's that?" Naruto asked.

"It is your entrance to the new world." Frederica answered, "In a sense, it is similar to a parallel world. This one co-exists along with the main orb right here. This parallel world is what you touched earlier, Naruto."

"You mean that parallel world is the one which has void memories in it?" Naruto asked, blinking when the truth came to him.

"Yes. The parallel world is the part which was created to be a place serving like a safety net for dead people's souls. When people die in the 'true' world, their souls cross over to the parallel world. And, for this time, I'm going to make the entrance big enough for souls originating from other worlds to go through. The situation is befitting, actually. Since the current you are in soul form, this world is the only one that can naturally accept you." She pointed at the plate connected to the main crystal orb for clearer implication.

"That makes sense." Naruto said, putting in the two cents of his mind. Well, the generous deposit was nice of him, but he had to watch out since he was running out of those figurative two cents. To be blunt, that was one of the few things that made sense to him.

Frederica nodded, agreeing with Naruto's comment. She turned her face away from him, letting her eyes roam about. After a while, she finally began talking again, "You know, I always find these two worlds a bit curious."

"I don't know how I should interpret that curiosity," Naruto said, sweat-dropping while mentally adding, 'I mean, you're supposed to be the know-it-all saint.'

"Well, you should be curious as well." Frederica said, seemingly unaffected by Naruto's statement. "After all, out of all the other universes, these two worlds' universe has the least number of worlds. To be frank, these two worlds are the only worlds that this universe holds."

"Eh? Just two?" Naruto exclaimed, slightly surprised by the revelation. He inclined his head to the giant crystal orb's direction and tried to look around it. He didn't find any other crystal orbs, and he wondered why he didn't notice it earlier. "Heeeh… That must suck big time."

Frederica nodded at Naruto, agreeing with his comment, "Perhaps…but at the same time, I think two is big enough of a number for the people of this universe."

"No matter how you look at it, I don't think that should be enough." Kurama said calmly, "The other universes we've looked at had at least five worlds. I don't know what the number of the worlds represents, but if each universe has a 'true' world like Shippuden is in my and Naruto's universe, then other universes should have more worlds as to create better memory constructs for their own 'true' worlds. I mean, without enough memories of a world's ending—in this case, the world being the 'Question' arcs—then wouldn't the 'true' world be too dangerous?"

Naruto, at that time, looked brain-dead and stood there with smoke coming out of his ears. Meanwhile, Frederica was looking at Kurama and, judging by the looks of her face, the orange-haired man had caught her interest. "Oh? I see you have come to understand the system." She smirked at him, "You're better than I thought."

"Meh, someone should catch up to it sooner or later." Kurama said coolly, shrugging his shoulders as if what he said wasn't anything special. "Anyway, you haven't answered my question."

"To answer your inquiry, then yes, these two worlds' universe should be unstable due to the lack of memories that constructed it. However, due to a certain condition, that lack of stability is not a problem anymore." Folding her arms in front of her, Frederica's smirk then grew larger, "Such is how complex and perfect God balanced out each universe."

"What condition are you talking about?" Kurama pressed on. If one were to say he was eager, he would deny it defiantly while saying that he was only taking precautions before entering a strange new world filled with even stranger strangers. The term "too careful" doesn't apply here, as "being careless" is never an option for him; especially since he didn't have any idea what he would be facing.

"I meant the reset ability that the 'true' world has." Frederica stated, "With that ability, the instability of the 'true' world won't happen. The reason for this is because the world is too flexible to be caught in one unstable form for too long. It will change as soon as one unstable factor, which is a soul that crossed over, poses a problem for the world. In that regard, perhaps compared to the other worlds in the other universes, this is the one true safe haven next to heaven itself."

Kurama's response was just to stand there, his mouth gaping like a hobo being presented with a premium steak. "That…that is—I mean, it sounds too impossible. What's the purpose of having a heaven-like place if there is already one heaven in existence?"

"That, I don't know." Frederica said, shaking her head, "However, the term 'heaven-like' can't be given to this world. Unlike heaven, of course, conflict still brew in this world. Though, you are actually right, at one point."

"What do you mean by that?"

To answer Kurama's question, Frederica pointed a finger at the plate-shaped part above the orb, balancing on a sturdy looking pillar, "Like I said, this universe only has two worlds, both being parallel to one another. The main orb is what you would call the 'true' world, as I figured long time ago that memories were transported there from that plate-like part rather than the other way around. Another fact that I figured out is that this parallel world here acts as…perhaps the correct word for it is 'heaven', for the inhabitants of the 'true' world. It is still debatable whether it's really 'heaven' or not, because when a soul's existence ended in this 'heaven', it will instead be reincarnated in the 'true' world rather than being sent to the real heaven. Following that, if that person dies for a second time, only then would he or she be sent to the real heaven."

