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Chapter One

"Do not think that one enemy is insignificant or that a thousand friends are too many" - Strauss, Emmanuel.

Oscar Wilde once said when good Americans die, they go to Paris. All the years of pain and suffering must have been Leyla's key to a wonderful life. A life full of beautiful strolls in the city of love, romantic nights, and absolutely no worries in the world. Every day was an adventure. There were no rules, no one to tell her what to do. It was bliss. A world far away from what she had been used to. Her very own paradise.

It truly had been the best year of her life. Bane had been true to his word. Waiting for them in Paris, was a lovely penthouse overlooking the city. It was gorgeous. Bigger and more extravagant than anything she had ever seen before. It was true old fashion French style. A gorgeous balcony, classical furniture and even a grand piano. Because Bane very much enjoyed playing it. And he was so talented at it.

They had left Gotham behind. Left it to decay and live in it's filth. They had kept an eye on Gotham. It had done terribly over the past year. It had taken months and the US government to capture the Joker. And even with him once again locked away, now in solitary confinement; they couldn't save the economy. The city was now known as one of the poorest in the nation. Even with the country's financial help and loans to help rebuild all the buildings that had been destroyed.

They weren't entirely sure about any other criminal. A lot of lower level criminals had been caught, but there were still so many out there. According to their sources, Edward Nigma had also been caught and was serving his time in the medical ward of Arkham Asylum. Apparently, the year without medication had severely lowered his immune system. He was in really bad shape.

None of that mattered. Leyla and Bane lived like a king and queen in Paris. People knew who they were. Footage of them had traveled across the other side of the world. People knew. But, that gave them power. They could walk wherever they wanted. Go into any restaurant they pleased. No one dared say a word.

Leyla felt as if she had been riding a high for a year. Everything came so easily. They lived just as they pleased. Everyday was bliss. They woke up to each other. Spent their days with each other. Nothing mattered because it was their world. Nothing else mattered in her world. She felt like she had everything.

That freedom and power surged through her body, as Bane devoured her womanhood. Each flick of his tongue sent her over the edge. She was on a high that was like no other. Her very soul felt transcended, her body completely free. There was absolutely nothing holding her back. Nothing to make her not enjoy every single moment.

Bane thought the way Leyla reacted was glorious. The way she arched her back and gripped onto the sheets on either side of her. The way her head held back and her moans flowed along with each movement of his full lips. Her hips moved involuntarily, grinding against his mouth as a warm sensation took over her.

Pleased with the orgasm that shook her to the core, Bane chuckled while running his tongue up along her opening before slowly rising. Trailing his lips along her scarred torso as he did so. Leyla felt so empowered, having his face in between her legs. And she felt even higher, when she grabbed the back of his bald head and smashed his full lips against hers; savoring the taste of her own womanhood.

It wasn't long before Leyla pushed Bane over and crawled atop his sculpted body. No matter how many times they had been intimate, she still felt an insatiable desire to be with him. To press her own aroused body against him. To devour his own mouth. To roam her hands all over his body, as if she were touching him for the very first time.

There was such an immense pull to him. She could smell the testosterone radiating off his body, drawing her even closer to him. Her hands touched every muscle. Glued to every piece of skin, as Leyla traveled down his solid stomach. She knew that every touch of her lips against his skin pleased Bane, but it pleased her just as much. Perhaps even more.

Leyla no longer feared going down on him. She was no longer intimidated by his size. Rather, she felt invigorated. Proud of herself that she could satisfy a man like Bane. That she could take him in her mouth and unravel his entire world. There was almost nothing that could make her feel as powerful as she did, when she heard his breath hitch as her tongue ran along his staff.

Slowly, she flattened out her tongue and ran it all along the base of his penis. She took her time. Wanted him to feel the pressure build up. During the first time, Bane had tried to hold himself in. Tried not to show his arousal. It was another challenge for her to overcome, but they were long past that. He showed her his arousal and pleasure, because he could not hold it in.

And that pleased her. Fueled her to cover his hardened tip with her lips. The deeper his length slid into her mouth, the more he moaned. It was a sound that came from deep within his chest. Primal. Masculine. Like a beast in the wild. That was who Bane was to her. An animal. An opposing force that took what he wanted, just the way it was meant to be.

Her attraction to him ascended more than just the physical. Everything about him drew her in deeper to him. And yet, when she was on her knees and had him in her mouth, she felt completely in control. She was the one who pleasured him. The one who held his orgasm in the very palm of her hand. The both of them knew that and it empowered her.

