A/N: Hi there! This'll be my first ever attempt at writing a LOTR story. I'll be following the movies as I can barely remember the books. This is a tenth walker, cliche, I know but I just couldn't help myself. Its taken me years to gather the courage to try so...lets hope I don't fail!

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Pairing: Legolas/OC

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"Why are we watching this again?"

"Because you didn't want to suggest something else to do."

"Like always, Marina." A boy interjected from the couch and promptly got a pillow thrown at him. Tracey giggled at the girl beside her, rocking back and forth in front of the TV, before gluing her eyes back to the screen.

It was difficult to maintain the amount of times Marina had been forced to watch Lord of the Rings; always a marathon ensued whenever her friends decided to drop in for a visit. But despite it all, she'd never manage to watch the entire length of the films. Tracey and Gordon would get bored and wish to do something else. The movie she'd seen the most of was the Fellowship. Everything else was a hazy blur.

"I'm bored." Gordon grumbled from the couch, poking Marina's back with his foot. Said girl swivelled around and away with a venomous glare that spoke volumes.

"Why the heck are we watching this then?"

They'd barely gotten past the hobbits entering Bree.

"I dunno. Let's do something else!"

Marina sighed and surrendered herself to her friends persistence and the three left the room.

They ended up gathered around the dining table playing a crude card game, using a menagerie of swear words and slang. It was a game of deception. Marina was particularly bad at it considering she couldn't keep a poker face to save her life. Tracey and Gordon, however were both squinting, eyes darting around the room, shoulders hunched and revealed absolutely nothing.

"Marina, do you have... a queen of hearts?"

Said girl peered at her hand, her lips pursing when the queen stood out amongst the other cards. "Nope."

"I call bullshit!" Gordon crowed and Marina threw down her cards with a scowl, thoroughly sick of the game, having been called out five times in a row.

Forty five minutes later, after a course of other mind-numbing, teeth grinding games, Marina returned to the TV room, having seen her friends out when they decided to go to a nightclub. Those places just didn't appeal to her; having been witness to horrible incidents such as glassing and terrible brawls. As a trainee nurse, there wasn't much Marina hadn't seen in terms of drunken stupidity.

Another reason was a scar running up her hip and curving just above her ribcage. The memory was as clear as day. It had been her eighteenth birthday, so a nightclub had been on the agenda. There'd been dancing, drinking and just plain out fun until Marina found herself at the wrong end of a cat fight. Tracey had been stone drunk, and had started a fight with another girl.

Trying to break off the fight, Marina had stepped in between them to try and act as mediator before the female she didn't know drove the butchered beer bottle into her side. Shuddering, she ran her fingers over her shirt, the tight band of scar tissue easy to feel even beneath the material.

With a drawn out sigh, Marina began switching off the lights, irritated to find that the movie was still running.

"Bloody waste of electricity," she muttered sourly. When her fingers brushed against the power button, a spark of pure heat ran up the length of her arm. Marina fell back with a cry of alarm, landing hand on her backside as the screen began to blur and contort into a myriad of images and colours.

"What in the hell is going on!?"

Ghostly figurines were curling around her body, sucking the energy from her and no matter how hard she struggled it was impossible to escape. The TV was siphoning the life out of her!

"This is some bad poltergeist shit going on here!" Panic curled like an iron fist around her heart as the ghostly apparitions began to pull her towards the TV. Screaming like a banshee, Marina clawed desperately at the carpet and was able to reach out far enough to circle her fingers around the coffee table leg.

A smidgen of relief settled over her as the ghostly fingers retreated for a moment, giving her the opportunity for action. Using her toes, Marina searched blindly for the off switch and let out a trembling huff of breath as the room went quiet. Still maintaining her death grip on the table leg, she crab crawled away from the TV. It sat quiet and blank. Had it been her imagination?

Climbing unsteadily to her feet, Marina stared at the TV for a moment longer, waiting for it to do something out of the ordinary. A chill tickled her spine as it flickered on and off, showing parts of the movie in a random order. The scene of the Council discussing the fate of the ring in Rivendell began appearing more frequently until it was the only thing Marina could see in the blur of images.

