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Chapter 1: Unbridled expectations

"If I agree to this, what can I expect from it?" Sarah asked hesitantly as she stood in front of the King of Goblins. He stood tall and proud, arrogant as ever but somewhere hidden in the deep pools of his mismatched eyes was an underlying passion and an undying certainty.

His eyes were unrelenting as he stared at her. His face void of any emotion, a blank mask of otherworldly beauty just as she remembered from her time in the Underground.

"I promise to provide for you and to protect you." He told the younger woman simply.

Sarah waited for more hoping the Goblin King would have more to offer her than just protection and provisions. When none came she chewed on his words considering them carefully, so much more could stem from this type of arrangement. "What of love? Passion? Loyalty? Companionship? Friendship even?" Sarah asked him almost pleadingly, pausing humbly between each word. When his face didn't show any change she already knew his answer.

"I can only offer what I am able to give. You will never want and no harm shall come to you."

Sarah sighed closing her eyes. What a situation to be in especially in the middle of a cold, December night in her pink flannel pajamas. She had never been so surprised to see someone in her entire life. Especially someone whom she thought she would NEVER see again. But alas, as the small grandfather clock in the hallway of the Williams home chimed 3:00 am, Sarah had been startled awake to find the Goblin King in her room.

She really wasn't even sure why she was considering this ridiculous request proposed to her by the blonde man standing in front of her. She supposed, to save her friends for starters among other reasons she could process through at a later date. Best not to dwell on too many insecurities now.

"Can you explain this to me again? Explain to me why after 10 years you return to me in the middle of the night asking that I agree to marry you to save the Underground?" Sarah tried using the anger as an anchor. She crossed her arms over her chest hoping to convey that she needed more. She would not simply succumb and bend to his will. Not this time, not ever.

Jareth's proper stance sagged as he heaved a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes. This child was insufferable. He'd already explained it to her multiple times.

"As I've said before," he said putting his leather clad hands on his narrow hips pushing the long black cloak back with his forearms, "I am being forced to take a wife, one who is mortal, one who has bested the Labyrinth and one who has never known the touch of a man, all for the sake of my kingdom. A prophecy has been laid out, one that my superiors feel that I should honor. I assure you, the list of names fitting that criteria were very, very few."

After a few moments of tense silence, the Goblin King relaxed his aggressive stance by a fraction allowing a small smirk to appear on his flawless face. In that moment, he looked more like the playful, mischievous man she knew from the Labyrinth rather than this regal, foreboding creature that stood in front of her now. It was really hard to believe they were the same person. At first, actually, she hadn't until he'd produced a crystal from his fingertips.

"I do not intend to force you into this, Sarah. The decision must be your own. If you deny me, then I will go to the next on my short list of women."

"And how many women are on your list, Jareth?" Sarah snapped, a small trickle of jealousy finding its way into her voice.

His eyes narrowed slightly which was the only indication his patience was stretching thin. "Four. You are the first," he answered truthfully. Sarah tucked that bit of information away for later.

The moments ticked by as they stood staring at each other, neither willing to give a fraction of an inch. Feeling suddenly tired and very bored, Jareth begin pacing around Sarah's bedroom picking up random pictures to glance at the smiling faces, opening the covers of the worn leather bound books peering at the title, just generally getting a feel for the much younger brunette gaping at him.

Sarah watched him silently as he invaded her privacy as if it were the most natural thing in the world and not at all invasive. She made a mental list of the pros and cons. In the end, how could she deny him? She was not selfish enough to put her own apprehensions in front of that of an entire world. She believed him when he said he would not have asked if there had been any other way especially given their last encounter ten years ago.

"Alright," she said quietly feeling a sudden jolt of uneasiness throughout her entire body. The Goblin King straightened himself and turned to her, a moment of surprise passing over his handsome face.

"Alright? Say your right words. " He told her causing shockwaves of memory to come crashing down around her.

"I agree to your proposal," she said trying to sound formal but failing miserably as her voice broke halfway through.

Jareth nodded curtly as he crossed his arms, "Pack your things, Sarah. We'll leave immediately."

Sarah nodded. She pulled out the black suitcase she had stored in closet for traveling. She wasn't sure when she'd be back or if she'd even be back to the Aboveground and wondered what she should take with her. She set out first to pack her clothing but the Goblin stopped her.

