"Holy Rome!" Holy Roman empire turned to the girl who called his name. A grin spread across his face as Italy ran towards him, her sad smile making his heart sink. "Mr. Austria said you were leaving, he was lying! Right?!"
"No, he was telling the truth." Holy Rome looked down. "I am going to war with France, so I'm going away for awhile Italy."
Her brown eyes shone with tears. Lifting up her broom Italy shoved it at Holy Rome. "Take it! Its a goodbye gift, so you will Remember me!"
"Italy, I will always remember you." He smiled, love coming to his words. "Wait, um, what should I give you as a good bye present?"
"A kiss." Italy informed. Holy Roman Empires eyes went wide, a kiss? Little did he know that it was part of Italy's culture. Even if he did he would have wished it was because Italy felt the same feelings he had for the cute little girl.
Holy Rome leaned forward and pressed his lips to Italy's, giving his first kiss away.
"Hurry up Holy Rome, France won't wait to evade you if you don't hurry!" Austria yelled as he stood by the car.
"Promise me you'll come back!" Italy pleaded.
"I promise Italy." He whispered. "I'll return for you."

Frances sword crashed down upon his, knocking him back a few paces. "Ha, you call that a block? Pathetic! I'm going to destroy you and your shabby little outfit!" Holy Rome tried to attack, only to be kicked in the gut and knocked down. "Say your last words little boy!"
"Italy...I...I'm sorry." France swung his blade at Holy Rome for the last time...Memories of him and Italy played in his head, the cat festival, Italy teaching him to draw and their last moment together. "Ita-Italy...Forgive me..."

"Germany!" Italy yelled out. "Oh Germany!"
"What is it! I am busy!" The other man frowned. Japan nodded at Germany which told him he wouldn't mind waiting while he dealt with the more childish one of the Axis power.
"Well, you see, I was out to buy more pasta for dinner when I saw Prussia! I went to say hi but he didn't seem to be his arrogant self and he said there was something important he had to do and he didn't have time for me and so I asked him what it is and he said he was and he said it was a plot and I kept asking and asking but he wouldn't tell me and then he hit the pasta out of my hands and now we can't have pasta for dinner!" The Italian was almost in tears. "And when I went back to the pasta store they said there was no more pasta! What are we going to do!?"
"Hm, this is strange." Germany rubbed his chin. "Are you sure he didn't say 'my awesome plan' or something similar?"
"I don't think so. Germany! You're not seeing the problem!" Germany waved Italy off and looked around for his phone, quickly dialling his brothers number.
"What is it!? You're interrupting me!" Prussia yelled into the phone.
"Italy told me he saw you today and said you seemed off." Germany replied. Italy went on to talk to Japan about dinner and how there was little pasta left. Nothing really important, Germany deducted.
"Well aren't you just the little snoop, West. I'm fine, don't worry yourself." Well he certainly sounds arrogant. Germany thought. "I'm just working on a plan to destroy that jerk Austria with his one true weakness! Its a awesome plan! Almost as awesome as me!"
"Prussia?" Germany heard someone else talking near Prussia. "Where's Italy?!"
"Hush now! I'm on the phone! So rude! I have to go now West, little snoopy snoop. I'll tell you about my plan later! Stay awesome!" The phone clicked and the line went dead.
"Italy?" Germany mumbled to himself. He didn't recognize that voice and who would go to Prussia's to look for Italy? Anyone who knew the Italian knew that he would be with Germany. Was this something to dig into or should he just leave it?
"What is it Germany?" The Italian tilted his head to the side, reminding Germany of a dog.
"Prussia is up to something, I'm just not sure if its worth thinking about." He nodded, turning back to Japan.
"If you don't mind, Germany, I would ask to end this meeting for today." Japan said. "Greece has told me he wanted to show me something I would find interesting."
"Alright."Germany sighed. "Italy, lets go find you some pasta."
"Yay! Getting pasta!"Italy cheered. "Vee~"

"I say we find a way to lower the prices on pasta!" Germany shouted. They were having another world meeting and Germany was the first to speak. Everyone looked at him shocked.
"Whats wrong with the prices now?" China asked. "My people are able to get it cheap."
"So can us Italians!" Italy beamed.
"I treated my friend Italy to pasta last night," everyone groaned realizing the hole put in Germany's pocket that caused. "And I realized simple noodles should be cheaper."
"Oh, I'm sorry Germany. I didn't mean to eat so much pasta." The Italian pouted.

Prussia burst through the doors. "Suck it losers! Prussia is here!"
"Oh not you again." Austria pushed up his glasses. "Your such a nuisance."
"Oh? You want to start Austria?! I got a special weapon so powerful and horrifying that you could never have a single hope of defeating the awesome Prussia!" He laughed.
"Oh? And what is this lame ass weapon?" He scoffed.
"I'd prefer it if you didn't call me 'lame ass' Austria." Germany's head shot up, realizing this is the person who was talking to Prussia. The man looked a lot alike him, aside from the clothes and the hair style it would have been hard to tell them apart. There were two other differences though, there seemed to be a rather large scar on this mans neck that went down into his uniform and Germany would never be caught handling such a weak looking broom...