There was something, or someone standing behind the group of men, elves and dwarves. A woman, with fair golden hair was smiling and held out her arms in open invitation. Marina inched towards the television without being aware of it when a unworldly wind suddenly tore at her Hello Kitty pyjamas and the ghostly hands were back in force.

"Tolo, Poikaer. Av-'osto. Tolo an enni." The woman whispered in a voice as soft as velvet. (Come, pure one. Don't be afraid. Come to me)

Another tug, and Marina fell towards the TV, screaming. The woman behind the Council gave a purely feminine smile at the now empty room and disappeared.

The screen went black.

Marina groaned softly, clutching at her head that was pounding like someone had taken a hammer to it. If it wasn't for the babble of a dozen voices, she would have been quite content to just sit there and whimper quietly. The sight that greeted her made everything a hell of a lot worse. Men dressed in armour and silken robes surrounded her; various weapons adorning their bodies. There were even men with great, shaggy beards and Marina's recognition sparked as she realised they were dwarves.

"This is an odd dream..." she muttered to herself and the babble around her ceased immediately. It became increasingly odd when she hopped off the stone she'd been sitting on, only to find herself turning around.


A plain, gold ring sat on the middle, reflecting the people around her and whispering quietly. Marina cocked her head, eyes becoming transfixed as the piece of jewellery promised everything her heart desired. Power, wealth, intelligence...

It was so very tempting to touch it and impulse took over, her fingers reaching out...

A hand clamped down on her shoulder, making her yelp and spin around to stare up at a tall, elderly man dressed in grey robes and an equally grey beard. There was a nagging suspicion in the back of her mind that she knew this man.

Was that ring what she thought it was? Was that what the fellowship felt when they gazed upon it?

"How curious. You're clearly not from this world," The man remarked softly.

Marina clamped a hand over her mouth, eyes widening in realisation. Was she really in Middle Earth? Had the TV sucked her inside? How and why? Was this a dream? What was with that woman? And what on earth had she said?

"G-Gandalf?" She stuttered, visibly stunned.

"Gandalf, who is this mortal woman?" An elf with a crown upon his head stood from his chair, face set in stern curiosity.

Vaguely, she remembered that this was Elrond, the Lord of Rivendell? Yes, it was all coming back to her now, if only in bits and pieces.

"I do not know, Lord Elrond. Would you care to tell us who you are?" Gandalf said kindly, eyes twinkling with some description of amusement.

"My name is Marina Cortez..." she all but squeaked, hesitant to give this dream any more encouragement to become realer.

Standing in front of all these men, wearing nothing but Hello Kitty pyjamas, barefoot, Marina decided she certainly wasn't in Kansas anymore. So it had to be a dream then didn't it? People woke up in strange places in their pj's all the time.

Stay calm...stay calm. You're not in Middle Earth. And Boromir is not giving you death glares. Oh wait...

"Are you mad? This...this woman appeared from nowhere! A witch, I say! A spy!" A man growled, rising from his chair. Marina took a conscious step back, into Gandalf, suddenly fearful. This was the same man that had tried to take the ring from Frodo. Boromir of Gondor. "I say we kill her."

Indignation sparked within her at being so easily marked as some sort of evil. How dare he say such a thing to her! He was just a bloody fictional character for crying out loud! Opening her mouth to protest, she abruptly closed it.

It wasn't hard to recognise Aragorn as he rose from his chair with a flourish, blocking Boromir's path as he began to step forward. "Be seated. We know not whether this woman is friend or foe. We cannot act irrationally." The rugged ranger was indeed handsome, his dark eyes holding her grey ones before flittering back to the reddening man.

Yeah, take that! Marina was almost tempted to stick her tongue out like a child.

"I will take it..." Frodo murmured, having not had the opportunity to speak up. The council turned to him. "I will take the ring to Mordor...though, I do not know the way."

Gandalf winked reassuringly at Marina and went to Frodo's side, with the girl have wanting to run after him like a lamb bleating for its mother. If anyone knew how or why she'd gotten here, it would be Gandalf the Grey. As the Fellowship made their oaths to protect the ring bearer, Elrond spoke.

"Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring."

"Right," Pippin said with a cheerful grin. "Where are we going?"

