"Now do us both a favor and join with Russia, da?" Germany stared in horror as the door slammed and locked behind him. The man was like a bear, huge and risky. He seemed sweet but Germany never trusted him. He seemed evil. Now he was sure this man was a psychopath. "Italy is in another room, safe with Holy Roman Empire."
"Nein! Tell me where Italy is! Take me to him!" Germany shouted, grabbing his whip just in case.
"In that case I'll tell the servants to kill them both." Russia smiled sweetly, to any normal person, not hearing what he was saying they could have mistaken the situation. Damn him, DAMN THIS VODKA DRINKING BASTARD! Germany hissed in his thoughts. "Seeing as Italy wouldn't surrender."
"Italy didn't surrender?" The German was shocked. The mass producer of white flags didn't give up? "Then neither will I! I will die first!"
"That can be arranged comrade." The insane Russian started laughing. Taking his pipe-sword out of his cane he started walking towards Germany, terrified for his life he kept backing up until finally he was against the wall and the blade was at his throat.

"I came to save you, quickly we have to go!" Holy Roman Empire grabbed Italy's hand and pulled him towards the door they originally came in.
"Wait, where is Germany?" The Empire glared at Japan for mentioning his competition.
"Germany came with you?" Italy tilted his head. "Germany! Russia must have him!"
"Russia...No, he wouldn't." Prussia panicked. His captor wouldn't hurt his little brother...No! Italy pulled away from Holy Roman Empire and he and Prussia ran to the place where Germany was going to search, finding him on the ground with Russia on top of him. A insane grin on his face as he laughed.
"Join with Russia!" Russia laughed. Italy screamed, his hand grabbing his white flag out of habit. Prussia walked towards Russia and sniffled.
"Ger-Germany!" Italy cried, pulling out his flag and running towards Russia. Russia immediately defended, slicing the stick of the flag and looking at Italy. "You monster! Leave my friend Germany alone!" Italy smacked Russia on the chest repeatedly. "Horrible! Horrible person!"
Holy Roman Empire looked at Italy and jogged beside him, pulling him into his arms and kissing his cheek. "Calm down Italy, I shall take care of this." Drawing his sword out of its sheath the Empire glared at Russia, his mind focused. "Let Germany go."
"Oh? Little one, you think you can take on Russia? My power has grown since last time we met. I've been drinking lots of Vodka since then." The child like laugh sent shivers down Holy Roman Empires spine but he was determined. For Italy.
"Germany is important to Italy, and as much as I hate that bastard, I love Italy and what is important to him is important to me! I don't let whats important to me get hurt." He nodded, it all made sense in his head. "So, even if you are stronger then me I will fight for my Italy's happiness!"

Germany was shocked and by the look of it, so was Italy. Italy watched in amazement as his childhood love stood in front of him, guarding him and Germany despite hating him. Holy Rome was strong...and Italy's love for him had never disappeared. "Italy." His eyes caught Holy Romes. "I love you, remember that."
"Holy Roman Empire..." Italy smiled and stood next to him, what was left of his stick in his hands ready to fight. "I'm with you all the way!"

"Enough!" Prussia walked beside Russia. "Don't you want someone who likes snow instead of this rude German? Jeez! The Awesome Prussia is willing to go with you if you leave Germany and his pals alone."
"Prussia, your already one with Russia, no?" Russia looked at him confused before smiling.
"Let them go and lets go alright, shiza, your slow." The Prussian laughed. Russia got off of Germany and grabbed Prussias hand. A happy, and not scary for once, smile on his face. Psh, who is anyone fooling? Russia's smile was always scary.
"Germany are you alright?"Italy rushed to Germany, leaving the Empire feelings alone.
"Yes, I'm fine..." Looking up into Italys eyes Germany decided. "Italy..I can't be with you anymore."
"What?! Why?!" Italy questioned, already knowing why as the reason stood behind him.
"A rather determined empire cares for you more then I seem to, and you seem to care for him just as much." Germany closed his eyes, tears invading him and his throat closing up. "But I swear to God, if you hurt Italy I will kill you."
"Gratzi." Holy Rome looked at Italy who smiled right back at him. Taking Italy in his arms he knew he was going to be with this person for the rest of his life. Male or female. He loved Italy, and now...Italy really did love him back.

"Hey! Germany! How does it feel to be second best to that man Empire! Eh?" Romano laughed.
"Your brother is happy and that's all that matters." Germany nodded. "But I'll always be watching for the day he slips up."
"Even if I do, Italy will stay mine. I won't give him up so easily Germany." The Empire said, walking right by Germany on his way to visit Austria and Hungary.
"Hiya Germany! Hiya Romano" Italy chirped happily. The two stared at him dumbfounded...Italy's happiness always got the best of them.

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