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Galadriel seemed to have disappeared into thin without so much as a farewell; it had even skipped Legolas's notice, much to his irritation. Now however, the realisation became very real that he was alone with the young mortal. Marina clambered awkwardly to her feet, cradling the injured hand against her stomach. It didn't matter that the elves had healed it; the damn thing still hurt like a bitch! Tugging insistently at her robe, she made sure it was covering everything and not flashing the elvish Prince. Flashing a human male in her world, was one thing. Funny, even. Doing it to Legolas; a known fictional character, that you didn't know, in a world created by Tolkien was so not advisable.

"Please don't call me that, my Lady." Legolas murmured, brows furrowing.

Legolas began to step forward with careful, measured steps. It made his heart sing with joy just to see her awake and blushing, not to mention alive. For three torturously, agonisingly long days, he'd been unable to hear her sweet voice nor hold her protectively within his arms.

Despite it being three days ago, the memory was as fresh as if it had happened but a moment ago. Legolas's fingers twitched in reflex as the visual images assaulted his mind; the softness of her body sagging against him into unconsciousness. Sweat soaked skin; a roaring fever that did not quell under ice cold water. At that precise moment, the elf had been reminded of just how frail a human was. He remembered as Haldir had immediately led them into the heart of Lothlorien, and presented them to the Lady of Light who took Marina's life into her very hands.

It wasn't often that the elf was ever helpless to help a friend, but Legolas found himself in that position. The only thing he'd been able to do was watch on as Marina fought for her life. Galadriel was a skilled healer but there was only so much one could do against a wound that had been untended for so long, even with the support of Gandalf's magic.

On the second day the fever had broke, much to Legolas's relief and that of the Fellowships'. Though the elf became worried again when she did not awaken from her fever induced coma. So he had stayed by her beside, not eating or sleeping, and sang to her, willing her to awaken. Threading his fingers through her hair had become second nature, and it calmed him as he watched her eyes flutter behind their lids.

It was only when Aragorn called him away did the elf reluctantly leave; that had been before dawn this morning. It hadn't been long after that, that Haldir came to him to reveal that Marina was awake and well. Legolas had wished to be there by her side when she woke, but the sight of her standing and blushing was enough.

"Legolas?" The soft, feminine voice brought him out of his inner musings. How long had he been standing there recalling the past? Blue eyes gazed into storm grey and softened with warmth and happiness.

"I'm glad to see you awake, my lady. How is your hand? Are you feeling well?" Feather-light fingers brushed over her cheek to convince himself the fever had truly broken. His hand froze inches from her silken locks when she bowed to him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything," the young mortal babbled, "I had no idea you were a Prince."

Legolas had intended to speak of his past quite soon, but now that Galadriel had let the goblin out of the bag, it was all he could do not to throw something at the Lady of Light. Sighing ever so softly, he curved his fingers underneath the woman's chin and lifted her gaze to his, shaking his head.

"That is not who I am anymore, mil-nin. Please don't think differently of me because of my birthright." (My love)

Legolas gathered her uninjured hand in his and pressed it over his heart, where it beat a steady rhythm against her palm. Marina felt her own respond, racing against her ribcage. What had he called her? How did he manage to illicit these feelings? Could elves use magic? Her breath hitched as his strong, yet slender arms caged her against his body. Pressed against the warmth of his body; his woodland scent right beneath her nose, it was all Marina could do not to snuggle against him. This was a Prince, for crying out loud.

Marina was lost to any debate inside her head when his fingers skimmed over her back, shoulders, tracing her sides; as if he were committing her body to memory. Heat flushed across her cheeks as his hands splayed over her hips before curving around and very gently running over her backside. Yelping in surprise, Marina jumped back from him, breaking his hold on her. Every impulse in her body was screaming at her to let him touch her again, no matter how inappropriate it was.

Legolas stared at her, thoroughly confused as her previously peaceful expression morphed into one of anger. The absence of her body made his heart and body ache in synchrony. He would have been content to hold and caress her for the rest of the day, but it was not to be if the growing fury in her eyes was of any indication. The elf had a bad feeling that something terrible was about to ensue.

"I don't care if you are a Prince. You can't just go around groping people!" Marina all but squeaked, still blushing furiously yet the anger was rising. Normally being a placid person, it was hard to make her mad but there was more embarrassment to this than anger. And anger was the best concealing emotion to hide embarrassment. Maybe she was making a too big of a deal out of it, if his confused and pained expression were of anything to go by.

