A Momentary Connection

by Satin Ragdoll

Sybok pulled his bandana down tighter around his ears and eyebrows. There were too many Vulcans at this space station. If they were to find out he was Vulcan as well, his smiling, open demeanor might cause...alarm. He certainly did not want that. He was trying to blend in.

That's why he was glad that the only seat available in the shuttle had a young child in a carrier between it and the nearest adult. They just had to be Vulcans, however.

Sybok smiled at the mother, "She's beautiful." He knew that complimenting a child was one of the easiest ways to distract a mother. The woman gave back the barest ghost of a smile, "Thank you."

Sybok reached out and gently touched the baby on the nose. She was perhaps seven months old. Her big brown eyes blinked at him, and she promptly grabbed his finger, stuck it in her mouth, and began gumming on it.

The Vulcan woman gave him a sharp look, "Sir! I do not appreciate you touching my child! But as I have forgotten her teething ring, and as she seems to find you agreeable, I am inclined to let her continue to teethe on you."

Sybok got the sense of the babe's content, unformed mind. He smiled at the mother again, "I meant no offense. She is an endearing child." He sent the babe a silent message, /Always follow your heart, young one. Do not let anyone sway you from your course, once you know it is right./

The child blinked at him again, and a soft, low rumble seem to emit from her chest.

Her mother spoke sharply to her, "Valeris!" The babe's eyes shot to the woman's. The woman continued, "Stop that purring, at once!"

The babe scowled a little, and stopped her purring. But she continued to gummy on the finger of the nice man.