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Chapter Fifteen

There was screaming. Screaming so loud it vibrated through the dead desert. They were cries of hopelessness, of pain, and of begging. It didn't take much to make a weak man writhe in pain. To have him throwing away all integrity he had and to reduce him to a pile of blubbering nonsense. Like a child begging to be given his toy back. In their final moments, man always showed his true colors. The Joker's philosophy was very much real.

People show their true colors before they die.

He had been running for so long. Running from them. It was pathetic. What kind of man ran? Where was the pride in that? Was he not strong enough to stand still and fight the monster he had worked so hard to kill? Or was the mask so much more than just something made of cloth and was the flesh in fact a rouse as well? Was he nothing without his precious Scarecrow? And his beautiful redhead? He could stand before a dying man and smirk, but where was he? Surely he could feel that Bane was alive.

How long I've been waiting for this.

"Doctor, I did not expect this from you. Where is your resistance?" Bane chuckled, as he drug Jonathan Crane's struggling body through the hot sand of India, by his hair.

You almost succeeded, doctor, but you underestimated me.

It had taken some time, but eventually Bane had found the Scarecrow. Did he think that he wouldn't? That he would stop looking for the man who left him to die and yet was too coward to finish the job? Jonathan Crane had challenged the mercenary and he was sure to return the favor. There was nowhere on Earth the doctor could hide where he could not find him.

If you kill me you are forgiven.

Bane laughed jovially, as Jonathan's nails came up to scratch at his hand – attempting to pry his grip from his locks. His hair was pulled tight from his scalp and if he had been a heavier man, some strands might have been yanked out. Luckily, he was the perfect size to be dragged around. Yes, everything had worked out perfectly.

I am hurt you thought so little of me.

It was as if Dr. Crane had wanted to be found. Living in India, having minimalistic security – the Scarecrow as his only companion. He had made it so easy for Bane that he almost felt robbed of a challenge. But, the way the doctor kicked and screamed more than made up for it. Jonathan had known the moment Bane walked through the door that he had lost – the master of fear could not hide the fear in his eyes.

If I live I will kill you.

Bane was not a man of worldly behavior. He was an animal and had focused much time on hunting the doctor. Crane's problem was that he hadn't predicted on the mercenary to think above that of a human. It was his mistake and Bane would make sure he paid dearly for it; it was only right.

"So, you think you were a vital part of the League? More than even I?" Bane chuckled amusedly.

Ra's was very repulsed by you.

Thrashing around, Jonathan gritted his teeth together and sneered, "Get off of me! You think you've won? That you're better than me? I robbed you! You will have to live the rest of your miserable life with the mask! I hope every time you look in the mirror, you see me."

Bane only laughed, coming up to his destination, "Ah, Dr. Crane, if only you were not such a weasel of a man. I would have considered bringing you into my army. If it a shame that you are so foolish."

You impress me, doctor.

Jonathan sneered, as Bane seemed to stop. With ease he hoisted the doctor up to his feet and forced his chin in between his strong fingers to focus on what was below them. The Pit. The doctor's eyes went wide, realization dawning on him as the mercenary poetically spoke within his ear, "You think you are a part of the League? This is where the Bane you know was born. Where I lived. Where I was molded. How else can you consider yourself my equal, unless you've lived as I have?"

Your health is declining, but I need you alive.

"No, don't. Don't do this."

Didn't I tell you that your humanity would be your downfall?

"Begging seems so unlike you."

The doctor attempted to struggle, but felt his body weakening by the tight grip Bane had on his shoulder. The other hand made quick work of tying a rope around his body, so to ease him gently down into the Pit. His home, his birthplace. The wails of prisoners who would never see the world outside of their hell were already heard, as the newcomer was placed upon the ground.

"You can't do this to me!" Jonathan shouted.

The least you owe me is to do what you are told.

Crane's cries echoed throughout the tunnel, causing Bane to laugh. And as the prisoners looked at upon the rope with hope, he crouched down and severed it with a pocket knife. He would not allow those who created him to escape. Their punishment had not been fulfilled and he would leave the doctor there; knowing it was a fate worse than death.

Bane remained in his crouched down position, as a figure came up beside him. Joyous wrinkles crinkled at the sides of his eyes, as the mercenary lifted his head to see Leyla standing above him. Her blue eyes were focused on the Pit before her. It had been the first time she had seen the place of Bane's origins and the wails of those before was daunting indeed. He stayed and watched her, seeing how she would react.

Shifting her gaze from the pit to Bane, she evenly asked, "Is it over?"

Smiling, Bane nodded as he stood up. He was such a powerful force to be reckoned with and the fluid movements were something to be admired, "It is, my love."

Leyla's shoulders slumped and she let out a huff, "Finally. Now, I feel confident enough to say I told you so."

Bane let out a hearty chuckle, sauntering close to the thin women. Looking down at her bright face, the mountain of a man reached to palm her cheek within his massive hand, "Yes, you are right to feel victorious. I will never question your instincts again."

"No, question them. It only makes me stronger."

We are not to fear anyone.

Chuckling, Bane rubbed his thumb across his mate's cheek as he asked, "The world is no longer restricted to us. Our most recent enemies are gone. What is it you wish to do?"

A cunning smirk formed on Leyla's mouth, as her chin tilted up and she proclaimed, "Correcting all the wrongs and restoring the world to its former glory."

Bane proudly smiled behind the mask, nodding, "To Italy then."