Marina couldn't help the small smile that flittered around the edge of her mouth at Pippin's blatant disregard for how serious the situation was. Merry gave him an incredulous look before rolling his eyes. The fellowship regarded her curiously, making her twitch uncomfortably under their scrutinising gazes.

Elrond cleared his throat pointedly. "Thank you for your attendance." It was a clear dismissal and the attendees of the council were slow to clear out, shooting curious looks at the woman who had appeared from nowhere. A hand tugged at her shirt and Marina whirled with an undignified yelp to see Pippin and Merry staring up at her.

"'Ello. I'm Pippin, and this here is Merry. How'd you get here?"

It took Marina a few tries to gain her voice under the hobbits curious stares. "Er...I don't quite know."

"Oh, well...do you like food?" Pippin brightened.

"Well yes, I-"

"Great! Why don't you-" Merry started before receiving a frown from Elrond.

"Forgive me, my friends. But Gandalf and I need to speak with Marina. Please take all that you need for your journey ahead."

The fellowship went their separate ways, the two hobbits needing further goading to get on their way but eventually it was quiet save for the soothing song of water, and birds chirping in the trees.

The next few moments were nothing but a headache enduring blur for Marina, who realised she'd been so tense before Frodo took the ring away. What now? What of her career, family and friends? It had taken her a year to save up for that apartment and now she may never return to it again. Tears stung at her eyes and she hastily used the sleeve of her pyjamas to rub them away.

"Follow me," Elrond bid Gandalf and Marina, and swept briskly away.

The wizard stepped after him, and Marina a second later when she realised there was no choice in the matter. Once they arrived within Elrond's chambers, the elf all but slammed the doors behind his two guests and began pacing, brow furrowed in thought.

"Where do you hail from, Marina?" Gandalf placed a soothing hand on her shoulder, giving the frightened girl some comfort.

"Australia. Um...Western Australia. Perth to be completely accurate." Not that it really mattered considering any accent from her world would be entirely strange in this one.

The wizard nodded sagely a few times before conferring with Elrond on the other side of the room. Marina twitched nervously, wandering to the balcony to see the Fellowship beginning to gather for their journey. Aragorn was talking with a fair elf, who she remembered to be Arwen. As her eyes swivelled over the rest of the company, they fell upon another elf. Legolas's beauty was a sight for sore eyes through a TV screen but in person? It was enough to send her heart hammering against her ribcage.

The silky blond hair ran perfectly over his shoulders, framing the sharp, masculine panes of his face. As if he sensed her inspection, he gazed up, the blue of his eyes deep and knowledgeable even from this distance. Marina felt her cheeks redden and stepped away from the balcony, noting the elf's confused expression as she disappeared from sight.

"It has been decided, Marina. You shall accompany the fellowship to the woods of Lothlorien. The Lady of Light will have more insight to your purpose here." Elrond said from behind her, making her jump.

"Geez you elves move quietly. Wait, what? Go with them? I...no...I couldn't." Marina stuttered nervously, mentally berating herself for sounding like such a little girl. She was twenty-four for crying out loud. "Is there no way for me to return to my world?"

If it had been as simple as walking through some description of a portal, Marina was positive that even she could have figured out how to get back. But being dropped in the middle of a council meeting from the sky, of all places, it was a little difficult to think it would be as easy as that. It definitely had something to do with the woman though. On that Marina was sure.

Elrond and Gandalf glanced at each other but it was the wizard that spoke. "We do not know, young one. Elrond has, however, conferred with Lady Galadriel. She awaits you. Now come." The elderly man gave a swift nod of farewell to the Lord before exiting in a swirl of grey robes. Marina prepared to follow before scrambling her mind for some elvish saying and gave a meek bow to Elrond.

"Mae govannen," she said softly, hoping she hadn't said something insulting before chasing after the rapidly retreating wizard.

Raising his eyebrows, Elrond smiled slightly at her retreating form. "Namaarie, Marina. Quel marth." (Good luck)

Marina had been given clothes to wear to replace her 'odd clothes' as they called it but she refused them, wanting to keep something on her person from her own world in case it was impossible to return. However, the pair of worn but well-fitting boots was appreciated along with a woollen cloak that would keep her moderately warm.