"I'm sorry, my lady. Does my touch displease you?"

Nothing could be further from the truth; she desired his touch and it frightened her.

Those blue, blue eyes just seemed to encompass her entire field of vision; the fear of rejection and confusion were very clear in their depths. It made her heart clench painfully in response, and she felt like she'd just been accused of kicking a puppy. Marina shook herself, desperate to keep hold of what self-respect she had left around this attractive elf.

"Yes, it displeases me, your Highness." The words sounded ever so wrong, and were poison to her own ears as she watched Legolas's eyes seem to crumble before her yet his expression remained blank. Perhaps the use of his title was a little harsh but Marina was using it as a defensive method.

"What did I do to upset you so? Please tell me so I may redeem myself in your eyes." Legolas was all but begging, his eyes wavering with raw emotion.

Marina locked her arms behind her back to resist the temptation of holding him again, and forcibly turned so that her back was to him. Every instinct screamed and shouted at her to forgive him. Gritting her teeth, she squeezed her eyes shut and spoke two words that tore at her very soul. "Get out."

Legolas stared forlornly at the woman who had clearly dismissed him and reluctantly turned and opened the doors. Aragorn and Gimli stood on the other side, the ranger with his hand halfway to the door to knock. The Mirkwood Prince gave a brief nod of acknowledgement before fleeing the scene. The human and dwarf raised their eyebrows at each other before a soft sobbing caught their attention.

Marina had collapsed to the floor and was crying into her palms.

What have I done?

Lothlorien was a peaceful interlude from the tiring journey; a pleasing balm to the sorrow of losing Gandalf in Moria. Not a day went by that the Fellowship didn't miss the company of the old wizard, and wished that he was there to share the peace of the forest with them. Galadriel had given them leave to remain as long as they wished, and Aragorn had agreed on behalf of the company that they would stay for a month or two, to recuperate and heal their wounds, whether mental or physical.

Peace and serenity did not emit from all of the Fellowship, unfortunately. From the time Marina had been released from Galadriel's care, the woman had taken a substantial amount of interest in the Marchwarden and shadowed him insistently. Haldir didn't seem to mind; a smirk was always on his lips as he patrolled the borders with the sweet human lagging at his heels. And she would consistently badger him with questions, be it towards heritage or how he'd slept. The woman was a breath of fresh air, and not hard on the eyes. There was of course a reason for her shadowing him, and Haldir believed it had much to do with Legolas. Marina never mentioned the Mirkwood Prince nor did he, but it was clear with the way the woman refused to look at him.

Marina stretched languidly out on the bedroll, heaving a sigh as the rising sun drifted through the towering trees. She could get used to this, easily. Even without the electricity or technology, living the rest of her days in Lorien would be lovely. The elves were kind to her, and Haldir was positively awesome. Why hadn't she payed more attention to him during the movie? As she sat up, peering around, most of the Fellowship were still in the deep throes of sleep, save for Legolas. It was just light enough to see him in the shadows of the trees; a tall, lithe silhouette in the darkness with hair like starlight and eyes as deep as the ocean.

And he was watching her watching him. Marina ducked her head down abashedly, feeling a flush creep up her cheeks. It had been almost two weeks since the incident had occurred, and she had long since forgiven him. Why had he not approached her? Was he angry at her? The thought made her heart beat anxiously. It had made things tense with the rest of the Fellowship; they knew something was wrong but neither side was prepared to speak of what had happened. Marina, to stem embarrassment, and Legolas because he still had no idea what he'd done wrong.

Sometimes Marina wanted to scream and jump up and down with the stupidity of it all. Why couldn't he just approach and speak to her? Did she have to sacrifice what little pride remained? Sighing heavily again, Marina almost leapt out of her skin as Haldir whispered above her, "Are you accompanying me today, Noldorin?" (Dreamer)

Never would she be accustomed to how the elves could move so silently, and swiftly. The Marchwarden seemed to take enjoyment out of scaring the living daylights out of her, much to her chagrin. He'd even taken to giving her a pet name since she stumbled and didn't pay attention to her surroundings. Dreamer was an apt nickname but still bloody annoying. Legolas watched as Marina stood, wagging her finger in a negative fashion at the much taller elf. Haldir was chuckling under his breath as she playfully shoved at his leather-thatched chest.

