My life was not that of anyone else' s, well it kind of had to be a little abnormal since I lived and was being raised up by creatures who could take their heads and other limbs off and reattach them again.

My family is well known as the Wild Gang, and we all lived in a forest part of the Labyrinth, whose ruler was Jareth the Goblin King.I had never seen him before, but I have heard a description of him. The father of our Gang/family, Garvin, had told me that it would be wise to not cross paths with him ever. Even though that would be almost impossible, since I never left our forest. Garvin was the Firey with the biggest nose, and smallest ears. The rest of us were his sons, I was his daughter. The rest were my brothers and I was their sister.

I was wished away, Garvin my father had told me, and instead of me ending up in Jareth's castle I ended up in their forest. They did not want Jareth to take me away, my youngest brother, Trenedy, was the one that found me first.

"Violet, ou looked so beautiful with your long wavy blond hair and those huge purple glowing eyes, and the strange way that your limbs would not come off, I had to tell Garvin about you.'' He told me the story the same way when I was younger. I was now tall and slender, with pale white skin, my hair was to the middle of my back,. I normally wore a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown boots. They came from past people who had encountered the Wild gang before and had left before they could pick up their lost items that they took.

Even though I was raised by the most wild rambunctious creatures around, I knew how to act and be polite, living with them also taught me to sing beautifully. My family were always kind to me. My life was perfect.

"Violet!'' Garvin called out to me.

"Yes?'' I asked.

"You should come here, I have to tell you someting! Its an emergency! Hurry!''


Hi guys! I hope that you like my story so far! I'm actually very exited about it! I hope that you are as well!