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Summary: Bonus chapter! Focusing more on Lab-chan (and poor Castor-kun), as promised :)

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Labrador woke up to find himself in the bushes again. It wasn't his fault, it was just that he had felt so cold, and he just went to sleep...

Despite the freezing cold which was lulling him back into slumber, he forced himself to get up and return to his rooms. If Castor or *Weida found him sleeping in the cold again, they would worry, and he did not want that.

Hmm... Its been happening more often lately... He mused to himself as he walked. He assumed, from the colour of the sky, that it was near midnight now.
But as he walked along the corridor leading to the bishops' rooms, he saw something that made him swiftly and soundlessly slip behind a pillar, and peered out in front of him.

Further ahead, a dark figure was dragging another limp figure along the corridor, heading to god-knows-where. Deciding that the distance was too far to attack, Labrador decided to stay hidden as he carefully inched his way, pillar by pillar, towards the intruder.

Labrador really had no idea where the intruder was going, especially with a (presumably) dead body, since there was nothing up ahead except for more bishops' rooms.

The intruder made absolutely no sound, not even a breath, and Labrador assumed he had to be pretty strong to not even be breathless.

Drag. Rustle. Drag. Rustle.

The sounds of the intruder dragging the body and the rustling of his robes echoed eerily through the corridor.


Labrador darted out from the pillar he was behind, poised to attack, just as the person (bishop?) was illuminated by a shaft of moonlight passing through the window.

He was right- the intruder was in a bishop's clothing, long white cassock over dark blue cassock, complete with the simple mitre with its veil falling over his face.
Startled brown eyes, hidden behind a pair of round glasses turned to meet his dark violet ones. Labrador's eyes widened in recognition.


Seeing his friend, Castor's expression relaxed, then freeing a hand from the limp figure he was dragging, he placed a finger on his lips.

"Shh, Lab, you might wake someone. Come over and help me with this," he whispered.

"What are you doing? And so late at night too?" Labrador whispered back, warily making his way towards Castor, visibly relaxing when he noticed that the "body" was just another of his puppets. But what was he doing out here with it anyway?

Labrador's eyes lingered on the puppet. Actually, the puppet looked a little familiar, but it was too dark to see clearly...

"I'll explain later. Help me open my room door," Castor dragged the puppet into his room, Labrador holding the door open for him. Somehow, even though I know I'm not, I feel like I'm an accomplice in committing a crime, Labrador thought in exasperation.

Letting the door swing close with a soft click, Labrador flicked on the light switch. Light flooded the once pitch-dark room.

Ahh,Labrador thought. He knew why the puppet looked familiar now. Castor had given it spiked blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a sleeveless navy-blue shirt and black pants. And most unmistakable of all was the smug, cocky smile that had always annoyed Castor to no end painted on its face.

However, the lifelike Frau doll was also severely battered and its limbs were hanging from their joints by little more than a thread.

What on earth had Castor been doing with it? Labrador chewed his lip in worry as he followed Castor, still dragging the doll to the built-in workshop in his room. Opening the door, Castor unceremoniously flung the doll inside with a loud clatter of wood on wood.

Labrador's eyes grew wide as he stared around the workshop. Hung up on the walls all around the room were exact copies of the Frau doll, all leering creepily down at him. If he had bothered to count, Labrador was sure that there were over 30 of those things.

All the dolls looked exactly alike, including the damage and mutilation that had befallen their wooden bodies. Every single one of them were covered in scratches, scorch marks and splintered holes.

A sweatdrop formed on Labrador's temple as he realised what Castor had been doing every night since the crossdressing "incident". He had built the dolls just so that he could vent his pent-up hatred of Frau on them by smashing them to pieces every night.

A particular doll at the very back of the closet looked more battered than the rest, as its head was dangling unnaturally from its neck and it was missing an arm and leg, undoubtedly smashed to splinters. He guessed that it must have been the very first object to suffer the full wrath of Castor's rage.

Labrador had found it strange that Castor hadn't beaten Frau to a pulp yet, despite the latter's endless teasing now that he had recovered from his depression.

It seemed that Castor had found a better way of "anger therapy" then. Out of the corner of his eye, Labrador saw a large, blown-up photo of Frau (how on earth did he get that?!) on Castor's wall, almost entirely covered in darts.

Well, more than one way of anger therapy, it seemed.

Suddenly, Labrador noticed that Castor was kneeling over the doll, clutching a small knife which he had pulled out of his sleeve until his knuckles had turned white, his shoulders shaking.

"Ca... Castor? Are you okay?" Labrador asked, alarmed.

Seeming not to hear him, Castor begin to stab the doll mechanically, lamenting to himself as he did so.

"It's been- *stab*- a week already! -*stab*- Does he have to keep- *stab*- reminding me?! As if I don't feel humiliated enough already! *stab* If I get my hands on him tomorrow- *stab*-, I'll give him hell like he's never known..." *stab stab stab stab*

Labrador realised that Castor had entirely forgotten he was there, and left to return to his room.

Just as he reached the door, he heard one last lament from Castor, softer and punctuated by a single stab.

"So this is what I get for- *stab*- helping a friend..." The copper-haired bishop muttered angrily. Labrador stifled a laugh and, smiling softly, returned to his room, where his own dress and wig had been lovingly hung on a mannequin and hidden at the back of the closet. He recalled Castor's own costume was displayed in the similar manner, except for the fact that it was surrounded by an army of mutilated wooden puppets.

Maybe Castor cares more about Frau then he cares to let on,Labrador smiled as he thoughtfully as held the dress against himself.

Actually, this looks pretty good on me...

Castor paused mid-stab, suddenly remembering something.

Eh? Wasn't Lab here just now? Must have just been my imagination... But I swore I saw him.

Shrugging, Castor tossed the doll into the closet and went to bed, thinking about ways to make "living hell" a reality for both Lance and Frau the next day.

*Weida: Labrador's apprentice after he passed the bishop exam. They share something like a mother-son relationship, and the roles of mother and son alternate between the two, with Weida often having the mother's role.

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