"That sounds more complicated than you let on." Kurama commented. His confusion of whether the parallel world was actually heaven or not was calmed for the moment, but he still couldn't understand too much.

"Perhaps it is. That is part of the reason why I found this universe interesting. Unlike the other ones, this one has a temporary failsafe in the form of a secondary heaven, even though I doubt it's anywhere near the real one in terms of completion. The best theory I could come up with is that the 'secondary heaven' serves as the point of purgatory." Frederica rubbed her right temple. She herself hadn't got the universe's unique state figured out, and she had headaches trying to figure out just how it works systematically. She tried reaching into both worlds to observe on the memories, yet she found nothing concerning how the 'secondary heaven', as she said it, actually worked. She sighed tiredly, "Usually, I wouldn't be this interested about a world's unique trait. Every world has one, so it's not that surprising. What I find endlessly intriguing, though, is of course the ability for the 'true' world to be reset. The extent of the reset isn't on a minor scale either; it is able to change the very reality of the 'true' world every now and then."

A world being reset was something out of the ordinary. More often than not, a reset would mean to wipe out existence in a world—both natural and unnatural—to return it to its pure, untouched state like the time before life existed in that world. Despite that, when the 'true' world of the Angel Beats universe resets, existence was merely reconfigured. For once, she wondered how complicated this universe was created to be.

By the time, Naruto had overridden his brain and gained control of his body again after the brain shock. He wildly shook his head and looked at Frederica with question marks over his head, "Uh…I don't want to pass out because of brain shock again, so I guess I'll come up with a short summary. So, when people die in the 'true' world, their souls get transferred to the parallel world?"

"Yes." Frederica simply answered.

"Okay. So, if we go by my choice which involves me and Kurama forgetting about our past life, then there must be something that permanently deletes our memory of it. AM I right?"

"Yes. Souls transferred from the parallel world are renewed, which results in a complete deletion of memories from the previous life. When those souls go to the 'true' world, the 'true' world will reset if the world is still too alien for those souls. The purpose of the memory deletion is, in fact, to prevent too much changes on the 'true' world. If the soul has no memory of his or her past life, then the 'true' world doesn't have to change to fit their past life's view of the world."

"That's…convenient." Naruto commented. This time, he avoided another brain shock just by accepting that Frederica's explanation was beyond his brain's reach. Kurama had the same thought, though he was a bit more skeptical towards it and thought that it was too convenient.

"I agree. If I were to give my opinion on this world, I'd say that this would be the place where anyone with the desire of second chances should go to." Frederica said before quickly adding, "Anyone who is considered special, of course."

The offer sounded tempting. Why wouldn't it be? After all, Frederica made the world sound so desirable. Not to mention that this universe's 'true' world also offered them—Naruto and Kurama—a new start in life. They could start over, live a life without wars and bloodshed which the Ninja World was consisted of. Maybe the peace that Naruto was seeking is available in this new world. And, from Frederica's description, the world seemed to be a win-win choice for both Naruto and Kurama; Naruto especially, since all this was for him anyway.

However, the blond himself seemed to be thinking hard right now if his thinking pose meant anything. "Hmmm…." He let out as he closed his eyes and put a mock thinking pose. Beside him, Kurama was marveling himself with the sight in front of him, 'The brat THINKS! Oh, Kami, let his brain hold out a little while longer, PLEASE!'

And finally, Naruto snapped his eyes open and, with a grin, snapped his fingers, "ALRIGHT! I guess this is worth a shot! This world is beginning to make me feel antsy!"

"I can see that." Frederica said, her face showing bits of carelessly concealed mirth. She chuckled before walking towards the Ninja World's duo while her right hand gestured the transformed crystal orb to shift in its position. "Before you go, let me give a warning to you. This world is very different than yours. Whatever you see in there, it might be your first time seeing it. If you seek to forget about your past life, then you have to go past this strange parallel world first then to the 'true' world, where your memories will be renewed. However, you should never let that discourage you two." She pointed her left hand's pointing finger at the two, "Remember what you have right now, remember what you gained from your previous world; and when you do, you will be able to overcome any obstacles."

Naruto nodded, "We will."

Kurama also nodded, a smirk overcoming his face, "This world is in for a surprise."

"I'm sure it is." Frederica said with an eager smile. Her right hand was reaching out to touch the hovering matter in front of them when Naruto stopped her, "Wait, Rika-chan, before you send us there I, uh...I have something to tell you." He said hastily. Pausing, Frederica watched Naruto with mild amusement as one of her eyebrows rose, "Something to tell me?" she parroted curiously.