"You will not need any clothing other than undergarments," Jareth said causing Sarah to turn and look at him surprised. He was now sitting on her bed, one leg casually dangling over the edge, playing with her worn teddy bear. Sarah was 25 years old now but her collection of teddy bears given to her by her grandmother. Sentimental junk.

"Why wouldn't I need any clothes?" Sarah asked as panic bubbled in her throat. A million different reasons ran through her head most of them nonsensical including to having being tricked into becoming Jareth's sex slave. The Goblin King glanced at her, a sidelong shift of his eyes, and laughed callously at her panicked expression.

"I'm not going to tie you naked to our bed if that's what you are thinking. Our style of dress is different in the Underground. You will have a new wardrobe made for you upon arrival," Jareth told her his lips curving into a genuine smile before schooling his face back into a stone cold mask of indifference.

"Oh, what's wrong with my clothes? They aren't all that different from what you wear. Can I at least take a few of my jeans?"

"No," he replied, his tone final.

"But…" Sarah stammered wanting to fight him on the unnecessary task of creating a new wardrobe when she had a closet full of clothing. So wasteful. Jareth interrupted her throwing the bear angrily down on the bed.

"As the King, I have an image to maintain and no wife of mine is going to trollop around in men's clothing. You will have an entire wardrobe full of gowns made for you tomorrow. That is my final say on this matter, Sarah," he told her irritably as he rose from the bed. "Now hurry up, we need to get back," he said as an afterthought. He turned towards the window and gazed out into the night, hands clasped behind him.

Sarah made a few inappropriate gestures at the man's back but put her clothes back into her closet. She moved to her dresser pulling her bra and underwear drawer open. She turned quickly to see if his back was still to her. Thankfully, it was. She didn't want him peeking at her intimate apparel. Swiftly, she emptied the entire contents of the drawer into the suitcase.

Next, she started pulling mementos off her dresser and nightstand. She grabbed pictures of her family, her favorite books and anything she thought she'd miss if she weren't able to return. She pulled out her jewelry box and started emptying it into the suitcase. She wasn't sure what kind of gowns she'd be wearing so she felt it safe to bring everything with her. If Jareth was so picky about imagery, he would no doubt want her fully accessorized every day.

"What about my shoes?" She asked noticing the box full of shoes in the bottom of her closet. He'd never mention anything about shoes. He turned partly from the window glancing at the box, a small smirk on his lips.

"Leave those ratty, old things here. I'll see to it that you get proper shoes, as well. Really, Sarah, do you find all those items necessary?" he asked as he surveyed her over filled suitcase.

Sarah looked at her suitcase. Sure, it was a little full, but she was uprooting her entire life. She didn't know what she might need. He wasn't exactly being helpful either, staring out the window like an overgrown owl.

"I don't know, maybe. Isn't it better to pack too much than not enough?" Sarah asked trying to reason with the Goblin King. His only response was a quirked eyebrow before he returned his attention to the darkness outside. Sarah rolled her eyes at his dramatics before resuming packing.

The last thing Sarah put in her suitcase was her stuffed teddy bear Lancelot. After doing a quick turn about the room, Sarah decided she was ready. She sighed before informing Jareth she was ready.

"Ok, I think I'm ready to go," she said softly as sadness welled up inside her. She glanced around the room one last time. Jareth produced a note in his hand and laid it on her pillow. It was a note containing the information about Sarah's whereabouts. Jareth had spelled the note so whoever read it would believe it. After everyone who was supposed to read it, Robert, Karen and Toby, did, the note would catch fire destroying any evidence of the Underground.

Jareth took her suitcase noticing how heavy it was but choosing not to comment and put his hand on the small of her back. Sarah felt an unfamiliar tug in her stomach causing her to close her eyes. When she opened them she was standing in the middle of a bedroom. She glanced around in wonder. It was absolutely breathtaking. The largest bedroom she had ever seen, almost the size of her entire living room back home. The color scheme was black and silver with hints of red and gold scattered throughout.