The farewell was quiet and sombre. Elrond spoke a few words that did little to comfort the already tense party. Aragorn held eyes with the Lady Arwen before turning his back and following behind Gandalf who guided Frodo to take the left fork in the path. Marina was the last to walk through the Rivendell gates, looking back one last time at the only sanctuary she would see for a time. Elrond smiled encouragingly at her, but it was forced, for her sake.

Marina tried to smile back but her lips didn't work, and settled for a meek wave before trotting to catch up with the fellowship. The feeling of some relative safety immediately diminished the moment she moved out of sight of the elves. Sighing, Marina jogged on ahead, following the sounds of the hobbits discussing sausages and bacon. It made her stomach grumble in reminder, that she hadn't eaten for quite some time.

Great. Transported to another world with no such thing as take out. This is Tracey's sort of dream. Why the hell did I get hauled into it?

When Marina rounded a corner in the path, she almost fell flat on her face to see the fellowship had waited for her. Bill the pony, who was carrying the majority of provisions, stared around at her with his liquid brown eyes, whickering in greeting. Inching around the supposedly friendly animal, Marina offered a meek apology and kept her eyes trained on the ground. They continued on without comment, the woman distancing herself from the group, especially the pony.

Rivendell was becoming a slowly disappearing paradise in the background as they trekked on. Walking around the hospital was nothing compared to this cross country madness. Rocks and gnarled roots rose from the ground, threatening to trip or otherwise injure her the further they went. Sweat beaded down her face as she hauled herself up a steep incline, almost collapsing on the top.

"This...is...nuts!" She cursed into the dirt and huffed, navigating her way carefully down the other side and noting with some annoyance that the fellowship was waiting for her at the bottom. Had the hobbits not even had a problem? What about the damn flea bag? Marina glared at the pony and stumbled over a few loose rocks on the way down. Merry and Pippin steadied her with friendly smiles.

It continued like that for miles before the ground eventually levelled out and Marina was able to keep up more easily. The sun beat down unrelentingly on the company, slowing them down and making their shoulders sag beneath its hot rays. They were becoming tired and irritable; the hobbits had taken to kicking small stones out of the way to vent some of their frustration. Pippin, who was particularly hungry, kicked a rock and started howling. It wasn't a loss rock, but a formation buried deep into the ground. Merry burst into laughter, lightening the mood at Pippin's expense, no less.

Marina would have cracked some sort of smile, if a root hadn't appeared out of nowhere and sent her to the ground. "Ow!" She growled into the dirt, her hands and knees screaming in protest from taking the brunt of the impact. A gloved hand appeared into her line of sight and she craned her head back to stare up at Boromir. Had he not called her a witch? Had he not suggested to kill her?

"Leave me alone," she muttered sourly. Normally, her temper was very placid even if she was mad at someone. But with the hours of walking, trips, slips and falls, her patience was wearing thin.

"Forgive my impertinence, my lady. I spoke out of turn, and for that you have my deepest apologies." Boromir seemed very contrite, and Marina's gentle heart caved under the sincere light in his eyes.

Raising her dirt caked hand, Boromir pulled the unresisting woman to her feet, steadying her with a hand on her shoulder as she rocked for a moment. It hadn't really occurred to her that Boromir was handsome but now as she peered up at him, with dirty smudges itching at her skin, it was obvious he was. A very roguish handsome, but handsome none the less.

"Thank you," Marina said, and meant it, flushing lightly as she brushed her dirty hands on her pants. "Now I've got dirt all over me."

"You're still beautiful, do not fret." Boromir said softly and carefully wiped at the dirt on her cheek. Marina went from a light dusting of red to the shade of a tomato in an instant, and took off quicker than the warrior thought possible. Was it something he'd said? Did women from her world not appreciate compliments?

Marina moved as quickly as she could without appearing as though she were fleeing, but she knew that he knew that she was. Calming her pacing heart, Marina dropped to a walk and was surprised to find herself alongside Aragorn. The ranger smiled, glanced over his shoulder and grinned.

"What's so funny?" Marina quipped, brows furrowing.

