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Prompt – Whet (Ava's Oddities Challenge)

Kagome stood by the mailbox, bouncing back and forth on her feet, pigtails waving to and fro as she stared. It was as if she thought that by staring at the box, something would be produced, but, of course, that was never the case. She had sent her first letter two weeks ago and every day since she had stood outside, waiting for a response. While she was only five, Kagome was already learning the value of patience.

Her letter was addressed to one InuYasha Fukuzawa – her betrothed fiancée, according to her grandmother. The stern old woman had come by last month to inform Kagome and her mother that she had arranged the match, much to her mother's dismay. Her mother was rather traditional and meek, so she didn't argue it much – at least, not to her mother-in-law's face. Kagome didn't see what the problem was.

As far as she was concerned this was exciting.

None of her friends had even held a boy's hand, let alone had a fiancée! Granted, Kagome herself had not held a boy's hand – boys had cooties and catching that would be disastrous. Still, Kagome couldn't help her curiosity about this boy her grandmother had chosen for her. All she knew was that he was male, from a wealthy family, had an elder brother, and was six years old. There was so much she wanted to find out!

Was he tall? Did he wear glasses? What sort of games did he play? Did he like to read books?

Kagome was so lost in her questions that she failed to notice the squeaking sound of the mailbox opening as the letter carrier placed their mail within until the lid on the other side closed. Blinking, she took a deep breath and slowly lifted the cover of the box from within the house, staring for a few long moments at the singular envelope within.

With a trembling hand, she took it up and slowly turned it over to look at the front. A wide grin slowly crept onto her face as she released the door to the mailbox, turning to race into the kitchen where her mother stood, preparing lunch and holding out the letter with both hands. "Mama, mama, mama, guess what? Look what came today!"

Her mother paused and turned to look at her daughter, a small smile on her face, even though her eyes were not quite happy. "How nice for you, Kagome. Do you need help reading it?"

Kagome paused, brow furrowing. She could read and write some basic sentences, but she wondered if InuYasha might use words she didn't know yet. He was a whole year older than her, after all, so he had to be intelligent. Lips narrowing into a firm line, Kagome looked to her mother seriously and gave a nod. "Yes, please."

The mother finally smiled a true smile at her daughter's seriousness before helping her daughter read the first letter among many from her newest penpal, InuYasha Fukuzawa.