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"Demonic speech"

"Demonic thought"


After breakfast and a send-off by the whole village the group was once again back on the road in search of the jewel shards. Only this time Miroku and Sango were walking with their arms wrapped around each other. Bringing up the rear Naruto, Kagome, Shippo and Kirara watched as Miroku's hand moved from Sango's hip to cup her backside, only three of them were surprised when no slapping occurred, instead Sango just leaned her head against his shoulder. Making good time by midday they stopped for lunch in the area in a grassy meadow near a small creek with plenty of shade and lots of bushes which Kagome immediately used to relieve her bladder, as she had a lot of water to drink along the way.

"Hey Naruto, could you get something from my bag?" Kagome asked peeking her head out from behind her bush. "I put it in a separate bag this morning while you were torturing Sango, so it should be easy to find."

"Ok," Naruto replied, digging through her belongings for the item in particular. "Is this it?" he asked holding a clear plastic bag with several articles of clothing.

"Yep, now the three on top are for you, Miroku and Shippo, the rest are for me and Sango," Kagome answered, still behind her bush.

Reaching in Naruto extracted the first three items then handed the bag to Sango who then made her way over to Kagome, on closer inspection the items in question appeared to be very short hakama pants, one black and purple the other white and red. Miroku explained that these were what Kagome called board shorts to be worn while swimming and began divesting himself of his robes in plain sight for Sango to see should she feel the need to peek.

"Don't you know how to swim Naruto?" Shippo asked, snatching the bathers from Naruto, noticing his mother's protector hadn't started changing.

"I do know how to swim, Shippo. Heck I can even walk on water," Naruto replied, sensing no demons near the group.

"Is water walking another of you shinobi abilities?" Miroku asked, folding up his robes once he'd slipped into the board shorts.

"That and many more amazing things," Naruto answered, undressing without worry.

Behind the bush Kagome had been watching the whole exchange, her month hanging open as her protector stripped all the way to his birthday suit. A pleasant heat stirred between her legs at the sight of the beef bayonet hanging between his thighs. She had seen Inuyasha naked on a few occasions and while the hanyou was well endowed he had nothing on Naruto's impressive length. She couldn't help but wonder how large it was, fully erect, having it sheathed and moving deep within her body. And his chest looked like it had been painstakingly carved from marble by hand, each muscle was so taunt you could have grated cheese on his abbs or pecks.

"Kagome?" Sango said teasingly, bringing her figurative sister out of her lust induced trance. "See something you like?"

"I don't think a cold swim will have any effect on me, not even Inuyasha made me feel this way," Kagome answered, pressing her thighs tightly together to try and relieve some of the heat between her legs.

"Then ask him to help you feel better, it is his duty to serve you. Just take him further down the creek, Shippo can stay with us while you're busy," Sango suggested slyly, gathering her clothes. "So, Miroku, how do I look?"

Turning to face his love Miroku felt the whole world come to a standstill as his eyes came to rest on her swimsuit clad figure. Normally Sango would wear a short kimono so this was the first time he had seen her in something so revealing and clingy. The blue one-piece stuck to her ever curve and displayed a small amount of cleavage, the lower portion seemed to hug her hips leaving her long smooth legs completely exposed.

"Well, aren't you going to say anything?" Sango demanded, placing her hands on her hips as she got in his face.

"My apologies, Sango, I seem to lack the proper words to describe who amazing you look," Miroku replied, desperately trying to keep his blood from flowing south.

"That's better and you don't look so bad yourself," Sango blushed, leaning up to place a tiny kiss to his lips.

"When am I going to be able to kiss a girl?" Shippo asked perched on Naruto's shoulder.

"You shouldn't rush these things Shippo. In a few years girls will start noticing you, when that happens there'll be one woman you like more than others. If she likes you as well then you can start courting her, just make sure to be yourself," Naruto consoled, turning his gaze to the bushes where Kagome had finally emerged dressed in a skimpy green string tie bikini.

