Disclaimer: As you can see I've rewritten this as a Naruto crossover. Hopefully it will be better than the original version.

OH wait this takes place before the fourth movie but Inuyasha can use the adamant barrage and before Naraku creates his new body and that pint sized demon kid.





Travelling through a mystical well 500 years back and forward in time was beyond normal for high school student Kagome Higurashi, it had become a double life. Having to return to her own time for school then dropped back to the feudal era to help collect the remaining jewel shards since Naraku seemed to stop his hunting for the fragments for some unknown reason. Hefting her oversized and packed yellow bag out of the well Kagome wondered why she hadn't heard a certain Hanyou grumbling about her wasting time when there were shards to collect, hauling herself over the lip of the well she found the clearing void of Inuyasha's grumpy presents. Grabbing her bag again she was about to head toward Kaede's village when she saw one of Kikyo's soul collectors floating through the trees, in the opposite direction of the village. Figuring she'd find out what the resurrected clay priestess was doing so close to her former home Kagome left her bag and followed after the soul collector as it lead her further away from the village.

I wonder what Kikyo's doing here? she pondered keeping a fair distance from its tail. Maybe she's come to convince Inuyasha to go to hell with her. I hope he doesn't, I don't want the man I love to go to hell before I can tell him, that thought almost made her hit her head on an overhead branch. Am I really in love with him?

Her internal debate on her feelings for Inuyasha halted when she cleared the tree line and came upon a large clearing with Inuyasha standing on a small hill, his arms wrapped around someone and with soul collectors floating around him. The raven black hair along with red and white priestess robes confirmed he was holding Kikyo in his arms which were hiding her face. Finding herself unable to turn away or leave Kagome continued to watch as Inuyasha placed one hand under Kikyo's chin making her look him in the eye, right before he kissed her passionately on the lips. Eyes almost bulging out of their sockets Kagome clamped her hands over her mouth to stop a gasp of shock escaping but yet again, she couldn't stop watching. After a few minutes the couple broke off their deep kiss so Inuyasha could sit down with Kikyo in his lap. Still watching as he caressed her hair Kagome could just make out what they were saying.

"Inuyasha, when will you tell my reincarnation about us?" Kikyo asked resting her head against his chest, letting his warmth envelop her. "You can't keep lying to her."

"I'll tell her next time she comes back through the well, she might not like it but I don't care. I want you more than I want her," Inuyasha replied raking his claws through her hair. "At least you can't sit me like she does."

"I would remove the subjugation beads if I could but it seems Kagome is the only one who can do that," Kikyo said closing her eyes. (A/N: if that's not true it is in my fan fic.)

"She won't have any reason to sit me if she stays in her time. She's always complaining to me about going back home so she can take these stupid tests. It'll be better for all of us if she just stays there and doesn't come back," Inuyasha declared loosening her haori and sliding a hand beneath the fabric to massage one of her breasts. "We don't need her anymore now that you've been given a new flesh and blood body. The others might not like it but that's their tough luck."

"Mate with me Inuyasha," Kikyo whispered seductively. "Make me your bitch."

"Now you're talking," Inuyasha grinned pulling her haori off her shoulders exposing her naked torso.

Unable to keep the tears from falling Kagome got up from her spot and ran as fast as her legs would take her, away from Inuyasha and his new bitch but unknowingly away from Kaede's village as well. All the times she would fantasize about revealing her feelings towards him went flying from her mind as did her tears from her eyes not caring if any demons who wanted her jewel shards were nearby but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't erase the scene from her mind. Finally after what felt like days Kagome collapsed to the ground as her legs gave out panting for air letting as her grief overcame her, not trying to stop her tears.

How could I have been so blind? Why didn't I see his true feelings for me? Just how long as he been seeing Kikyo behind my back like this? I hate you Inuyasha! after another hour of crying Kagome calmed down enough to realise she was lost. Oh great I have no idea where I am now, guess I should have paid more attention to where I was running. I should probably try and find a village if there's one nearby, Getting back up on tired legs Kagome trudged through the forest too deep in her sorrow to realised she was being watched.

"Ah what do we have here?" came a raspy voice from the darkness. "A lost Miko and with sacred jewel shards no less. This must be my luck day."

Oh crap I just had to run off without my bow, Kagome cursed looking around for the source of the voice. "Who are you?"

"It matters not who I am, just that soon very soon I will be defiling your body then feasting on your flesh and taking your jewel shards," a large lizard demon with sharp claws emerged from the trees right in front of Kagome. Its long tongue licking his mouth as it gazed at its prize. "How fortunate you have not been taken by a man, I prefer my women to be unspoiled and dead."

Crap! Kagome thought frozen in fear. This is the worst time for my legs to stop working.

