Vidia didn't care how many sleepless nights, scratches, bruises, or even rope burns she got. She would catch all the cursed thistles before the other fairies came back from the Mainland. She wouldn't bare getting ridiculed by that annoying tinker, her stupid friends, and her fellow fast flyers. The fast flyer had almost a month left to catch all of them.

The first thing she did was find out how many thistles she still had to get. About fifty nine of them were missing from Needlepoint meadow. So she got a lasso and started to look for the weeds.

During the following week she had managed to capture and bring back forty two of the sprinting thistles as they didn't venture too far away from their original place. The remaining seventeen were more difficult to get because, unlike the others, they went very far away. Also, these weeds seemed much stronger than the ones Vidia had already captured.

It took Vidia three weeks to get sixteen of them back, and now she was going after the last one.
A sprinting thistle was running in a forest outside Pixie Hollow. Completely aware of being chased by a furious fast flyer, the plant tried it's hardest to escape her. However, it knew that no matter where it ran or hid, the fairy would find it. Soon the thistle found itself caught with a lasso and forced in the opposite direction.

"Stop struggling, stupid weed!" Vidia shouted. She really couldn't wait to get this thistle back to Needlepoint Meadow since it was the last one, but the lasso slipped from her hands leaving a nasty rope burn. Vidia cursed loudly, both for the pain in her hands and for losing again the dammed plant. Then she went after it again at full speed only to stop immediately when she saw the plant sprint into an awfully familiar cave with a sign that said –Danger! Unstable cave, do not enter-

"Maybe I should get back," she said nervously, already feeling a sense of fear and anxiety just from looking at the entrance. Then Vidia remembered she really didn't have much of choice. The queen had been clear that no matter where the thistles went, she had to catch them and bring them back to Needlepoint meadow.

"Come on Vidia, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just get inside and get over it," she told herself. Near the entrance she found an old oil lamp and lit it. Then she flew inside, looking for the thistle.

The cave became more narrow as Vidia went deeper inside. The fast flyer began to shake and breathing became difficult for her.

"S-stupid weed, g-get out!" she stuttered, not really understanding what was wrong with her. Maybe there wasn't enough air in there. Soon, Vidia came to a crossroad. she paused and looked frantically to her left and right, not knowing which way to go. Just then a noise echoed from the left route! She flew toward the noise at top speed and found herself at a dead end. The thistle was just ahead her, unmoving.

"There you are!" she exclaimed and went to get a hold of the lasso, which was still attached to it. Suddenly, the plant started moving towards her! Out of instinct, Vidia ducked to the left, but dropped the lamp breaking it. At that moment the gallery started to collapse! The fast flyer tried to get away, but her only escape route was already gone.

Vidia found herself trapped and with no way of calling for help.