"So, what do you think?" she asked nervously, a huge amount of crimson staining her cheeks as she felt his eyes roam her scantily clad body. What's wrong with me? I didn't have a problem being naked in front of him, so why do I feel so embarrassed?

"There's no reason to feel embarrassed, Kagome, I doubt I could find anything wrong with anything you choose to wear. Although I do seem to be enjoying the amount of skin you are displaying," Naruto answered, liking the way Kagome's bikini bottoms rode low while the top seemed to struggle to contain her breasts.

"I-I, um thank you, I'm glad you like my bikini. Do you think you could join me just downstream? Alone?" she requested, hinting Shippo on his shoulder.

"You better not hurt my mama's feelings like Inuyasha did," Shippo whispered threateningly, jumping off Naruto's shoulder making his way over to Sango.

Having sense Kagome's arousal as he changed Naruto knew why she wanted to be alone with him and planned on giving her exactly what she desired. Grabbing his sword and a pair of towels Miroku had extracted from her bag Naruto followed Kagome downstream where they could be alone without being seen. Every time she looked back at him her heartbeat quickened and the heat in her nether regions became even more unbearable. She couldn't figure out why he had this effect on her body when she was offering herself the night before. The most likely was reason was that she had been the one to initiate the action and neither was completely naked and she knew nothing would happen. But now she had seen Naruto in all his male glory and the piercing gaze she saw on his face told her he had something planned.

"Is there something wrong Kagome? You look flushed," Naruto commented, placing the towels and His sword by a tree near the water's edge.

"No I'm feeling just fine Naruto," Kagome replied, trying to calm her erratic breathing.

"I don't believe you. Your face is red and I can sense that your pulse has accelerated, if I didn't know any better I'd say you had a fever," he said in his calm collected voice, which sent a shiver down her spine as he stepped close enough for her to feel his breath on her skin. "Do you fear me?"

"Of course not," she replied shakily, swallowing the heavy lump in her throat as she tried to keep herself standing. Though it was difficult as his natural male scent surrounded her. It's unbelievable, with just a simple look he can set my body on fire with desire. His power is so frightening I can barely breathe, if I don't calm down soon I'll go insane. Oh Kami, I can feel his breath on my lips.

As her eyelids fluttered closed, they abruptly snapped open as his lips enveloped hers in a soul searing earth shattering kiss. Erasing all remaining coherent thought from her mind as an arm came around her waist pressing her against his chiselled body. His opposite hand coming up to support the back of her head. Her mind quickly became enveloped in a blanket so pleasantly warm her eyelids became too heavy for her to keep open and she went limp in his embrace. Unable to do anything but enjoy the haze his lips and tongue induced. Breaking the kiss Naruto lowered Kagome to the ground, watching her panting to regain the air he had robbed from her lungs but he was far from finished. Waiting until she had regained a small amount of coherent though his mouth descended to her neck, nipping and sucking gently at her skin making her gasp and moan. She could barely understand what was going on yet she could feel his body lightly pressing down against her, his lips leaving a heated trail down her neck as his hands crept up her stomach to cup her breast through her bikini top. He could feel her nipples hardening against his palms as he gently kneaded the soft spongy orbs, her moans and whimpers telling him to continue even as her mind struggled to get her body to respond. Too bad he never gave her the chance. Lifting her bikini top up her breast bounced as they were freed, allowing him to pinch and roll her nipples while sending small chakra pulses through them, stimulating her even further.

"Would you like more Kagome? Would you like to me continue pleasuring you until you scream your release?" he asked, pausing his ministrations.

"More! Please! Don't stop!" she begged desperately, a surprised gasp escaping her lips as he suddenly claimed one of her nipples in his mouth.

