No Need for Doubles

Note: from time to time pseudo-technical descriptions justifications and techno-babble will appear in the story. They are not intended to reflect reality (as if anything in Tenchi Muyo can approximate reality to begin with!) But they have a purpose A) they act as a filler when human action is not occurring, B) they provide a backdrop for certain parts of the story i.e. the Temporal Translation at the beginning of the fic, and an explanation of the Split-Inifinitve Drive Generator/Compensator C) This _is_ science-fiction anime after all, even if it is also romantic-comedy (In case anybody wants to know, this is my way of asbestosizing the fic from Techno-flamers)

No Need for Doubles!

Planet Jurai

In the vast throne room on Planet Jurai,, at the heart of the Juraian Star Empire, sits the Mikado, brooding, on the Treethrone surrounded as always, by the Royal Court. He has been brooding, in fact for several centuries. Always the same murderous thoughts are running through his head. Like all thoughts, they are associated with names. One particular name comes often to the forefront of his thoughts: a name he utterly despises, a name that is responsible for his current condition, for his own name, a name which breaks through his defenses becoming vocalized.. Once long ago, he was proud to be known by another name, a name that belonged to his childhood, to a time before his innocence was stripped from him like the better half of his person. He has known, and hated, other names over the course of the millennia, but none to match that one name. "Damn you, Washu!" he spits out, "I will have my revenge".

Chapter One: Enter the Emperor

-Imperial Palace, Situation Room,

Juraihelm, Jurai

Three central monitors flank a table. In the middle of the table hovers a holographic Tree. Around the table sit various members of the Home Cabinet and Heads of Houses. At the base of the table facing the monitors sits the Emperor.

"What is the progress of the Empress?" the Mikado demands.

One of the technicians replied: "Her Majesty has arrived at the lab's location."

"It's about time," the emperor thought to himself, not realizing, or caring, that he had spoken his thoughts aloud

The technician intrudes into the Emperor's thoughts. "We have received no further information in the past ...hold please. We're receiving a transmission now, Sire the Communications Officer -a GP Liason (GPoL) by the name of Kaneda Artaw- said.

"Confirmed. it is most definitely a transmission from the First Empress. There is considerable signal degradation, however due to the presence of static in the line, of unknown origin, from the transmission source, -possibly from the Lab itself, but it is most definitely the First Empress," GPoL Artaw said.

"Well," the Emperor says impatiently, "put it on."

GPoL nodds to the technician, who taps into her console briefly. The Tree hologram disappears, and the sound of the distinctly feminne voice of the First Empress comes into the room.

" [ *** hi], I found it...we found the device, right where she said it would be!" An exuberant First Empress Aeka said amidst the white snow of static

"Good," the Mikado forced a grim smile. "Now we will act." He said with finality.

No one in the Court, or on the other side of the comm- feed argued with him, suppressing what fears, suspicions and trepidations they might have. The Emperor had spoken, and the Emperor was to be obeyed.

- Headquarters of the Jurai Royal Military- Sciences Division, Department of Temporal Studies, Office of-Flight Applications (R.M.S -DeTempS- O.F.A)

Juraihelm, Jurai

-excerpt from Encrypted Tele-conference with Mikado Jurai 09:24:09-09:39:26 Zulu

"t is an extraordinarily exquisite device, your Majesty," the Chief Scientist, Captain Doctor Uneda Hirosama said by way of introduction, not even trying to hide his admiration for the Object at hand. "Measurements of the I/O ratio alone were off the scale, and that was just the initial surprise..."

"How long before the Device can be utilized?" the Emperor inquired, cutting to the point..

"Unknown, my Lord," Captain Hirosama admitted, frankly, oblivious to the critical error he had just made. "A time line at this juncture would be worse than impractical, it would be foolhardy. Substantial modifications are required for it to be effective for our purposes. Even Washu never attempted to translate ship-size objects on this scale."

The Emperor interrupted the officer. "You have two weeks Captain."

"But, my Lord, two weeks isn't enough time to begin to understand the principles governing how it works, yet alone how to.."

"Are you saying you cannot complete your task, Captain?", the Emperor said in a voice that spoke volumes.

"N-no, my Lord. It can be done my Lord...It will be done my Lord. On Schedule, my Lord. "Captain Hirosama replied crisply. "By your leave my Lord." The Emperor allowed the captain to end transmission.

Two Standard Weeks later

-Imperial Military Command Center (I.M.C.C.),

Juraihelm, Planet Jurai-

Somewhere out there, the Emperor fumed, She waited. He would come for Her, the witch who had stolen his childhood, Who had forever marked his life for the worse; he would reclaim what was rightfully his. He would be whole again. But first he would take care of his past. And that thought brought him back to the present. Sitting in the VIP box that overlooked Flight Operations Floor, he observed the scientists and military officers scurrying like so many drones

"What is our operational status?" The Emperor demanded, ending his reverie.