Bane let out a beastly growl, as Leyla scooped his balls within her hand and began massaging them. Every piece of skin, she knew. Everything that triggered his arousal, she knew. And yet, it never felt overused. Never became dull. Every time he saw the fire ignite within her eyes. She was the epitome of what he had always taught. Completely free.

With a push of her fingers into his perineum, he captured a fistful of her black hair and ejaculated deep within her throat. It didn't bother Leyla. She loved the taste. Loved the fact that he found her worthy enough to capture his seed within her body. It was a compliment. He wanted her to know that she was a part of him. And he was a part of her.

With a fire in his eyes that matched her own, Bane picked Leyla up with ease and hooked her legs around his strong waist. Their lips locked. His full lips. She became intoxicated, grabbing the back of his head to push further into his lips. There was nothing she enjoyed more than exploring the inside of his mouth.

It hadn't taken long for Bane to get hard again. His first orgasm was only a means to truly enjoy the one he would achieve through thrusting deep inside of her. Leyla reeled back against his strong arm, which was hooked around her buttocks; before giving him a mischievous grin. Running her tongue along the sharp ends of her teeth, she lifted her hips and positioned her wet sex atop his tip. Their eyes locked as his other hand hooked under her right thigh, pulling her down.

The further Leyla was pulled down, the more her walls stretched. Her breath hitched, as she fully pushed down. His tip hit against her cervix and she let out a gasp. No matter how many times they made love, she was always surprised the first few moments. His penis was so large that each time she needed to reminded of how powerful he really was.

But, she enjoyed it. Enjoyed the shudders that ran through her body as she moved her hips up and down. Enjoyed the way the pangs transformed into waves of pleasure. Leyla almost became woozy; craning her spine back and grabbing onto her black hair. Every time she became completely taken over by arousal.

Bane felt an immense urge to reach out and grab onto her breast. The heat of his palm pleased her; pushing her chest up into his touch. Wanting to feel his overwhelming strength. He always knew how to make her know just how much he enjoyed her body. No scar ever went untouched. No part of her body ever felt neglected by him.

Yanking her forward, he captured her nipple in between his lips while flipping her over. Leyla let out a small gasp, as her legs instantly hooked around his strong hips. They pulled her bottom up and closer to him. In that moment, she needed to be as close as possible to his body. To his rock hard body. To the one and only Bane.

As many times as they had been intimate, Leyla still knew how much of an imposing force Bane was. Her heart still stopped a beat, every time she looked up and saw him looming over her. Every time his dark eyes looked down her, her breath hitched and she remembered who was on top. In that moment, she couldn't help, but stare in awe.

"You shouldn't look upon me with fear in your eyes." Bane's Caribbean accented voice pierced the air within the room; echoed within her very bones.

Leyla shivered slightly, while breathing him in. Arching her back, she declared, "That isn't fear you see. Rather, the desire to match your energy."

"You do that quite well."

She let out a smirk, as Bane's large arms reached out and grabbed the headboard. Curling his knees under her, to pick her up more; he began pushing deep within her. He looked like a feral beast. A primal force that was unleashing his very being. Leyla arched her chest up and spread her legs even further, to take him in.

Her nails gripped at the sheets below her, as Bane continued to pump into her. His movements were done with such force. And yet, he knew she could handle him. That she would welcome his powerful thrusts, because they were done with desire. He was a beast and his desires pulled him in. He was an animal and they were only acting out their most primal instincts. As strong as his pushes were, she knew they were also done so she could feel pleasure. That she was a part of the act. And that made her want him all the more.

With one hand still supporting him, Bane reached down with the other and gently ran his fingers through his black hair. Leyla almost let out a whimper, as he leaned down and captured her lips. Every time his length filled her, she let out a low moan into his mouth. Wrapping her arms around his strong neck, she met his powerful thrusts with fever.

Bane's hand left her hair, before running it down the side of her body before cupping his palm under her bottom. With a guttural snarl, he yanked her up even further and sped up the pace. Leyla's nails dug into his tanned skin, as her whole body shook with an orgasm. She was her own person. She would forever be. And Bane would forever be a dominate force not to be reckoned with. Although some of her favorite moments in bed were when she was on top, she absolutely became entrapped when he behaved like the monster he was.