"Stop doing that!" she exclaimed, resting a hand over her heart. "You're going to give me a heart attack. And the nickname...how about if I start calling you Sparkly or Haldira! Your hair is damn near neater than mine!"

The Marchwarden laughed softly and gave her hair a quick ruffle, which was meant to irritate and certainly did not disappointment. Legolas released his breath in an angry rush, fingers twitching as he resisted notching an arrow and sending it flying at the other elf. Marina batted at his hand like a kitten plays with a toy, giving him a sour look. "Come, Noldorin, the woods await."

As Haldir moved away, Marina cast a lingering look at Legolas that spoke volumes, before turning and racing after the Marchwarden. Had that been a look of warning? The beautiful, grey gems had seemed almost sad. Was she sad that he'd upset her? Was there more to this? Legolas pressed his fingers to his temple with a soft sigh. As much as he enjoyed the company of humans, sometimes they damn near confused him.

"What troubles you?" Aragorn said softly. The ranger had been watching from his bedroll and now approached his distraught friend.

"I know not what I have done, mellon-nin. I am weary to speak with her less she turn me away." he spoke quietly, casting a glance at Boromir's form less than a few steps away. (My friend)

Aragorn followed his gaze and immediately understood the elf's concerns; the two moved away from the camp and Legolas went over how his conversation with the mortal played out. The ranger listened carefully, nodding, tapping on his lip thoughtfully. "I think I may know."

Legolas felt his heart leap so high, he thought it may burst from his chest. Words alone could not reflect how he felt, but his eyes alone told stories.

"You say you touched her. Where?"

The elf furrowed his brows, having not expected that. Memories and intricate details of that morning's happenings swirled through his mind before his eyes widened. He'd gotten so carried away that his hands had just skimmed her backside. Mortification filled him at what he'd done, and he looked to his friend with raw agony in his expression. It was so rare for Legolas to ever portray emotion, and Aragorn worried that the elf had done something to endanger her virtue. After all, elves did not shy away from contact the way humans did, as well as the fact that Legolas did not know what personal boundaries were.

"I...believe it may have been-"

"What are you two whispering about over here?" Pippin and Merry had wandered over.

Legolas inwardly grimaced and Aragorn was trying desperately not to grin. Oh how the elf was never going to forget this when Gimli found out.

Marina was attentive to Haldir's lessons, which had become frequent the more she followed him. He had tried teaching her the elvish language and although she wasn't extremely good, she seemed to be picking it up slowly. Even though she was human, Haldir taught her the ways of the wood; how to read tracks and signs of animals and of possible trespassers. It was on that particular day that Haldir beckoned to her and pointed at a set of spores hidden just under a dense bush.

"Horse tracks." Marina said with a raised brow. Didn't need to learn how to track to know a horse's hoof print when you saw one.

"Not just any horse tracks, Noldorin. These come from the Mearas. They are horses but are different to those that run in your world. These magnificent beasts live as long as man, and are fiercely intelligent and strong. It is said they understand the word of man."

"So...you haven't seen one?"

"If we press on quickly, and quietly we may be able to see them," Haldir answered and took off as silently as possible. Marina stumbled several times, cursing under her breath as she barely managed to keep the tall elf in her sights. It was only when she almost collided with him, did she pause and stop for breath. The Marchwarden pressed a finger to his lips, calling for silence and moved only his eyes to the North.

There, just through a gap in the trees was a small herd of beautiful, white horses. Marina's breath caught in her throat, eyes widening. They just didn't look real. The largest horse, possibly a stallion raised its magnificent head and stared straight at them through the gap, pawing at the ground. He whickered loudly, tossing his head and trotting gaily around the mares and foals; almost as if he were showing them off.

"Won't they run?" Marina whispered to the elf and Haldir shook his head.

"The Mearas fear neither man, elf nor dwarf. Why should they?"

As if proving a point, the stallion tossed its head and walked towards them with a swinging, proud gait. The mares and foals followed obediently behind, nickering to each other in soft tones. Fear crept hold of Marina as the horses came closer, and she inched back the way they'd come. Haldir couldn't understand the need for her fright. These animals would not hurt her as long as she didn't try to capture a foal.

The stallion snuffled Haldir in greeting, much to the elf's amazement and turned to greet the small mortal when she gave a sharp shriek of fear, backing away as quick as the undergrowth at her feet would allow. It startled the group of Mearas, and the stallion reared back with a scream, his flailing hooves barely missing Haldir as the elf launched himself in front of the mortal to protect her.