"Boromir seems to have rescued you, only to fall prey to the deadly root." And the ranger was correct, Marina noted. Boromir had been about to hasten after her and apologise for anything he said that offended her, when the damned root curled around his ankle. Cursing the foliage loudly and somewhat violently hacking it to bits with his sword, Boromir rose with his own dirt-smeared tan, staring straight at the woman.

Staring back at him for a moment longer, Marina threw her head back and started laughing. Aragorn joined in, as did Pippin and Merry. Boromir cocked his head before smirking in amusement and shook his head. The rest of the fellowship simply raised eyebrows or continued on their way. Marina followed after them with a bounce in her step, thoroughly amused.

The good mood didn't last long however, as more inclines appeared before them. Marina groaned softly at the rising mass of land and blearily wished for a bicycle. A car would have been a godsend but even a bike would have been better than having to walk up the damn things. How would a suburban woman survive in this world?

I'm a nurse, not a damn track star!

"If it were even possible to get my hands on you Tolkien, I would-"

"Who are you talking to, lassie?"

Marina jumped, startled, realising Gimli the dwarf had moved up to speak to her. "Oh just myself. How rude of me." She held her hand out to him. "My name is Marina."

Gimli looked at her hand as though it were going to bite him before raising his eyes back to hers, seeing as she was a foot taller than him. Feeling warmth flood her cheeks, Marina lowered her hand back to her side and continued walking. Of course they wouldn't be familiar with the customary greeting of her world. Aragorn, who walked on her other side, listened in on the conversation.

"Gimli, son of Gloin." The dwarf replied in a friendly matter, trying to make up for the awkward silence. "So how'd you come to this world, lassie?"

"Not too sure of that myself. I got sucked in through the television."

"What is a te...tele...sion?" Gimli stumbled over the word with his thick burr, causing her to giggle good naturedly.

"Television. It's like a box...with moving pictures."

The dwarf nodded politely, because he still had no idea what she was talking about but insisted upon her explaining as much as she could from her world. Marina was delighted yet heart sick to speak of home, her job and her friends and family. Gimli had been most curious about her occupation and summed it down to that of a 'healer'. What made him more curious wore the strange garments hidden beneath the heavy cloak.

"What are those? I have never seen their like."

"Oh these?" Marina pushed aside her cloak some to reveal the annoyingly pink fabric and several pictures of Hello Kitty splotched over its expanse. "These are pyjamas...umm...night clothes," she provided helpfully at the dwarf's confused look. "You wear them when you sleep in my world."

Gimli turned a becoming pink at her explanation and muttered something under his breath before dropping the subject entirely. Marina grinned at him, thoroughly amused that he was embarrassed. Hell, what would he do if she explained the concept of lingerie to him? The thought made her giggle, gaining an accusing look from the dwarf. Aragorn was grinning like a cheshire cat and quickly hid it from the aggravated dwarf.

As the scenery went by, and the sun moved above them, Marina felt the weariness and hunger drawing at her strength. It comforted her that the hobbits were fairing no better, and the dwarf was muttering about smoked ham and ale. Gandalf called a halt at a nestle of great stones set upon a hill. The company took the break with enthusiasm.

Sam and Frodo made a small fire with the kindling they could find and were cooking sausages to stem the hunger and exhaustion that plagued them. Never had Marina ever thought mere sausages would make her mouth water so. Just as she was about to go and introduce herself, Aragorn sidled up to her.

"We have not been formerly introduced. I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. It is a pleasure to have you with us, my lady."

As Aragorn grasped her hand and pressed a chaste kiss to her knuckles, Marina blushed all shades of red. "I'm not a lady. Just call me Marina."

Inclining his head in respect to her request, Aragorn bid her follow him and properly introduced her to the members of the fellowship. "This is Sam, and Frodo." The two hobbits stared at her wearily, before Sam plucked up the courage and offered her a sausage. Marina accepted it eagerly with a warm smile and nibbled on it as Aragorn continued with the introductions. "Pippin and Merry are the two other hobbits attacking Boromir, whom you've met."