The focal point of the room was the large, dark wood, four poster bed which rested against the side wall. The bed was massive, ar least a king, Sarah thought. It was on a raised wooden platform of the same shade as the bed's frame. The bed spread was black with dark silver scrolling. The first two pillows matched the bedspread while the others were black, silver or red satin. The sheets underneath the comforter were blood red. Black drapes, bed skirt, and top runner completed the bed's whimsical look.

Sarah glanced at Jareth. He was watching her carefully, his face void of any emotion. This must be his room. Sarah thought suddenly causing her breath to restrict in her throat. It had to be. The entire room just screamed Goblin King right down to the feathers in the decorating and the black glittery chiffon curtains hanging from the windows.

A few tapestries hung on the wall of different mythical scenes. A little ways from the bed was a large stone fireplace, currently lit, reaching halfway to the ceiling. A large red velvet couch sat in front of the fireplace along with an oval throw rug. A few dressers lined the walls.

To her surprise, Sarah spotted a bookshelf built right into the wall across from the bed which was filled with various colored leather bound books. Candelabras were placed around the room. All of the off white candles were currently lit.

"Is this your room?" Sarah walked towards the bookshelf unable to resist the urge to look at the titles. Behind her, Jareth's lips curved into a fond smile. Curious little mortal.

"This is our room, Sarah," Jareth told her. Did she really think we would stay in separate room? The Goblin King thought to himself. Innocent little mortal. Sarah turned quickly to face him, her mouth in an "oh" shape. Her mouth felt very dry.

"Our room?" she repeated unevenly. Jareth looked smug as he stood there picking at his gloves like he was bored.

"Yes. We will be married very shortly. You didn't think we'd stay in separate rooms did you?"

Sarah gulped then chided herself to grow a back bone. "Yes, I guess I did," she admitted.

Jareth just shook his head before leading her through a small door in the corner of the room. It was a very large walk in closet. All sorts of clothing lined the walls. He pointed to an empty section of the wall.

"This is for you. Later this evening, you will go for a fitting with Mrs. Cobble, our seamstress, she will measure you for your new wardrobe. Place all of your clothing here. The second dresser out in the main bedroom has been cleared for your things as well. I have some things to attend to before our wedding tonight. Get yourself ready. The bathroom is straight through that door there," he said pointing to the door that separated one shelf of clothing from another.

Sarah froze, "Wait, we're getting married tonight?"

"Yes, the sooner the better," he said watching her again. She noticed a slight tension in his posture. It gave her a little bit of comfort to know he was just as edgy about their union as she was. At least, she hoped that's what his tense posture meant. Sarah was having a really hard time reading her future husbands emotions. "I will send a maid in thirty minutes to help you dress."

Sarah closed her eyes. When she opened them, Jareth was gone. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the bathroom. Unlike the massive bedroom, the bathroom was fairly small in size. What surprised her most was the fact the bathroom was entirely black marble with a claw foot tub big enough for two people, sink, and mirror.

She turned on the hot water, thankful the castle had running water. She found it odd but she was incredibly thankful for that luxury. Apparently, it did not have electricity since the bathroom also had a large candelabrum that filled the room with light.


Half hour later, Sarah heard a knock on the bathroom door. She started slightly, forgetting that Jareth had told her a maid was coming. The water had long gone cold, as she'd sat mulling over the events that had transpired and the ones that had yet to happen.

"Just a minute," Sarah called as she pulled the drain on the tub and stepped out carefully onto the red plush bath mat. She pulled down a large fluffy towel from the rack and dried herself off. She noticed a white bathrobe hanging on the wall with an 'S' embroidered into it. She didn't remember it being there when she'd first arrived. It must be hers. She wrapped it around her body and opened the door.

A small female goblin stood at the doorway. Her skin had an olive green hue to it; she had yellow hair which was braided into a chignon. Her clothes were plain, brown and blue.

"Hello, my Lady, my name is Odette. The King asked me to help you prepare," the goblin said with a slight curtsy. Sarah was a little taken back by the curtsy but she figured she might as well get used it. She was going to be Queen after all.

"Thank you, Odette, I really appreciate the help. What am I supposed to wear? Jareth didn't tell me before he left," Sarah asked Odette as she glanced around the closet. She realized for the first time that all of the clothes belonged to the Goblin King. There had to be hundredths of clothes in here. How many clothes did this man have?