"Calm thyself, noble Mearas." Haldir raised his hand in a pacifying gesture, aware that his kin were now flanking him, unseen. Marina had pressed herself against a distant tree, staring with fear stricken eyes. Pawing at the dirt, the massive horse snorted and tossed his head, before galloping off through the trees, the mares and foals on his heels. As the distant sound of hooves died away, Haldir spun around to see that Marina was almost in tears.

"Noldorin, why do you cry?" The Marchwarden went to her, conscious of his brothers' presence behind him. They spoke to each other in elvish, making vague gestures towards the distraught mortal.

"I'm terrified of horses." Marina croaked, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand. Haldir could not believe what he was hearing, and neither could his siblings if their exaggerated gasps were of any indication. "I have a bad history with them."

Haldir took a hold of her hand and began leading her back to the heart of the woods, encouraging her to tell him of the past, and she did.

"I lived on a farm when I was a kid," Marina sniffed pathetically as he helped her over a large root, and almost fell over it himself as she stumbled on the other side. "My dad raised and bred horses for a living. I loved them. But one day, when I was twelve, it all went downhill." Haldir said nothing, believing it wise to remain quiet as she revealed her past. "Dad had bought a new horse; it was a mustang and newly broken in. It had a terrible temper, but dad thought he could train it out of that. One day, it jumped the corral and ran rampant through the property." They were nearing the Fellowships makeshift camp, but Haldir did not interrupt her and continued to escort her on, becoming concerned as her tale turned dark.

"My little brother Timothy had just turned six, and he was playing outside with our cattle dog, Emily. I was just coming out of the house when the mustang came racing through the backyard and straight towards my brother." Marina's lower lip trembled as she recalled the shouts and screams of terror. "I moved into its path and started shouting at it, praying it would stop but it didn't."

The silence was deafening for a few moments as Marina tried to collect herself, and didn't realise they'd entered camp. Haldir saw Legolas and a few of the others and hastily made a hand gesture at his brothers. Rumil and Orophin were quick to advise Legolas and company to stay away for the moment, much to their displeasure at being ordered around.

"It was foolish of me to try and stop a madly galloping horse but I had to try. I remember only bits and pieces after that. The horse had broken my arm and several of my ribs just by grazing me. I'd lost consciousness and when I looked to see if my brother was ok...I..."

Tears slipped quietly down her cheeks, and her eyes saw everything but nothing at all. By now the Fellowship was gathered in a small cluster, held back only by Haldir's brothers as they watched their female companion come apart before their eyes. Pippin and Merry were swearing colourfully at the two brothers, and Gimli was threatening them with the harsh tongue of the dwarven language. Sam and Frodo weren't overly interested in why the girl was crying, and kept to themselves on the far side of camp.

Aragorn, Legolas and Boromir were at the point of releasing their weapons on the two elves when Marina started speaking again, albeit with great difficulty. Haldir placed a comforting hand on her shoulder as she continued, "...the mustang...the mustang had tripped over the various holes my brother had dug to make a castle out of dirt." Marina started sobbing and whimpering louder with every word. "I couldn't see anything until I got up...the mustang had killed Emily, kicking the inquisitive dog straight in the jaw as it screamed in pain, and tried to get up."

"Then...then," Marina's voice went high and shrill, her body beginning to tremble. "I saw...I saw...Timothy's arm underneath...the horse...and there was blood...it killed him...IT KILLED HIM!" The woman all but screamed in a long, ragged breath. Haldir just resisted covering his ears and locked his arms around the screaming, emotionally distressed woman. Legolas sprang past the two stunned brothers and ran as though the wind itself were carrying him. The Marchwarden didn't know what to do; she was screaming so loudly, with the whites of her eyes flashing.

As Legolas relieved him of the flailing woman, Haldir realised everything in a split second, and would have smirked if not for the situation at hand. Legolas sank to his knees, cradling the woman against his chest even as she shrieked and screamed. Fingers threaded through her damp hair; his arm like an iron vice around her waist as he murmured elvish into her ear. Pictures of her little brother's arm, and the little limp form of Emily, was all Marina could see flashing before her eyes. It was happening all over again. Trapped in the memory of her brother's tragic death. It's what work had helped replace, to keep her mind busy. Without it, it was a raw memory she'd never been able to handle.