"Y-Yeah. Um…about that 'help' you offered me before. You know, the whole 'watching over me without hindering my way' and such, you still remember that?"

Frederica hummed in thought for a while. Well, she did tell him something like that when he was still feeling unsure of himself. "Ah, yes, I did say that. Why did you bring that up again?"

"Er…how should I put this…?" The blond scratched the back of his head—his old habit of doing so whenever he was confused never being ceased—while nervously looking back and forth between Frederica and the non-existent ground beneath him. He exhaled loudly before continuing, "It's not that I'm not grateful of it or anything, but I don't think I'll need your help. EH? Wait, that didn't came out right… Er, I mean, you don't have to go out of your way to do something like that. You've helped us more than enough with all that you did and…well, I thank you for all that, but it'd be selfish of me to ask more of you."

"Naruto, watching over worlds is what I do. Paying extra attention to a particular world will not be any different from my actual duty." Frederica said with a blank expression on her face, not knowing what Naruto was trying to say. When the realization dawned on Naruto, he blushed slightly in embarrassment. He officially made a fool of himself. "Uh…well, yeah, I mean…GAH! If that's the case, then I sounded real stupid just now! Damn it!"

'Oh…so that's how it is.' Frederica thought when she realized what was going on. She chuckled mirthfully, bringing a delicate hand to her mouth to contain her laughter. Then, to the shock of the two males present in the room, she failed to contain that amusement and outright giggled. GIGGLED! And just when things weren't supposed to go any weirder.

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto…" she said, her tune sounded like a scolding mom's while her head was shaking side to side. "I'm delighted. Why, I never thought that you'd worry about me that much! I'm surprised…pleasantly so." She smiled; something that she rarely did up to when she met the yellow-haired goofball, "Nevertheless, I will still keep an eye on you. Like I said, I won't really be doing anything out of the ordinary, other than to assure you that you are not alone in this journey."

Naruto's words got stuck in his throat. The smile on the girl's face was unlike her previous ones. It was considerably wider, brighter than the previous half-hearted, half sarcastic smiles. Somehow, Naruto knew, he wasn't the only one being grateful. "W-Well, if that's the case, then thanks again, Rika-chan. I already feel like I can take on whatever world you're giving me!" he let out with a wide, toothy grin.

"Then let's get started." Frederica declared. Her right hand made contact with the plate-shaped part of the orb, which shone brightly as she stared intently at it. She hummed for a moment before muttering to herself, "It seems that this world is technologically more advanced than yours. Also, I've acquired information that Kurama's existence in this world would be invalid."

"EH? Why?" Naruto exclaimed, shocked out of his sandals. Kurama was also curious, though he looked like he was ready to accept whatever occurrence that should happen to him.

"I don't really understand, but beings such as Kurama simply can't exist in this world." Frederica answered as she kept searching the world thoroughly, letting her mind taking in the information. She then smiled, "I see…it is because Kurama is no more a single entity by himself. He is now only part of something else. This world requires an entity as a whole, though I still don't understand why."

"Part of something else, huh…?" Kurama muttered. He sighed and shook his head, but a smile was on his face, "It seems that my soul is bonded more tightly than I expected."

"It seems so." Frederica coincided.

"Eh? Eh? What are you talking about?" Naruto asked, jerking his head side to side from Kurama to Frederica. "Seriously, you lost me when you said that he simply can't exist."

Frederica ignored him; AGAIN, might it be added. ""Well, it is how it is. Do you mind if I reseal you then?"

Kurama also ignored him; nothing new there, of course. "If that is what it requires, then by all means. I can't leave the brat alone in some strange world, can I?" he asked with a toothy grin.

"Of course."


"Sealing you should be easy enough." Frederica said, still ignoring Naruto's outburst, "I praise the man referred to as the Fourth Hokage who created the memory of this sealing method. Without him, this would be impossible."

"You're praising the human who I once swore to kill, yet here I am feeling thankful for him." Kurama said, rolling his eyes in annoyance, "Honestly, irony is a damned word."


"Hmph. You never know, Kurama," Frederica said, "life is full of coincidences."


Then, to Naruto's shock, Frederica's hand went through a set of hand seals. Hand seals which originated from his world. 'How come SHE knows how to do it?' Naruto, my friend, if you actually paid attention to the last series of conversation rather than screaming for attention, you might actually learn something.

Frederica's hand stopped at one hand seal, and at that instant her eyes turned to the menacing full-purple orbs with that red dot in the middle where her pupils was supposed to be. "Fuuin Jutsu: Hakke Fuuin (Sealing Jutsu: Eight Trigrams Seal)."

-End of Prologue-


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