Dean Winchester's daughter loves fantasy novels.

He can clearly recall since the day they brought Luxa home and she started coming out of her shell, the arguments. She and Sam would go at it for hours on end about which character truly was better, Tolkien or Rowling (Tolkien always won, always), whether The Hobbit should be split into three films or not, and so on. Dean never understood it, hell the last time he read for fun was, well never. And even though he really didn't understand the appeal of this Tyrion character that didn't stop him from buying the whole 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series just to make her smile.

Dean Winchester's daughter never failed to make him laugh.

"Luxa Marie Winchester, you're asking for it kid." He growled out as he always did whenever she was headed towards a spanking or something of the sort.

She picked her head up from her latest novel and glared at him in the rearview mirror. "I don't know what you're talking about but I sure as hell ain't asking for that."And she dropped her head back down with a distinct hmph.

He couldn't help it. The look on her face, the bratty little tone he usually hated, and the way his eight year old daughter spat the word hell at him. He cracked up along with Sam and soon enough Luxa even joined in though she didn't quite get what they were laughing about.

Dean Winchester's daughter loves Guns and Roses.

She was crying. Again. Not that he blamed her but these damn nightmares had kept the kid up for the past month and nothing was working. Not the pills, not sleeping in a bed with him or Sam. Nothing.

"I'm sorry, Daddy." She was still sniffling as she looked up at him with her big blue eyes.

"Come on kid, no apologizing. Already told you that." He rubbed her back slightly, enough apparently to warrant a lap full of little girl.

He did what came naturally. He wrapped his arms around her and began humming slightly, only because Sam wasn't there of course. He didn't realize until she was fast asleep that he was humming November Rain by Guns and Roses.

To this day it's the most played song on her iPod, beating out Zeppelin even.

Dean Winchester's daughter was born with a hole in her heart.

It was how they brought him into the picture actually. The foster care woman called him up and told him they needed him in Seattle right away to sign off on his daughter's surgery. When he had told her it was the wrong number she was quick to give the mother's name and the time of conception and birth. It all matched up. And since he had never legally signed over his parental rights he had to sign off on the surgery for her heart or else she would die.

He had never hauled Sammy to the car as fast as he did that day. At first he saw it as another hunt, gotta save the cute kid and there's a time limit and all that jazz and such. Then he met Luxa. She looked like his mom. Exactly like her. At first she was a hesitant, shy little kid but she showed her Winchester side soon enough and it took no convincing for him to take her in.

Dean Winchester's daughter doesn't have many soft spots, but animals are one of them.

There was a mix all alone on the side of the road. Dog was ugly as all freakin' hell but Luxa insisted that they at least get him to a shelter. And then make sure that the doc checked him out. And then play with him for a little while. Eventually Dean was sitting in the front of the Impala unhappily glaring back at the small French bulldog mix named Zeppelin Gunner Winchester who had taken up residence in his daughter's lap as she happily cooed at him.

Damn his daughter's puppy eyes.

Dean Winchester's daughter is no princess.

Sure Dean had begun to raise her to believe that stuff was all shit. That she should never need anyone but her family to sweep in to save her and no boy was any better than her that he should get to fight the dragon and she shouldn't. A lot of it was Sam's doing as well since he read her Lord of the Rings and she found a love for the character Eowyn and during Game of Thrones when she tried to change her name to Arya. He never suspected however that she had become completely adverse to even the simple title of it however. But then John Winchester, who had warmed up to the kid quickly and become more affectionate with her than the boys had ever seen him be with either of them (most likely it was because of her resemblance to Mary Winchester since he didn't approve of his son having a kid at such an early age), had slipped up and lovingly called Luxa 'princess' she climbed off his lap immediately and leveled him with a glare and told him clearly, "I am not a princess. I get to fight the dragon too. And besides monarchy is a corrupt form of government anyways and England needs to get over themselves." Then she stomped off to her room that she had at Bobby's house. Poor John Winchester was left completely baffled as his sons were in tears laughing.