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Genre: Humour, slight bit of Comfort

Characters: Frau, Teito, Castor, Labrador, Lance

Summary: Frau is feeling depressed (reason enclosed in story ;p). Teito, with the help from the other three bishops, comes up with a plan to cheer Frau up.

A/n: This is another idea which has been running around in my head for quite some time before I finally decided to type it out into a story. Expect much Teito tsundere-ness, and the "utter and complete humiliation" of poor Castor. He's actually my favourite character XD

Frau and Teito were in the library, Teito turning the well-worn pages of a book about Raggs history, and Frau secretively turning the pages of a porn magazine hidden inside a book with a similar cover beside him. Suddenly, Frau closed the book, set it beside him, then sighed and stared out of the window, his expression glum.

Teito stared at him in shock. Just when he was finally getting used to feeling like a criminal whenever the bishop (a bishop, no less!) was "indulging in his favourite pastime" beside him in the library, Frau lost all interest in his porn magazines?! Something was definitely wrong.

-One hour later-

"Er... Frau? Hello? You listening?" Teito asked, waving a hand in front of his face.

"Yeah... You wanted to know if I love Castor. Sure I do. Now leave me alone." Frau stood and left for his room, not sparing even a backward glance.
Teito stared after him. "I told him that the lunch bell had rung... How the hell did it become a question of if he loved Castor-san or not?!" Teito muttered, blushing a bright red.

But even he could see that Frau was distracted and not acting like himself. What on earth was going on?!
"Oh, so its that time of the year again," Castor said, staring in the direction where Frau had gone. He had arrived at the library planning to catch Frau in the act of reading porn magazines so that he could confiscate them.
"Time of... The year? What do you mean, Castor-san?" Teito asked, staring at him with wide eyes.

"Zehel has the power of cutting the bonds which tie people's hearts to misfortune. So at a certain unknown time each year, Zehel will suddenly feel the burden of all the misfortune which he has separated from human souls, which latches onto him after he cuts them off from their hosts," Labrador had come up behind Castor, smiling gently as he relayed the information.

"Well, he'll be back to normal in a week or so, not to worry. We'd better go to the cafeteria before we missed lunch," Castor sniffed, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he turned to leave with a rustle of his robes.
"Come on Teito-kun, we should go too. Try not to think too much about Frau," Labrador smiled as he ushered Teito towards the cafeteria.
Teito nodded and followed Labrador, but not before looking back and staring in the direction of Frau's room.

...Burden of misfortunes?

A/n: That part about Zehel and "burden of misfortunes is not true, I made it up myself. It was NOT in the manga/anime! Pretty short chapter, actually. I was hoping it would be longer... But anyway, this was just to tell you about what Frau was getting his depression from. I was not hinting at a FrauxCastor pairing unfortunately xD The real fun starts the next chapter, which I will upload immediately after this... Just cos' I want to. :3