As the demon lashed out with its claws Kagome barely got out of the way yet managed to avoid a lethal swipe. All she got was three deep slashes across her body as she let out a terrifying blood curdling scream, her pink lace bra now showing through her slashed blouse. Falling on her backside Kagome clenched her eyes shut trying to block out the pain. The lizard demon loomed above her licking her blood off its claws with a sick twisted laugh.

"Mmm, your blood tastes so sweet, now let's see what the rest of your body tastes like," the demon chuckled ripping off her skirt leaving her pink panties exposed.

"Please stop it!" Kagome shrieked trying to crawl away as its tongue licked at her thighs.

"Yes that's it scream for help I find it most enjoyable when my meal screams and squirms," the demon chortled grabbing her by the throat and pinning her against a tree. "Don't feel too bad, I'll at least make this pleasurable for you before I devour you."

"You're not devouring anyone lizard-breath! Chidori!"

A massive lightning bolt pierced through the demon's chest with the sound of a 1000 birds, making it drop Kagome as it howl in pain before disintegrating into ash. (A/N: I told you I suck at fight scenes.) The last thing she saw before she passed out from the blood loss and despair from her broken heart was a man running up to her asking if she was all right.

"Thank you… for rescuing me," she whispered right before she passed out.

Back at the Well.

"That's odd, Kagome should have been back by now," Sango said with Shippo on her shoulder and Kirara at her feet.

"Yes and Inuyasha has snuck off again. Perhaps he has gone to Lady Kagome's time to bring her back," Miroku suggested stepping beside Sango.

"If he did that then what's Kagome's bag doing here?" Shippo asked jumping off Sango's shoulder and bounding over to the oversized bag. "Kagome wouldn't just leave it here without someone to watch it for her."

"Shippo's right I don't see Kagome carelessly leaving her belongings in the open unless she was forced to leave abruptly for some reason," Sango replied scanning the tree line.

"Hey, what's going on here? Has Kagome come back yet?" Inuyasha asked emerging from the woods, a satisfied smile on his face.

"We were wondering the same thing," Miroku answered. "Her bag is here so she should also be in the area. Haven't you picked up her scent?"

"Uh no I haven't thought to sniff out her scent," Inuyasha confessed dropping on all four and sniffing the ground. "Yep she was here but not for long her scent goes back the way I was coming from… oh crap!"

"What is it?" Shippo asked perched on top of Kagome's bag.

I can't tell them about me and Kikyo yet but it does smell like Kagome went in our direction. I guess that's why I smell her tears, Inuyasha thought trying to pick up the direction her sent went in. "I'm not too sure, it smells like Kagome ran off for some reason."

"I guess we should go look for her then," Miroku suggested. "Inuyasha which direction does her scent smell the strongest?"

"Just follow me," Inuyasha ordered hauling Kagome's bag on his back, the others following in the air on Kirara's back.

The Next Day.

Coming out of her dreamless sleep the first thing Kagome noticed was that she was no longer in the forest and how groggy she felt. Figuring she had been dreaming and that she was back in her own bed back in the modern era, she slowly opened her eyes to find she wasn't back home. The memories of what transpired came flooding back and she tried to sit up but was pushed back down by a gentle hand.

"Don't try to move too much, your injuries weren't that bad so they have almost healed up, but you should take it easy for a few more days," a stoic voice said.

"Where am I?" she asked looking over at a man with sapphire blue eyes and untamed blonde hair and two bangs covering the sides of his face. "Who are you?"

"You're in a village not far from where you were attacked yesterday," he replied pulling the blanket down to her waist. "Are you feeling comfortable?"

"Yes thank you," she answered noticing the yukata she was wearing. "What time of day is it?"

"Mid-morning. Is there anything I can get you?" he asked dressed in a black haori and white hakama pants.

"Something to eat maybe," she requested turning her head to observe the man more closely.

"As you wish," he said getting up to open the fusama. "Lady Yukariko!"

Why didn't he tell me his name? Kagome wondered hearing a woman's voice through the fusama and the mentioning of rice porridge. Taking the opportunity to examine her injuries she sat up and opened her yukata to find her entire chest wrapped in white bandages with three crimson blotches staining the fabric. At least I'm not dead but I might as well be now that Inuyasha has Kikyo to search for jewel shards, resecuring her yukata she noticed a beautiful katana beside the futon with a red jewel embedded in the hilt. Taking it in her grasp she brought it closer to examine it. What's with this jewel? Running a finger over the crystal Kagome found its surface to be incredibly smooth to the touch before it started clouding over till it took on a light purple colour. Huh? That's weird, why'd it change colour like that? Wait I can sense my own spiritual powers in it now! Did this sword absorb my powers?