With the muscles of her vagina tightening, due to her orgasm, Bane groaned and with a final push, spilled his seed deep within her. The very act made her body shudder and a coo escaped her lips, as his hips continued to gently roll. Relishing in the moment, Leyla continued to passionately kiss her lover as they both rode out their climaxes.

After fully ejaculating, Bane groaned and slowly pulled himself out of Leyla's wet walls. Cooing, her body rolled slightly as she ran her hands all over her skin. She felt so invigorated. Just the way she did every time. It was such a wonderful feeling. Her wet sex throbbed from the absence of his hard girth, missing it.

Bane gave his lover a smirk, as Leyla rolled over and grabbed her pack of cigarettes. Smoking was a habit that she wasn't quite ready to give up just yet. And smoking after sex was definitely a habit she wasn't ready to give up. Smirking, she placed one in between her pink lips and held a lit lighter in front of the tip.

Breathing in the tainted air, the billionaire's daughter pointed out, "It's been one year since we left Gotham."

"One year since we left Gotham to rot," The mercenary crawled out of bed and walked towards their wine cabinet, "I do often wonder what ever happened to our friends." Bane chuckled, while pouring two glasses with a good bottle of red wine.

Taking a pull of her cigarette, she accepted the glass while stating, "There weren't any reports of Bruce Wayne's death. If Batman had died during the takeover, Wayne's death would have been all over the news."

Leyla still liked Bruce. A part of her hoped that he had ended up surviving. The man would continue to fight for his city. No matter what. He would never give up, even if that meant letting go of any chance of having a normal life. Poor Bruce Wayne. She found his undying commitment very admirable and sweet. But, foolish when men like Bane or the Joker existed. So long as the billionaire kept standing, they would keep fighting.

"They know better than that. They know if he were declared dead, I'd demand a body. Bruce Wayne's only hope is to stay hidden and hope our paths never cross again."

"Hopefully his little kittie was killed during the riots." Leyla commented bitterly, as she took a sip of the wine and sat up.

Smiling in amusement, he pondered jovially, "Ah, it would have been so enjoyable to have had more time to toy with the kitten."

Bane always looked on the brighter side of things. He found opportunity within every situation. It was a trait that Leyla hoped she would develop the longer she stayed with him. Thankfully, the life they lived had no down side. They lived in a constant state of joy. Enjoying everything that they had fought for.

Swishing her wine around in her glass, the black haired girl thought out loud, "Selina Kyle thought everything would come so easily to her. Do John's dirty work and have a clean slate. Live a life of crime and yet, live a life of luxury. And marry Bruce Wayne and have all the riches in the world. All she needed to do was bat her eyes and she thought that could get her everything. She looked down on her own kind in the Narrows."

"Selina has broken the code of honor many times, by betraying her allies," Bane's full lips smiled, "I believe she has received her punishment."

Running her finger down the scar on her knee, Leyla scoffed, "I hardly think so. I never got to repay her down the lovely bullet wound she gave me."

Taking her chin within his hand, the larger man spoke seriously, "Every scar makes you stronger. Every wound serves as a reminder of the battles you have been through."

"And I have come out as the victor." Leyla grinned victoriously, while taking in the final pull of her cigarette and stubbing it out.

"I always saw the great potential in you."

Leyla smiled, while taking a sip of wine and slipping out of bed. Slipping on the simple tank top that Bane had torn of her and the pair of shorts, she stepped towards the balcony that was attached to their room. The balcony that afford them a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. While standing atop it, she could quite possibly see all of Paris.

Staring outside, her eyes gleaming with a hint of nostalgia; Leyla pointed in a northeast direction, "My parents had their own flat not too far away from here."

"Do you feel closer to them? In Paris?"

"Paris has given me all the love and happiness I could ask for. All Gotham gave my family was despair and hurt," Leyla breathed in the fresh air and let out a joyful sigh, "I feel them here."

Bane smiled, while also slipping out of bed. Pulling on a pair of boxer briefs, he stepped over to join the younger woman on the balcony. Averting her gaze from the city to him, he stated, "This is your world, Leyla. Do as you please. You must always trust your own judgment above others. We are enjoying our life of peace now, but you must always be ready for any challenges that may present themselves."

Tilting her chin up, she declared, "I have no doubt that I will be able to survive any challenge that is thrown my way."

"Good, good," Bane smiled jovially. He was always teaching, always reinforcing his beliefs. They just made her feel more empowered, "Now, what is it you wish to do."

Smirking, Leyla cooed, "The night is still young."