Bathing the bud with his tongue Naruto sucked on her breast hard enough to leave it red when he finished then switched to its twin giving it the same attention as one hand slid down her stomach, his fingers sending small pulses through her skin. Sensing her climax approaching he ceases his attention on her breasts making her whimper at the loss. Kissing a trail down her stomach he rubbed at her core through her bikini bottoms keeping the stimulation to a minimum but still enough to keep her on edge.

Back at Camp.

"Mamma sure sounds happy," Shippo murmured, floating around in the inflatable ring Kagome had gotten him.

"Can you tell what they're doing Shippo?" Miroku asked, sitting on a rock just under the water with Sango nestled happily in his lap.

"My real father would often play with my mother for hours in our den when I was told not to disturb them. I'm not sure exactly what they did but she would often beg him for something. Mamma's making the same sounds right now so Naruto must be making her happy," Shippo answered, as a strangled cry drifted through the trees. "Mother made those sounds too, and sometime straight afterwards they'd be making these weird grunting noises, sometimes until dinner time."

"Shippo has Kagome told Naruto she lives 500 years in the future yet?" Sango asked, taking the conversation in another direction.

"I don't think so, but I think she's been too afraid to tell him," Shippo replied, flicking water at Kirara who hopped away to avoid getting wet.

With Kagome and Naruto.

Kagome was still recovering from the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Naruto's touch had taken her to new heights of pleasure, even teased her, ceasing his actions leaving her frustrated as her body calmed down then starting all over again. After he repeated this a third time Kagome had begged him to stop teasing and almost screamed Inuyasha's name as she came. Once her breathing had returned to normal she quickly escaped Naruto's grasp, adjusting her bikini so she was properly covered, feeling sick to her stomach for nearly called out her ex-love interest.

Of all the times to have an epiphany she thought in disgust, covering her mouth to keep from vomiting. All this time I wanted him to be a replacement for Inuyasha and I throw myself at him like a whore. How can he still respect me after this?

"There's no need to feel offended, Kagome. It will take time for you to forget your feelings for Inuyasha and there have been times when you call his name in your sleep. But you have been travelling with him for a long time and attachments like that are hard to erase," Naruto said, not moving from where he sat.

"Why don't you hate me? I'm using you to give me what Inuyasha never did. I practically threw myself at you like a common whore, so why can't you hate me?" she asked, tears falling down her cheeks in streams.

"You yourself said you wanted the companion and intimacy Inuyasha never showed you. If I ever thought of you as a whore, I wouldn't have agreed to join you in bed last night and I wouldn't have pleasured you just now. Never think of yourself as a whore, Kagome," Naruto replied, gathering her in his arms bridal style. "Now I believe you wanted to go for a swim?"

"How are you able to fix things like that? You somehow say the right thing and I don't feel guilty anymore. You even got Miroku to stop chasing other women and stop Koga from bugging me about being his woman. I don't get how you do that!" she exclaimed, not realising how close they were to the creek.

"Strength isn't always the key," he replied, tossing her into the cool water before she knew what was happening.

"What was that for?" she demanded angrily, breaking the surface only to discover him gone. "Naruto?"

"Over here," he said, waving from behind a tree. "I'll join you in a moment after I take care of a personal matter."

I don't get it, what does he mean about a personal matter? she wondered, then it clicked when she noticed his right arm moving up and down. "Naruto."

"Yes," he answered automatically.

"I want you to sit in front of me with your shorts off," she ordered, patting the embankment in front to her.

Having a good idea what she wanted from the way her heart rate tripled he moved from behind the tree after removing his swim trunks sporting the biggest erection she'd ever seen. Not that she'd seen many but the size of that pork sword could put a horse to shame. Her first thought was which god had created such a perfect specimen of a man, the second thought made her slightly concerned to whether she could fit him in her mouth or not. Having never pleasured any man orally in her life she didn't know if she would give a good performance. Naruto must have sensed her concern and tilted her chin to face him once he had sat down on the bank with his legs spread out wide.