The mustang had been shot just moments after the incident occurred; her mother and father, and her two older brothers hadn't been able to look at what remained of Timothy. Marina screamed and cried against Legolas's chest, relinquishing the anguish and distress she'd been holding onto for so long. Time ceased to exist and nothing save Legolas's arms around her mattered.

"I'm sorry, Legolas. I'm s-so sorry." She hiccupped. "I was too harsh-"

Legolas pressed his fingers to her trembling lips and placed a kiss against her black locks. "Ú-moe edaved, mil-nin." (There is nothing to forgive, my love.) Marina was strangely comforted by the words, and they soothed her agonised body. One of these days, she'd have to ask him what he'd been saying to her. Haldir knelt beside them once her sobs had subsided to the occasional hiccup, and bowed his head to the puffy-eyed mortal.

"Forgive me, Marina."

"It's ok, Sparkly. Shit happens."

The next few days acted as rehabilitation for Marina. Not only did the woman now speak to Legolas, she could barely be separated from him. The nightmares plaguing her worsened whenever she strayed too far from the elf, so she now slept beside him. Even though Marina was suffering, Legolas was overjoyed to have her near him again; speaking and smiling at him.

Sightings of the Mearas passing through the woods were still consistent, and Marina shied away from any mention of them. Though things gradually got better as long as no one mentioned anything about horses.

And then the day came when they had to leave the peaceful woods of Lorien.

Boromir, who'd been oddly quiet through the month they'd remained in Lothlorien, paced restlessly as he waited for the Fellowship to make ready to head out. The hobbits were chattering excitedly about the idea of a new adventure, and what wondrous things they would see through the remainder of their journey, Frodo however continued to remain withdrawn and quiet for the most part.

Gimli was having a heated argument with Legolas about the boats the Lady Galadriel had given them to aid them through the river.

"A dwarf does not swim! We do not climb into things that...float! It looks nary steady enough to bear you, Master elf!"

Legolas's lips twitched at the corners. "Do not worry, Gimli. When it tips, I'll save you." The elf walked away with a tinkling laugh.

"When? When? It's going to tip over?!" Gimli grumbled and cursed in dwarvish under his breath, glancing up as Marina burst into laughter. "It's not funny, lassy!"

Marina couldn't help herself. It'd been so long since she'd been able to laugh without faltering and dreading another round of infrequent flashbacks. The dwarf huffed at her, much to her increasing mirth. Unladylike snorts escaped no matter how she tried to keep her mouth shut and quell the laughter. Boromir only added to the amusement. Pippin had been creeping up on the warrior as he loaded one of the boats with provisions and went, "BOO!"

Water splashed over the embankment as the warrior fell in with surprise, gasping like a fish out of water as he scrambled back to the shore. Boromir dragged himself from the cold depths, tracking water everywhere as he brushed his hair back. Pippin and Merry could barely contain themselves and dashed away as the Gondorian ran after them.

Someone clear their throat behind her, and Marina spun with a hand over her heart. Haldir stood there, magnificent as ever.

"Still managing to scare me, Haldir," she scolded lightly.

The Marchwarden grinned slyly and made a sweeping bow. "Of course, Noldorin. However would I get my...'kicks' as you call it." As Marina smiled in response, he stepped forward and placed a hand upon her shoulder. "Na lû e-govaned vîn. Novaer, Marina." (Until next we meet. Be good.)

Strangely enough, Marina was able to understand most of what he said and scrambled for the correct words. "I'm always good. Namaarie, Haldir. Tenna' ento lye omenta." (Until next we meet)

Ever the elf to be blunt and to the point, Haldir gave her a fleeting kiss on the cheek before sweeping away into the woods. Marina stared after him wistfully, hoping that one day they would indeed meet again.

Galadriel gifted the Fellowship with a variety of useful weapons and items, even going so far as to give Gimli three strands of her golden hair. When she eventually came to Marina, the lady leaned down with her secret smile.

"Thank you for all your hospitality." Marina said meekly, feeling Legolas's fingers drift in a soothing motion across her lower back. Even though she knew nothing of archery, it was hard not to be jealous of his new, elven bow.

"You will learn your purpose here, little one." Galadriel said in her light, melodic tone. The Lady of Light placed something within her hands and Marina raised an inquisitive brow. A small, intricately designed ball sat in the palm of her hand. "I ask a boon of you. Use this to save what does not need to be lost. You will know when the time is right." Another secretive smile and a kiss on the brow, sent her on her way.

