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Wisp was getting frustrated. She was trying to shift the currents for the season, but the wind simply wouldn't listen to her no matter how much she tried.

After another failed attempt the fairy let out a frustrated sigh and sat on a branch of the Pixie Dust tree with her arms crossed.

"I told you, only Vidia was able to do it." Windbreak said sadly as she sat next to Wisp. The mere mention of her name brought tears to the younger fast flier's eyes.

"I don't understand, our speed was almost matched. Why can't I do the same things she used to do all time?" Wisp asked as the other fairy put a hand on her shoulder.

"Wisp it doesn't matter how fast you can fly. This isn't something you can do without great experience and very vigorous training," she started getting the attention of her fellow fast flier,"Vidia had to study under Kyto himself for over a century before she was able to do it."

"Can't Kyto teach me too?" Wisp asked, Windbreak shook her head.

"When I suggested that to the Queen, she told me she had already asked him, and he refused," Wisp suddenly got to her feet.

"But what will happen now that we cannot change the currents?" Wisp asked. The other fast flier did not know how to answer.

"Pixie Hollow will remain unchanged, but the Mainland will suffer the consequences," a sad voice answered the question and startled the duo.

"Queen Clarion! There must be another way to change the currents. How did we do it before?" Windbreak asked, the Queen looked at them with an expression of great sadness.

"In the past fast fliers combined their efforts to swift the currents," the queen replied. This brought up their spirits but the Queen was not finished. "Unfortunately we needed at the last ten of them with average skills," she continued. Her last statement brought them back to the starting point, because counting Zephyr, Leeta, Tizzywing and Elwood there were only six of them.

Leeta and Elwood could only do basic tasks without causing disasters. Tizzywing, despite being at the same level as Windbreak, often got sick and couldn't do most of her own tasks.

The fairies couldn't even think about trying, as there weren't enough fast fliers and half of them could barely do their own jobs.

Technically the Queen was a fast flier since she possessed all of the talents, but even with her help her skills were average so they would still need at the last three more of the rare fairies.

"We can only hope the next arrivals are all fast fliers," the Queen said and left to her rooms. Wisp and Windbreak decided to go back to their houses.
Unbeknownst to them, Tinker bell had been listening to the whole thing and now felt a new wave of guilt.

"You really were better than me," she said aloud to no one.

That same day Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and Silvermist went to the tinker's house.

They were currently having tea and enjoying a simple conversation.

"Why are there are so few fast fliers around?" Tinker bell asked her friends. Fawn shrugged. She really didn't know the answer.

"I guess it's because they are a rare talent," Iridessa answered a little uncertain, Rosetta and Silvermist looked at each other for moment. Then the water fairy answered,

"While it is true that their talent is very rare, there used to be a lot more of them before the war with the Grim Cavers." The three of them looked at her with curiosity, while Rosetta looked away. "Long ago fairies and gremlins lived in peace, but everything changed when they decided we were nothing more than pets to obtain. Out of all of us they favored fast fliers and soon all of them were either killed or caught," the fairy paused a moment to take breath.

"This caused a long war and the conflict only ended when Mother Dove sent Kyoto to stop it after Queen Clarinet was killed in battle," Silvermist stopped at this point and Rosetta took over the story.

"The dragon was disgusted by the gremlin's actions, so he torched almost all of them. The few that survived fled back to Grim Cavers, where the scouts surrounded and made them free the fairies that they had imprisoned, but all the fast fliers ended their lives the next day." Tinker bell looked at garden fairy in confusion,

"Why?" she asked, Rosetta gave her a sad look.

"Because the gremlins cut their wings off," this answer made them gasp in shock.

"Why did they do that? It's not like they could have flown away without Pixie dust," Tinker bell asked. This time Silvermist answered the question.

"All nature fairies are able manipulate their element even without Pixie dust, but only the most talented can do small tricks without the risk of getting seriously hurt," the water fairy paused a second,

"the gremlins knew one of us could decide to sacrifice to free the others, so when they took a nature fairy they made sure to close her off to her element. However, there was no way to separate a fast flier from their wind, so they decided to cut their wings off. Without their wings they literally lost their talent as well," a long moment of silence followed.

"How do you two know all of this?" Iridessa asked softly.

"When we were born Pixie Hollow was still recovering from the war so when we asked they simply told us. Sometime later Vidia was born too," Rosetta answered a little nostalgic, she missed having the fast flier around, they all did.

"Off with the depressing topic! Tink, when are you going to ask Terence out for a date?" Silvermist suddenly said, Tinker bell became redder then a cherry and for once it wasn't out of anger.

"w-what? No way, we are just good friends." she immediately denied, "Besides, shouldn't it be the other way around?"

Vidia woke up with a terrible headache. It took her few moments to realize she wasn't in Mila's house. This place was much bigger and there were several beds. It kind of looked like some sort of hospital, but there was no other patient except for her.

At first the fairy couldn't recall what happened as her headache made it difficult to concentrate, but as time passed everything became clear and she literally jumped out of her bed.

"MILA!" she shouted out as she fell on her face, unable to stay on her feet. Pain shot though her body.

"Oh my, we might need to give sedatives to this one," a voice said. Vidia turned to the source and saw a pair of identical gremlins with brown fur dressed in a gray vest coming towards her, "or at the last tie her" said the voice as the pair gently carried her back to the bed.

"Don't be so cruel. We will simply sedate her," the other said and probably was about to get those sedatives when the fast flier grabbed his sleeve.

"What happened to Mila?" she asked.

"Don't worry the wooden piece didn't hit anything vital, she will up and running in few weeks," he answered her. Vidia let out a sigh of relief and let go of him. The duo left the room with the understanding that sedatives weren't necessary, since the fairy was just worried about Mila.

The two gremlins were not far from Vidia's room, when a fat male gremlin with green fur and gray eyes went towards them.

"So, how is our little guest doing?" he asked. The duo bowed in respect.

"Don't worry Chief, she will be fine. She only bruised some ribs," one of them answered.

"Though that leg may give her permanent problems if she overuses it," the other added.

"Did she say something?" he asked.

"She asked about Mila and looked very relieved to know she was going to be alright," the duo


"Can I talk to her?" the Chief asked with a grin.

"Sure she just woke up" came the reply.

"Who are you?" Vidia asked, seeing the fat gremlin enter. She immediately noticed he was not a doctor because he wore some sort of armor.

"I am Chief Maxis of district twenty three. You know, you are lucky Chief Taurus showed up in time," the Chief introduced himself. The fairy knew that tone. It was the same the ministers used when they wanted something and she couldn't refuse.

"What do you want?" she asked with a frown, no matter who ordered her she didn't like taking orders. Chief Maxis let out a laugh.

"Direct to the point, I want your help to capture that criminal for good," he answered.

"How can I help you?! I can barely move and I am out of dust." she pointed out.

"That is true, but Alsek has his eye on you." the fat gremlin said.

"You want to use me as bait?" the fairy supposed.

"Exactly," he confirmed.

"Absolutely not," Vidia answered. There was no way she would ever want to meet that psychopath again.

"Oh don't be difficult, sure you may get back to Pixie Hollow and be safe from him, but who knows? Maybe he will take it out on your friend Mila," he paused "so do we have an agreement?" Chief Maxis causally said and held out his hand. The fast flier looked at it for some moments before she shook it.

"I knew you would understand," he said with a grin. Vidia wished she could punch him in the face to wipe that annoying grin from his face.

"Don't worry, my plan is fool proof. There is no way he could ever come close enough to touch you," he tried to assure her, but she didn't trust this plan of his at all. Something told her that it was bound to go wrong.

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