"Do only what you feel comfortable doing Kagome. You're only seeking my pleasure just as I was seeking yours," he whispered, guiding one of her hands to his impressive length, releasing her chin.

Snapped out of her stupor Kagome looked down wide eyed at the 10 inches of hardened flesh of her protector she held nervously in her fingers. She realised no one was going anywhere until she and Naruto were ready to leave. Plus she would feel bad leaving him without taking care of the erection she had given him.

"Kagome, you should know I've never been with another woman since my wife died. And no woman has been able to arouse me like you do," he said, untying her bikini strings at her back then pulling it off her, her breast exposed once again. "But my heart still hasn't healed from the pain of losing her."

"That's all right, I'm not looking to replace her, just offering you that chance to move on," she whispered sweetly, wrapping her fingers more confidently around his length, slowly stroking the engorged flesh. "I've never done anything like this before but I'll do my best."

Still stroking his massive length Kagome lowered her head to give the purple head a timid lick. Gauging the taste and finding it to her liking she took the head inside her mouth sucking on it like a popsicle. She almost missed the soft exhale above her as her other hand cupped his testicles telling her she was doing something right. Releasing the head she leaned further in to run her tongue from the base up to the tip enjoying the slightly salty taste of his skin. Taking him back in her mouth again she bobbed her head up and down making sure to pay attention to the head before plunging back down, trying to take in more of his length each time. By the way he was quietly groaning she could tell he was enjoying her ministrations so she decided to try something she hoped would bring him even more pleasure. Carefully letting her powers out she attempted to mould a tiny fraction to her tongue so as not to burn him, but she must have used a bit too much as she felt him tense up and his length swell just before a torrent of warm sticky fluid spewed into her mouth forcing her to swallow to avoid choking. When he finished emptying himself in her mouth she released his length to taste what was left of his load, finding the flavour to be somewhat bitter but not entirely unpleasant.

"I didn't expect you to cum so quickly," she said, after swallowing the remainder of his load.

"I haven't been aroused like this for two years and I've never pleasured myself since then. Plus the use of your powers seemed to bring me to my end much quicker. So if you want me to enjoy this I wouldn't use your powers," he replied, his length slight deflating. "Perhaps we should get back to the others."

"Sure, just let me clean you up first," she smiled, leaning down to lick up the last of his load off his length and her hand.

"You're not from around here are you?" he asked, causing her tongue to pause on her hand. "You're clearly Japanese but you have things I've only seen in my village. Your belongings, your clothes, the ones you gave to Sango, Miroku and myself don't exist anywhere in this country. So you're either more powerful than you let everyone believe or you come from a completely different Japan through using a portal."

"I wasn't sure I should tell you, but I should have known you'd figure it out eventually," Kagome sighed, licking the rest of his load off her hand. "I come from 500 years in the future through a well that I was pulled through by a demon who was after the Shikon Jewel which was inside my body at the time. The only other person who can travel through the well is Inuyasha because of the subjugation beads around his neck, I didn't tell you because I didn't think you'd be able to return to my time with me."

"Then let's not worry about it right now. When the time comes for you to return to you century we'll see if I am able to make the crossing with you," Naruto replied, sliding under the water after putting his board shorts on, holding her bikini top in his hand. "I suppose you'll be wanting this back?"

"Well I'm not walking back to camp topless, so yes I would like my top back," she said, holding her hand out to receive it. "Or do I have to command you to give it back?"

"I will always follow the commands of my mistress," Naruto replied, bowing slightly, extending his hand with her bikini top. He noted with hidden amusement as her face scrunched up in disgust.

"Eww, don't call me that! I just got a mental image of myself wearing leather with a whip in my hand, making you kneel beside me like you're my slave," Kagome cringed, snatching her top back and quickly putting it on.

"Sounds like fun," Naruto chuckled, his head snapping to the right just as the faint cry of an infant could be heard. "Someone's in trouble," he said, grabbing her waist as he jumped out of the water. "Get back to the others."

