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"So you're Marrying him? How could you agree to this?''

"It was not my choice! He was going to kill Harry! Trenedy would you have done the same for me?''

"Marry the Goblin King? Well I am a Fiery, and I am a guy so I don't think I would even have that option.'' Trenedy said with a slight smile on his pink face. I fell down from my perch on the tree laughing. I missed my Trenedy. He was my best friend.

"You'll come visit me in the castle right?'' I asked.

"Yeah, if you come visit almost every day.''

"Trust me I think I will. I might even be spending my nights here. It will be like I never left.''

"Promise Violet?''


"HUMAN! THERE'S A HUMAN COMING THAT WE MUST DISTRACT!'' Our father yelped. We jumped up and ran into the trees to hide. The mortal that came out was a boy with brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was beautiful! He wore blue jeans that were recently ripped from something, and a plain mud stained red shirt. In his hand he held a stick.

"HI!'' Trenedy jumped out and yelled.

The boy jumped back. Then I came out and summoned my fire to make a bonfire in our pit. The rest of my brothers and my father came out and began to sing and throw their limbs. The boy paid no attention to them but had his eyes glued on me. I smiled. Now no longer afraid that Jareth would toss me into the Bog I grabbed his hand.

"Come. I'll help you. These are my brothers. They won't hurt you they just wanna have a good time. I'm Violet. I've been here all my life. I was wished away when I was little but never became a goblin.'' I smiled at him.

"My name's Corey. I wished my best friend away. I didn't even know that this dude existed... Now look at me. I'm standing here with a hot girl.''

"Am I on fire?''

"No, I meant beautiful.'' He said. I laughed.

"Thanks.'' I hugged him and tossed my crystal up in the air and we were in the throne room. There stood Jareth and next to him was a blond boy.

"Violet. Why have you helped him?''

"I found him in the city. No Goblins were in it. I was here to visit you like you asked.'' I lied.

"Well fine. You have won your friend back Corey. Now go!'' Jareth came towards me and grabbed my hand. Great. Now I was going to have to fake love for a while. He took his hand and stroked my cheek.

"You have arrived late my dear. I have missed you.''

"You have been on my mind all day.'' I lied again. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to his balcony where all of the goblins and other creatures sat.

"Your Queen!'' Jareth yelled. As he announced it he kissed me. Bile rose up in my throat but I forced a smile. He put me down and I waved. Trying my best to control my urge to jump off of the balcony.

We walked back inside and he scooped me up in a hug.

"I love you.'' He whispered into my ear. I quickly pretended to loose my balance and I fell. Instead of the fall that I had hoped for I fell down a flight of stairs that we were standing on top of.

Opening my eyes I saw a goblin leaning over me.

"I'm fine.'' I mumbled.

"Good. Your marriage to the King is tomorrow.''

It was a week's time! I was going to have to give my life up tomorrow!