Marina remembered the scene. Boromir was teaching the two how to fight, and enjoying it immensely it seemed. Lastly Aragorn moved to the edge of their small camp where the elf was standing sentry on a rock that towered above them. Once again, the very sight of the elf stole her breath away. The wind tugged gently at his silky tresses but never once did it put them out of place. Dressed in his leather armour; emphasising his slim yet muscular physique was enough to make her blush, especially when he stared down at them.

"Tol-en bas, Legolas!" (Come down)

As swift and as graceful as a cat, Legolas leapt from the rock to land neatly beside them. Marina's eyes were wide with fright and awe. How did he manage to drop what must have been eight feet without hurting himself? It was uncanny even if this was a magical world. Marina still felt as though she were dreaming and took a step away from the beautiful elf, whose brow immediately furrowed on her retreat.

He'd never seen this woman's like before in all his years; the clothing she wore beneath the cloak was unusual, not only a strange colour and cloth but also what adorned them. What in Eru's name was Hello Kitty? Any why did she retreat from him? Dark lashes framed grey eyes that were ridden with fear and caution. The wind tugged and pulled at onyx locks, sending them sprawling across her face and shoulders. This creature was as beautiful as she was strange.

"Pedil edhellen?" Legolas intoned softly. (Do you speak Elvish)

When he received no reply save a confused look, Legolas stepped forward to greet her in the normal elvish fashion until she dived behind Aragorn's tall form, fear shinning in her eyes. The elf rocked back on his heels, hurt and concern flashing in his eyes. "Forgive me, my lady. I mean you no harm. I am Legolas Greenleaf from Mirkwood."

Marina peeked out from behind Aragorn, studying the elf; noting his pointed ears and ethereal beauty. It wasn't often possible for a female to call a male beautiful but Legolas certainly was. Aragorn sighed and glanced over his shoulder to see Boromir get tackled by the two hobbits.

"Excuse me."

The ranger strode away to intervene, only to be pulled off his feet by the little hobbits. Marina stifled a giggle and froze at the masculine chuckle. Legolas was smiling widely, arms crossed as he observed his friend getting pummelled by the Halflings. Swallowing the last bit of sausage, Marina cocked her head to the side. "I'm sorry if I appeared rude. You startled me, is all. And you don't have to call me 'my lady'. Just plain Marina."

Legolas's eyes flashed back to hers; the depth and knowledge in them was suffocating. It was as though they would draw her in and she'd be forever drowned in their beauty. The elf's lips quirked at the corners and he bowed formally to her, making her cheeks redden again. "It is a pleasure, Marina."

Flustered, Marina twisted her hands together, staring at anything but him. No guy had ever made her feel this insecure about how she looked and acted. A puzzled expression was forming on his face again before he twisted abruptly, eyes raised to the sky, which earned the attention of the rest of the fellowship.

"Crebain from Dunland!" Legolas cried in alarm, darting forward to grasp Marina's wrist and pull her to cover. The strangest feeling sizzled up her arm and through her body as the elf's fingers closed upon her flesh before releasing her immediately. Marina could only puzzle at the expression of shock on his face before Aragorn was pushing them both to hide into the bushes. Shoved between the two men, she was overly aware of the elf's body heat, and where he touched her from shoulder to hip.

The Crebain circled the cluster of rocks several time, cawing in their fel voices before flying swiftly away.

"Spies of Saruman." Gandalf muttered and announced they would have to take the pass of Caradhras. Marina hastily distanced herself from the proximity of the men, not seeing the raw emotion in Legolas's eyes as she stared up at the towering mountain.

"No way hoze. I'm terrified of heights." The very thought of even trying the climb made her shiver and rub at her arms.

"We have no choice, young one. Saruman's spies are guarding the passage south."

It took them a very long time to get onto the mountain, the snow clawing at them and drenching their clothes. Marina was staggering under the weight of the sodden cloak, wishing to take it off but knowing she'd freeze if she did. The snow had seeped into her boots and was annoying the heck out of her distracting her eyes from straying to how high up they were.

For once, she'd managed not to slip and disgrace herself among her male companions, but luck would only last her for so long. A startled cry had her spinning around and land on her backside in the snow. Frodo had slipped in the slippery ice and was rolling down the incline until Aragorn helped him up. The hobbit grasped desperately at the inside of shirt, only to look further up in dismay to see Boromir holding the ring, staring at it as though it were the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Boromir," Aragorn warned, his hand creeping to rest on the hilt of his sword.