Unlike the times when Inuyasha would run off somewhere to be with Kikyo, Kagome knew Naruto was leaving to save someone's life so she didn't feel let down at being left behind in the wilderness wearing only a bikini. Grabbing the towels as he ran off with his sword, she couldn't help but smile knowing he would stop and help people in need instead of complaining that they were wasting time.

Oh Kami, that has got to be the greatest ass I've ever seen on a man, Kagome thought lustfully, licking her lips as she watched his backside disappear. Oh yeah, that ass looks so yummy, the sudden thought of spanking him with a paddle caused her to blanch. Great, now I'm eating my words. Well I guess it's my fault for letting my mind wander, but he still has a yummy looking ass.

"Mama! Mama, we've got trouble!" Shippo shouted, racing up to Kagome as fast as his short legs could carry him.

"What's wrong Shippo?" Kagome asked, placing one of the towels around her neck.

"A couple just had their baby stolen by a bear demon!" Shippo wailed, frantically waving his arms about when he realised Naruto wasn't with her. "Uh never mind."

"Yeah but we should go back to reassure them before Naruto returns," Kagome said, handing Shippo the second towel so she could dry her hair with the other.

Back At Camp.

"What kind of monk are you? You won't even try to help retrieve our child!" the angry father demanded, clutching his sobbing wife.

"Please sir I mean no disrespect but it may be too late. Bear demons don't waste time when they've captured their prey," Miroku replied, wishing he could say something to reassure the couple.

"I wouldn't worry too much, Miroku," Kagome announced, entering the clearing with Shippo trotting beside her. "Their baby's just fine."

"And just who are you?" the father inquired.

"Kagome Higurashi, priestess in training at your service. My bodyguard went to retrieve your baby so please patient, he should be returning shortly," Kagome replied, kneeling rummaged through her bag for her water bottles. "Would you both like something to drink?"

"You witch! You helped those despicable demons take my baby! A miko would never dress as a whore!" the mother shouted, only to be silenced by a sword suddenly appearing under her chin.

"Naruto what are you doing?" Kagome asked, standing at her full height

"Forgive me, Kagome but I do not take kindly to people calling you a whore," he replied removing his sword from the woman's chin. "If you were a man I would have most likely killed you, but I would hate to deprive your son from his mother."

"Oh my baby!" the woman cried in relief, taking the squirming bundle from Naruto's free arm. "Please forgive my harsh words."

"You were distressed and in shock, it's normal for mothers to react in such a way. Besides it is not my forgiveness you must ask for, it is my mistress'," Naruto answered, sheathing his sword.

"I thought I told you not to call me that!" Kagome squawked indignantly, blushing at the giggles from the rest of the group.

"What's wrong with it Kagome? He is your servant and it suits you perfectly," Sango chuckled, holding her sides as she collapsed against Miroku who wasn't doing too well himself.

"What is your command my mistress?" Naruto asked, bowing down on one knee, enjoying the way Kagome's face when deep red in anger and embarrassment.

"I'm not your mistress!" Kagome shouted, childishly stomping her foot.

"Does this mean you're my servant as well?" Shippo asked, much to his mamma's continued humiliation.

"He's not my servant!" Kagome groused, taking a deep breath before facing the family. "I accept your apology and for clarification these garments are what people in my village wear when they go swimming."

"I see. We apologise again, Lady Kagome and you sir, for returning our son to us. We will take our leave now," the man said, bowing to the group before leading his wife away.