"Oh, he sent your gown with me. It is lying on the bed. If you'll follow me we'll get you all ready for your wedding. Aren't you excited, Miss, to be marrying the King?"

Sarah followed her back out into the main part of the bedroom. Sarah noticed, oddly enough, that the bedroom and closet seemed to be carpeted. It felt wonderfully soft under her bare feet.

"I'll admit, Odette, I'm kind of scared. I don't really know Jareth, at all. Can you tell me anything about him? What's he really like? I only met him once, when I was in the Labyrinth. When he asked me to marry him, he promised to provide for me and protect me. Can I trust him to do that?" Sarah asked of the maid surprised that she was talking so freely with someone she didn't know.

Odette considered her words for a moment. "Well, I don't really know a lot of personal things about him, Miss. His Majesty forbids us to be involved with his personal life and speaks of it very little. The King is many things arrogant, pompous, ruthless, and stubborn but above all else he is a honorable man. If he said he will do it then he will do it," Odette told her with a small smile before motioning to the bed.

Sarah thought about the goblin maid's answer. Before she could question her more on the subject, she saw her dress. A beautiful, strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline. Eggshell colored jeweled lace covered the entire hem of the satin bodice which was the same color. The skirt was bright white with golden embroidery. A ruffled satin and lace train the same color as the bodice flowed down behind the dress. A white lace veil lay beside the dress along with a pair of white shoes.

Sarah ran her fingers over the dress almost lovingly wondering how she was going to look in it and briefly wondering how Jareth was going to react when he saw her.

This was really the first time she'd ever dressed to impress a man. The excitement she was feeling was completely foreign to her. But the thought of him looking at her in this beautiful gown, of him seeing her for more than a child excited her.

Odette helped Sarah in to the dress with ease lacing up the back with expert fingers. She pulled half of Sarah's hair up curling it in the process. She placed the veil clip in the back center of the hairstyle. Sarah shivered as the veil brushed against her exposed neck. Picking up a black velvet box from the bed, Odette opened it to reveal a simple set of pearls, drop earrings and a necklace. Odette put them on Sarah and led her over to the large mirror.

Sarah gasped when she saw her reflection. She had never imagined the dress would look so beautiful on her. She frowned feeling remorseful. When she imagined her wedding and how beautiful she would look, she'd always imagine a man who loved her waiting at the altar. Odette sensed her uneasiness and tried to comfort her.

"Don't worry, my Lady. The King is a good man. He will take care of you. Don't be fooled by his surly attitude," Odette said catching Sarah's eye in the mirror and giving her a warm smile.

There was a knock on the door. Any comfort Sarah had felt at Odette's words disappeared as nervousness set in. Odette ran to open the door revealing a man with dark red hair, dressed in all black. He smiled at Sarah when he noticed her.

"My, my, my, aren't you a beauty? The King sure knows how to pick them. My name is Ardeth. I'm Royal Advisor to His Majesty and now to you, my Lady. I've come to collect you. His Majesty is waiting for you in the Throne Room."

Sarah nodded her head but didn't move forward, her face paling at the reality of the situation. She was in the Underground and about the marry Jareth, the Goblin King. She gulped. Ardeth smiled as he took her hand causing Sarah to jump. He led her silently down the hall through a maze of twist and turns before finally stopping in front of large, ornate, wooden doors. He knocked once to warn the King that he was back.

As Ardeth pushed open the door, he handed Sarah a bouquet of white flowers. They definitely weren't from her world. A few jewels and spots of glitter had been added to the bouquet. She looked up from the bouquet to the room in front of her. No one was in the room except Jareth and a tall man with waist length black hair. Jareth turned to see Sarah come through the doors. In that moment, he was glad he'd chosen her. Even though she looked frightened, it seemed to add to her beauty. She walked slowly towards him trying to even her breathing and keep herself upright.

He reached a gloved hand out to her. She placed her hand in his gingerly. Pulling her to stand beside him he turned back towards the priest signaling him to begin. The long haired man said a few words in a language Sarah didn't understand. She trembled as the ceremony continued. The Goblin King didn't give any indication that he noticed her hand shaking as he listened to the foreign words.

