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As of today, my twentieth birthday, I am happy, Living with Isaac, my fiance, and having my own house, with no Jareth to interrupt us. I have been too happy to even worry about things like bills and money, even though I make tons of it, I have written the tales of my life in five long books, all including my wildest adventures, how I have overcome al of the obstacles, and true, I have run from my problems, but Jareth the Goblin King thinks me dead, and I would like very much to keep it that way.

For as long as I can remember I never imagined staying away from my family, but I have used my Crystal to keep in touch with them, and they are managing without me well. Which I cannot complain about because if they are happy, then so am I. Over the years I have learned to speak clearly but of course I still have my habbit of saying "thingy" all of the time, that little word alone was the only thing that I really kept from my childhood, I still had my powers of course, but I rarely used it.

Isac and I lived in a large two story four bedroom house, and currently I am eight months pregnant with our child. I am not sure of the gender, for my fiance wanted it to be a surprise, and I really did not care to see my own insides anyway. We have been living happily in our house, starting our growing family, Now I am happy. Content, free.

"Violet! I think you might want to see this!" Isac called me. I walked over to where he stood. There, next to our legs, was a crystal ball/

"Is that yours?" Isac asked.

"No... I think I might know who it could belong to, but that's impossible-" I tried

"He thinks you're dead!" Isac cried.

Maybe it was possible,

what we had always thought would never happen.

He knew.

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