Director of Operations, (DiOps) Grand Admiral Fujiwarii Aximoto motioned for his assistant, Deputy Assistant Director of Operations (DA-DiOps) Rear-Admiral Usagi Hirohito, to begin the briefing.

"We are in final preparations for launch, your Majesty. If the final simulations were accurate, and we have Highest Confidence that they are: the Translation will place us within 350 klicks of the System=s Oort Cloud. We will engage the enemy here, he said, pointing to the third planet of the system Akeeping collateral damage as localized as possible. There=s no need to disturb the natives. Moreover, our Tacticians have assured us... catching the eye of his superior, Rear-Admiral. Hirohito skipped over the remaining technical details

"Travel time in-system will be minimal, We will easily bypass the primitive sensors the planet has.

"Make your call, Admiral" the Emperor commanded.

"By your command, Mikado." Fujiwarii turned to the screens in front of him to issue the order.

"DiOps o all stations. This is an Action Report. Declare your readiness. I say again, this is an Action Report. Declare your readiness checking off each department as it called in.

"CnC reports all units at operational flight status and awaiting the Mikado=s orders. Command and Control is ready."

GpoL: "GPCommand has signaled their readiness GPoL reported, followed in turn by the rest of the Command Staff.

Keeper of the Trees (Trees): "TreeHarbors reporting all Treeships are at full standby-readiness. Trees are a go."

Space Traffic Control (STeCe): "Outlying posts are prepared to receive the fleets. Mission Flight priorities have acceptance. All space routes within the immediate vicinity have been cleared of all traffic. SteCe is a go."

Navigation (Nav): "All navigational arrays are aligned and prepped. All navigation lanes are open. Navigation is a go."

CommunicationsCom: "All clear signal reports from both fleets. Orders of Precedence are in effect. Chain of Command is enabled. Encryption Protocols are running. Communications is ago."

Control:(Con) "Admiralty reporting in. Naval Corps of Engineers Temporal Engineering Team Aleph reports success in installing Temporal Comptroller circuitry on all ships Control is a go."

Medical (Med): "Final crew "Fit and Readiness" reports are in, and register 100% competencies. Med is a go."

Flight Director (FliDir) Otendo Fujihara was the last to make his report. "Confidence is High on all counts. I repeat, confidence is High for all counts. I respectfully recommend a launch."

DiOps acknowledges the reports of his subordinates.. Turning to the Emperor, he bowed and gave the formal report: "Mission status report completed, Your Majesty. All stations are 'go'. We are a go for launch. Flight Operations may commence at the Mikado's pleasure"

All eyes looked toward the Emperor, awaiting his command.

"Climb Mount Nikita," The Emperor said from his Throne, using a phrase from a long buried history, from a world forever closed to him. With the simple code word, preparations for War ended, and Operation Restoration began. The fact that the code phrase had been issued by a emperor of a far distant planet that circled an insignificant star, and further, that that code phrase had initiated the most humiliating defeat in the nation's history, was overlooked by the Mikado in the heat of the moment.

"Operation Restoration has begun. Estimating 36 Standard hours until completion of Phase One"

"Good," the Emperor responded. "Signal the First Empress. Have her to rendezvous with Tsunami at the projected coordinates."

"Yes, Mikado," the communications Liaison replied, turning to give orders to CommStaff

Seeing all was in readiness, the Emperor of Jurai closed his eyes, bowed his head, and summoned the Guardians. A purple haze enveloped him for the briefest of moments, causing the Emperor to glow with the radiance of a G type star. When the light faded, the Imperial Court Robes had been replaced with the light blue battle robes of Imperial Jurai Militant , robes which had not been seen in two thousand years. Sweatdrops appeared on the heads of the entire Command Staff as the Emperor laughed maniacally -oblivious to the reaction of his Court- It was time to recapture his other Self.

"I am coming for you, Washu."

To be continued

coming up in Part Two: Enter the Empress :

"Washu! Now you die!" The Emperor roared.

"Hold her, Ayeka!"

excerpt of intercepted inter-ship transmission

::Minimum Safe Distance Flight Path achieved (MSF) _

Clearance is .65 parsecs _

::Normal::Flight:: Mode is in recension. Emergency Flight Mode is in effect _

Temporal Integrity Field status: regular( TIF) _

Crew Bio-scans status: normal. _

Back up systems status: on-line _

Weapons and tracking are go _

Temporal Flight Comptroller: online_

Flight Control status: enabled. _

Light Hawk Wing Sensors status: enabled _

Confidence is High for Temporal Flux _

All Ships are go for Temporal Translation _

Data Rely to Tsunami 1 complete. Please Stand By_

Temporal Translation Commencing. Please Stand By _