The vicar produced a green cord from his robes. Walking towards the couple, he took their joined hands carefully in his own and wrapped the cord loosely around their hands. He stood back grabbing a book off the table reading from it.

He turned towards the King first, "Will you be the Bride's dependable partner for life?"

Jareth glanced at Sarah before replying, "Yes."

The vicar then turned towards Sarah, "Will you be the Groom's dependable partner for life?"

Sarah felt her knees tremble threatening to collapse. Instinctively, Jareth gripped her hand a little tighter. "Yes," she replied in a soft voice as she regarded the man in front of her. She really looked at him for the first time since she'd entered the room. He really was quite handsome. His blonde hair had streaks of white in it. He wore black leather pants with matching knee high boots. He wore a gold brocade jacket that stopped about mid-thigh with crystals sewn into the brocade. His white ruffled shirt was unbuttoned at the top to reveal a glimpse of pale skin and the odd shaped sickle necklace he always wore. His eyes met hers with such intensity, Sarah felt squeamish under his gaze.

"Will you both stand by one another in sickness and in health, in plenty and in want?"

"Yes," they answered simultaneously.

The man started to remove the cord from their wrists. As Jareth began to pull his hand away, Sarah felt a tingling in her entire body. She noticed a stunning diamond ring appeared on her left ring finger. It had two rows of diamond with a diamond flower in the center. Sarah, also, felt an unfamiliar weight settle on the top of her head.

"By the power invested in me by the Underground guardians, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride, Your Majesty."

Sarah's breath caught in her throat. He'd warned her about the kissing and what would follow the ceremony. She stared at him wide eyed willing herself not to shy away from him as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She blinked. He held his hand out which she took visibly trembling. She felt the pulling on her stomach again as he transported them back to their room. Immediately, he moved away from her giving her time to adjust. Their evening wasn't quite over but Sarah looked like she about to faint. He felt sorry for her. Everything had been so hurried.

She stood for a few moments staring at nothing just concentrating on her breathing. When he'd appeared in her bedroom, asking for her to marry him, he'd explained everything that would happen. They'd be married in a quiet ceremony and directly after the ceremony they'd be expected to consummate it. Something about completing the magical circuit. As she stood here in the large bedroom, she glanced at the bed and then to the Goblin King who had his back to her as he busied himself pouring a drink from the crystal decanter on the end table beside the couch, again the reality of the situation crashed down on her like a violent wave.

Jareth turned to see his new bride. "Sarah," he said pulling her out of trance. Her glassy green eyes snapped to his. They were too wide, the whites showing. "You look very beautiful," he said trying to calm the girl. She stared at him as if he were a hungry bear and she were the unlucky prey. She nodded slowly acknowledging his compliment.

Jareth sighed bringing the glass to his lips, "I'm sorry, Sarah, really I am, but this next part is necessary. I wouldn't ask it of you if I didn't have to. We must complete the magical circuit binding ourselves together completely. If you'd like we can try for a child now. This way we'd only have to do this once." He was trying to comfort her, to ease her apprehensiveness but at the mention of a baby Sarah started to panic.

"No," she repeated over and over. "This is too much. I can't. I'm not ready to be a mother, yet. I need to adjust to being a wife first," she told him frantically, her eyes pleading with his, tears threatening to spill over.

Jareth nodded. "Of course, Sarah, whatever you wish." He took a long swig of the brandy he'd poured himself before setting the glass down on the table. The sound shot through her like a bullet. Such an absolute, resounding sound. A sound that signaled their consummation was going to take place right here, right now.

He closed the gap between them reaching a gloved hand to her face. Sarah swallowed loudly finding it hard to breath past the lump that had settled itself in her throat. She'd never slept with anyone before. She had barely gotten to second base. Her heart pounded loudly in her throat. She felt nauseous.

He ran his down her face, slowly, causing Sarah to shiver. Despite being terrified, Sarah closed her eyes relishing in the feeling of being touched by a man. An idea that was so foreign to her. As he moved his hand away, her face felt cold. She opened her eyes blinking a few times. The look on his face was that of gentle patience.

"I'll be gentle," he whispered before claiming her mouth with his own. As he gently began pushing her back towards the bed, Sarah thought of everything that had transpired tonight and hoped she'd made the right decision.


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