Once the family was far enough away Kagome put on her best glare intent on giving Naruto a word or two about calling her his mistress, only to find him standing at his full height giving her the same look that made her heart beat accelerate and her arousal to spike. Any words she was planning on using became lodge in her throat, his piercing gaze caused her body to go haywire as he slowly approached her. She couldn't understand how he managed to affect her body in such a way with just an intensely heated gaze. Her mind just refused to function properly and the heat building in her core was becoming unbearable. Her lungs were on the verge of freezing up when his face closed in, his nose hovering mere millimetres from her neck. The only thing her mind was able to register was the heat coming off his body, his smell overwhelming her senses, the sound of him taking a deep satisfying whiff of her scent and his breath on her ear.

"You're cute when you're angry, my mistress," he whispered huskily, sealing his lips over hers and plunging his tongue down her throat.

A weak moan of protest could be heard as Kagome struggled to keep her eyes open while her higher brain functions shut themselves down. She would have fallen flat on her perky backside if it weren't for Naruto's arm wrapping around her back. The other cupped the back of her head to keep them connected as he continued his sensual onslaught on her lips and mouth. It wasn't until he felt Kagome go completely limp that he broke the kiss to discover he had kissed her into unconsciousness.

"Is Kagome all right?" Sango asked, feeling a distinct heat in her abdomen.

"She's fine, just fainted," Naruto replied, picking Kagome up bridal style.

"Uh Naruto, could you maybe give me a few pointers as to how you were able to kiss Kagome into unconsciousness?" Miroku asked, seeing Sango's face redden considerably.

"It really depends on how much desire you put into the kiss and how the recipient feels about you. But that won't always work, Kagome was feeling slightly aroused so I capitalised on that, but I guess it depends on the person," he answered, placing Kagome gently on the ground by her bag. "I think I actually enjoy driving her into this state. It's amusing to see her trying to resist me when her body tells her otherwise. I haven't enjoyed teasing a woman like this since my wife died."

"We're sorry to hear about your loss, Naruto," Sango whispered sombrely.

"Being with Kagome like this has affected me, I haven't cared what people think for a long time," Naruto realised, looking down at the bikini clad miko.

"She does have that ability," Miroku shrugged, grabbing Sango's thighs as he pulled her onto his lap with a squeal of surprise. "Yet somehow Inuyasha was immune to it."

"Hey you idiot, warn me next time you plan on scooping me into your lap!" Sango huffed indignantly.

"Now where's the fun in warning you my dear, Sango? It's so much more fun when I see the look of surprise on your face," Miroku whispered huskily in her ear, making her turn five shades of red.

"If I wasn't so in love with you right now I'd smack you upside the head," Sango snarled, fisting a hand in Miroku's hair as she smashed her lips against his, forcing them to the ground with her on top.

"How come I never get to kiss anyone like that?" Shippo asked dejectedly, turning away quickly as Miroku's hands slid over Sango's backside with no resistance.

"2 reasons: 1, you're not old enough and 2, you haven't found a girl you really like yet," Naruto answered, picking Kagome up again where she snuggled into his chest as he moved under the shade of the trees. "And don't be so eager to grow up, the world is less complicated when you're young.

Left to contemplate Naruto's words Shippo sat down by Kirara who had also looked away when her mistress attacked the monk with her lips. Now things would be better when she had them both on her back. She wouldn't have to worry about her mistress slapping the monk when he grabbed her, and it was all thanks to the new human who joined their group. He was much kinder than the hanyou they had known for so long. The new human had already won her trust by defending Kagome against the panther demons, she would still obey her mistress but she would also follow his commands if necessary. Once Sango and Miroku had finished their make out session and Kagome had woken from her nap the group spent the rest of the day relaxing by the creek.

"Naruto, don't you think it's time you told us about your past? I don't want you to think I'm being pushy but there are things you can do that should only be possible for demons," Kagome implored, still dressed in her bikini.

"I don't want it to seem like you're outnumbered, Naruto. But I have to agree with Kagome. I've been sensing some unusual energy coming from you when you use your techniques," Miroku added, idly playing with Sango's hair.