Marina watched as she tried to get herself up but the snow kept making her sink. Boromir was muttering to himself and she clearly heard Aragorn snap at him.


The warrior from Gondor looked startled, eyes torn from the ring to stare at the ranger.

"Give the ring back to Frodo."

Boromir stepped down through the snow without a hassle, holding the precious ring out to the young hobbit. "As you wish." Frodo snatched it off him and Boromir chuckled uneasily. "I care not." He ruffled the hobbit's hair and readjusted his shield before continuing up as though nothing happened. Marina could feel her heart beating erratically, remembering this exact scene from the film. Maybe she wasn't dreaming after all. It all felt too real.

Another attempt at removing herself from the snow was as futile as the first. Marina sighed irritated and would be damned if she requested help. Having been nothing but a hindrance for half of the day, she didn't want to start relying on them to get her out of silly predicaments. But once again a shadow loomed over her, and it was Boromir who looked quite smug.

"You look stuck, my lady."

"Unfortunately," she deadpanned, irritated he was gaining amusement from it. Well, she had laughed at him after all, when he'd helped her before. "Please help?"

"Of course." Boromir, trusting the innocent expression on her face, held out his hand.

Feeling completely childish and not at all herself, Marina grasped his hand and using the unsteady ground beneath him to her advantage, hauled him forward with all the strength she possessed. Had it been stone or dirt, she wouldn't have been able to. But the slick snow made him slip and sail head first into a snow drift beside her. Marina could barely breathe she was laughing so hard, slipping and sliding to eventually gain her feet.

Boromir coughed and spluttered, spitting snow from his mouth as he turned his eyes to the woman wading through the snow back to the company. The warrior was on his feet in an instant and charged towards her. Marina gave a squeal of feminine delight and slid away through the snow, laughing and giggling. The others found it amusing but were once again reminded that they were not on this journey to have fun.

The warrior had exacted his revenge on the woman by capturing her into his arms and hauling her over his shoulder like she were a sack of potatoes. "Now you cannot be mischievous, my lady."

So there Marina had stayed, being lugged up the mountain. At least it saved her from walking.

A snowstorm had appeared by the time they reached a thin ledge. The snow was so deep that Aragorn and Boromir were forced to carry the hobbits through it, leaving Marina to carve away through the freezing cold on her own. Legolas stepped past her, having not even sunk into the snow even an inch. Marina scowled at him as he moved up beside Gandalf.

"There is a fel voice on the air," Legolas said quietly.

"Its Saruman!" Gandalf cried and a tremendous crack above them caused them to look up. Pieces of hard snow came raining down on them.

"Gandalf, he's trying to bring down the mountain. We must turn back!" Aragorn cried insistently, the hobbits shivering against him.

"No!" Gandalf managed to clamber out of the snow and tried to reason with the mountain but to no avail. Saruman's voice rang out again, and lightening struck the top, sending an avalanche down on them. Gandalf threw himself back against the mountain side, as did Legolas. Marina screamed as the snow forced her to her knees, robbing her of the ability to breathe and think. It felt like minutes passed but was only seconds when a pair of hands grasped her and hauled her body out of the snow. Marina coughed and spluttered, quietly thanking Gimli as she got her breath back.

"We should make for the gap of Rohan or take the west road to my city," Boromir called over the ravaging wind.

"The gap of Rohan takes us too close to Isengard!" Aragorn argued.

"Let us co-operate! Let us go through the mines of Moria!" Gimli enthused.

Marina watched Gandalf carefully, fear clutching at her chest. There was something bad about Moria. Something she out to remember. What on earth was it?

"Let the ring bearer decide. Frodo?"

The hobbit looked up at the wizard, tired and fearful and was desperate to get off the mountain. "We will go through the mines."

Gandalf's shoulders seemed to sag and he looked much older in that instant. "So be it."

I know its short and rather fast-paced but it'll level out as I go. You'll get to know Marina better through the next chapter. Please lend me your thoughts!