What on earth did Galadriel want her to do with some little ball? Was she supposed to throw it at potential targets to be of some use to the Fellowship? Or maybe she had to lob it at people while they weren't looking. Whatever it was for, Marina tucked it into her sack of provisions. The elves had gifted her with an elven cloak, and new clothes that would camouflage her in the woods. They weren't as comfortable as her Hello Kitty pyjamas but then it would serve better to have something practical, rather than something pretty to look at it.

Galadriel bid them farewell from the shore as the current began to push them down the river. Marina couldn't help but feel dread deep within her gut as the Lady of Light disappeared from view. Once again, safety had flown out the window and she was being born to unknown places. Legolas was singing softly under his breath behind her, probably to calm her. It worked. Glancing back at him with a smile, she watched as he rowed them steadily through the water.

"Do not look over the edge, lassy. You might fall in." The dwarf griped, peering over the wooden edge with something akin to nervousness in his eyes.

Marina deliberately leaned forward to peer over his shoulder, making the boat rock unsteadily. The combined weight made it tilt towards the prow and the dwarf's eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets. "What did you say, Gimli?" Legolas teased.

Gimli cast the elf a withering glance and set himself to muttering at the prow whilst Marina and Legolas shared secret smiles.

"Stop it, you two!" Boromir shook his head as Merry and Pippin rocked their transportation side to side as they sung a merry tune that had naught to do with anything.

"Wait for it..." Marina grinned.

And then it happened. The boat capsized and sent the three into the water; they popped up a second later, thoroughly amused, except for Boromir. Eventually righting the boat and clambering back in, the three soaked members of the Fellowship continued on their way.

Hours later they arrived on a sandy back, just shy of a rampaging waterfall. The hobbits looked so grateful to be on land again and immediately set about making a fire. Aragorn allowed them the luxury, if only to keep them quiet for the time being.

"We cross the lake at nightfall, hide the boats and continue on foot. We approach Mordor from the North." Aragorn announced to the company.

Gimli had settled himself down on a spacious clumping of rocks and said gloomily, "Oh, yes, just a simple matter of finding our way through Emyn Muil, an impassable labyrinth of razor sharp rocks."

Marina looked positively startled at the description. "Razor sharp rocks?"

"Pay him no mind," Boromir muttered.

Gimli gave him a look before continuing on. "And after that it gets even better! A festering, stinking marshland, far as the eye can see."

Aragorn was extremely blunt as he said, "That is our road. I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, Master Dwarf."

"Recover my..." Gimli began indignantly before growling under his breath and set about preparing his bedroll. Marina went and sat down by the slowly building fire, rubbing her hands together in the hopes of warming them. This place was damn near freezing; the water made it a hell of a lot worse. Legolas caught her attention as he moved quickly to where Aragorn stood and spoke urgently with him.

Tired and weary after the journey up river, Marina lay down on her side and drifted off to the crackling of the fire and the hubbub of the hobbits voices. It felt as if she'd only been asleep for a moment when a gentle nudge at her shoulder brought her back to consciousness.

"Marina, Frodo is gone. And so is Boromir. We must find them," Aragorn was kneeling by her, and helped her stand.

"Gone?" Marina's eyes widened as bits and pieces of the movie formed a haphazard puzzle piece. "Boromir has gone after the Ring?"

Aragorn did nothing but nod. What more was there to say? It was all too obvious where the man had disappeared to. And the feeling of dread resurfaced with an intensity that left her wondering what on earth was going to happen next. If nothing else, it was bad. Marina followed Aragorn as he strode up into the woods, with the hobbits close on their heels. Legolas went to catch up when a tug at his breeches tore his attention away from the treating woman.

Gimli stood at his side with an almost smug expression on his face. "So, laddy. Wandering fingers?"

Legolas frowned, not at all following.

The dwarf tried again. "The birds and the bees."

"Speak plainly."

Baring his teeth in a wide grin, Gimli nudged the tall elf with his elbow. "I know what happened, Master Fumble." Legolas turned pink. "The wee lassy bid me to tell you this, 'Next time grab it, Leggy. If you want the ass, ya gotta smack it and grab it'."

Legolas was left staring after the dwarf, who was roaring with unrestrained laughter. The elf had a dusting red over his cheeks and down his neck. Oh, how he would never hear the end of this one.

"And what is a Leggy?" he murmured to himself as he ran after the Fellowship.

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