"It's not surprised you're able to hold 'Red Death', I could tell you have a kind heart when I rescued you from that lizard demon yesterday," the man said taking the sword from Kagome and examining the crystal. "But it looks like it only absorbed a small portion of your power."

"What kind of sword is that?" Kagome asked as he sat back down beside her. "And could you tell me your name?"

"My name is Naruto Namikaze and this sword belonged to my mother," Naruto explained laying the sword in front of him. "But I believe you haven't introduced yourself."

"Oh how silly of me, I'm Kagome Higurashi," she answered sheepishly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Kagome," Naruto said bowing his head slightly.

Wow this guys is really polite and he's cute too, she thought a light shade of pink colouring her cheeks. "So where exactly am I?"

"You're in the main house of this village, this is my room but I don't sleep in the futon most of the time so I've let you use it instead," Naruto answered, his brow creasing as he stood up to look out the small window in the room. Two demons and a hanyou approach the village and two humans. I wonder what brings them here?

"Is there something wrong?" Kagome asked.

"I'm not sure," he replied as he kept gazing out the window. "It all depends on how our guests behave."

Outside the Village.

"Inuyasha are you sure Kagome's scent is coming from this village?" Miroku asked looking around the people occasionally glancing up at the new arrivals before going about their business.

"I'm sure of it. The smell of Kagome's blood leads right here," Inuyasha answered sniffing the air again. "And I don't smell any death nearby so she's alive here somewhere so let's hurry up and find her."

"Why are you so eager to find Kagome, Inuyasha?" Shippo asked perched on Miroku's shoulder.

"He probably wants to start hunting for jewel shards right away. Kagome is just a shard detector. Right Inuyasha," Sango sneered at the hanyou. "That's probably why Kagome ran away."

"Will you shut up? I have no idea why Kagome came this way or why she was attacked all right!" Inuyasha hollered getting looks of resentment tossed right back in his face. Once we do find Kagome it's back down the well for good this time. Then I'll destroy it so she can't come back ever again.

After finishing her brunch Kagome had to have her bandages changed. Bowing Naruto left her and Lady Yukariko in his room when the sound of angry shouting from the end of the hallway reached his ear. From what he could hear someone called Inuyasha was demanding to take Kagome back to her own village this instant. And the counter argument from the headman of the village that she wasn't fully healed and needed another day before she could travel. Three others were also arguing in favour of letting Kagome have an extra day of rest. Whoever this Inuyasha was Naruto didn't like the hostility he gave off in his voice or the way Kagome's aura fluctuated each time Inuyasha's voice could be heard. It was if she were afraid of him.

"Lady Yukariko, is she decent?" Naruto asked quietly.

"You may enter, Naruto," came her replied.

Opening the fusama slightly Naruto saw Kagome with her head buried in her knees, quivering every time her name was shouted by this Inuyasha person. Sliding into the room Naruto knelt by her side placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Lady Kagome, if you wish to stay say so and I will make sure this Inuyasha abides by your decision," Naruto said reassuringly.

"How can you? He's a half demon and you're just a human like me," Kagome sobbed hugging her legs more tightly.

"KAGOME!" an enraged hanyou shouted, violently opening the fusama making her cringe in terror. She has no doubt Inuyasha wants to send her back through the well for the last time. "Care to explain what happened to you this time wench?"

"Lady Kagome was attacked by a lizard demon yesterday. I managed to save her and defeat the demon before she was raped and devoured," Naruto said getting between Inuyasha and Kagome. "I then brought her here to treat her injuries."

"Shut up! I wasn't asking you to begin with! Let's get going Kagome!" Inuyasha barked reaching for her only to have a sword pointed in his face. "Hey, get this piece of crap out of my face!"

"Lady Kagome doesn't wish to leave so you will respect that or be expelled from this village," Naruto instructed tightening his grip on his sword.

"I don't care if she doesn't want to leave I say she's leaving now. And next time you want to kidnap her trying making up a better story than a demon attacking her. You probably did it yourself then brought her back here just so you could play hero," Inuyasha scoffed swatting the sword away only to have a fist collide with his face so hard he flew out of the room, coming to a stop half way down the hallway.

Kagome was speechless, only demons and possessed human were able to punch Inuyasha hard enough to send him flying yet at some deep level she couldn't help but feel that he got exactly what he deserved.

"MAMA!" Kagome's brain barely managed to register the high pitched voice before an orange ball of fur launched itself at her, only to be snatched by the fluffy tail in mid-air. "Hey! Let me go!"

"Lady Kagome's injuries are still healing, I request you not go jumping at her until then," Naruto reprimanded placing the kitsune in Kagome's arms.


Disclaimer: If you've already read this before it was rewritten then you'll have noticed not much has changed, just the attacks that are used are now jutsu instead of the techniques my original character used.