"It's called chakra. It's the basis for all shinobi abilities in the Elemental Nations," Naruto began, a blue aura becoming visible around his hand. "This is the visual manifestation of my chakra which is a mixture of physical and mental energy. A child from a shinobi clan is born with more chakra than a civilian child but there are some exceptions. I of course have more chakra than three Hokages."

"What's a Hokage?" Shippo asked, munching on a stick of pocky.

"Each ninja village goes through the same ranking system. At the top is the Hokage who is the strongest ninja in the village. He or she will be responsible for everyone's wellbeing and the running of the village itself. The Hokage usually has council to help run things made up of the civilian council responsible for shops, restaurants and other commodities. The Shinobi council for deciding what is taught in the academy and what programs need funding. Then there are the advisers to the Hokage, but ultimately it's his or her decision on new policies and whatnot. Second highest rank is the Anbu Black Ops, these shinobi are the best of the best. Charged with keeping the Hokage protected at all times and going on some of the most dangerous and covert missions the village has. Each Anbu member has the same armour and wears an animal themed mask to protect their identities. Third in the line are the Jonin who also deal with high rank missions and teach the next generation of shinobi. Next are the Chunin, they're tasked with teaching at the academy and gate guard duty but they do go on missions outside the village. Following is the lowest active shinobi ranking, the Genin. Once they graduate from the academy they get assigned to a three man squad with a Jonin sensei and they get the lowest missions on the scale. I'm talking everyday chores that some civilians are too lazy to do themselves. And lastly are the academy students. They start learning everything it takes to be a shinobi at the age of six and graduate at 12 much like samurai children in this world," Naruto explained, munching on a bag of chips Kagome was sharing.

"What about your life in the village? Did you have many friends?" Kagome asked, noticing a depressive look on Naruto's face.

"My life up to joining your group wasn't very easy for me. My mother was a princess from a destroyed nation and my father was the Fourth Hokage. But despite being a member of two important clans, I was treated as the village pariah. At the time my mother was pregnant with me she was the vessel for an extremely powerful tailed beast called the Kyuubi no Kitsune or the Nine Tailed Fox. When a woman is host to a tailed beast the seal keeping it contained weakens during pregnancy. So at the time of my birth, my parents were outside the village to keep the fox contained if it managed to break free. My father was in the process of restoring the seal when the midwives caring for me were killed by a man who claimed to be the former leader of one of the village's founders. He managed to get my father and I away from my mother giving the fox a chance at freedom before it was hypnotised into attacking the village. My parents died on the night of my birth, sealing the fox into me," channelling chakra to his stomach revealed the seal. "They hoped the villagers would see me as a hero for keeping the fox from killing everyone. It was even my father's last wish as Hokage. But they proved that people are often afraid of things they don't understand. I wasn't even a day old when I had people trying to kill me to avenge their loved ones or try to finish what my father started. When I was five I was kicked out of the local orphanage and even after the Hokage gave me an apartment people continued to hate me. I was overcharged for spoiled food, clothes and shinobi equipment. Even the teachers at the academy tried to sabotage my chances of being a proper shinobi, hoping I would die on my first mission outside the village. Team placements weren't any better. Our Jonin instructor was my father's only living student but the guy ignored me in favour of the last loyal member of a clan that was massacred in one night by his own brother. The teme thought himself above all other shinobi and civilians because of his clan name, he only saw me as a stepping stone to killing his brother. The last was a girl I had a crush on for years but the only attention she gave me was a fist to the face whenever I tried to befriend her."

"Stop. You don't have to tell us anymore, Naruto. I'm sorry for making you relive those memories," Kagome whispered, crawling into his lap to wrap him in a comforting hug.

"You have nothing to apologise for, Kagome. Thanks to you I've rediscovered that my past doesn't determine my future. I did everything I could to protect those precious to me and I'm grateful for the time I was married to Hinata. I know she had no regrets when when she died," he muttered just loud enough for her to hear. "And I know she'd want me to find someone else to spend my life with."


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