Prompt – Sky (Write Night)

He had faced down many formidable foes in life. Had fought against dragons, felt the blood of his enemies spatter across his chest as he took their very life from them, had even managed to work up the courage to propose a mating to his first wife – rather intimidating in her own right – yet he had never felt so concerned as he did in this moment.

Staring down at the tiny little slip of a girl, her hair done up in a tight bun with strands dangling loose around her cherub face, clothed in an expensive kimono – Kagome Higurashi was probably the most fearsome opponent the great Inu no Taisho had ever met.

He let out an easy breath as he realized that he would not have to face her down, at least. That job was left to his son, who was certainly in for more than anyone had expected. What sort of child got over their anger so quickly and realized their own part in the blame? Whatever sort of child that was, she was it. He suspected it was the brave, fearless, ever kind sort – the sort that would easily knock his son down a peg or two. With a small grin at that, he looked at the child once more. "I would appreciate that, Kagome. He could use a friend."

At this, his brow furrowed and he crossed his arms, looking up into the sky. The gray clouds overhead mirrored his mood. Just what had he done to this remarkable girl? He could only hope that things would work out in the end. His son was reckless and a bit impertinent at times; it seemed like such a waste to force him on Kagome. When the sozu knocked again, he was startled out of his concerns by a gentle voice.

"Could you use one, too?"

Looking down on the girl, he saw her youth shining out from wide, hopeful eyes. His heart melted and he knew that he was bested. She won his favor so easily, with nothing more than her determination and innocent puppy eyes. How ironic. Nodding his head, he smiled in response to her light giggle. "It would be my honor."

The wind kicked up again and she let out a startled cry at the chill, holding her arms up to protect her face. When it finally died down he held out a hand for her and she placed hers within his, trusting he would protect her as good friends do. He was amazed at how very tiny she was, how fragile she was. Even Izayoi, his human mate, did not present such tender weakness. Brow furrowing, he knew that he would have to find a way to assure his son could keep this wonderful girl in the family.

They returned to the house in silence, meeting with Kagome's grandmother at the entrance. "All is settled, then?"

"Yes." Kagome replied. Everything was just fine. She had a new friend and another friend to make.