Dean Winchester's daughter loves pranks just like him.

She knew she had to be quiet, extremely so and the blower would be a bit loud, but if she could pull this off it would be so worth all these ridiculous precautions. She didn't even ask for her dad's help this time, she wanted to do it all on her own. And once she had it up and going and no footsteps except her own echoed through the house she snuck over to her Uncle Sammy's room, careful to close the door behind her.

She lightly ran over to his bed and jumped on it, waking him up immediately. And after making her eyes a bit wider than normal and adopting a quaky, fearful tone she stuttered out, "Uncle Sammy, I- I heard something downstairs!"

He shot up instantly just like she knew he would. "What did you hear Luxie?"

She wasn't completely prepared for questions but all she had to do was seem scared, she knew that. "I don't know Uncle Sammy, but it sounded like someone was down there! Can you please go look?"

"Yeah Luxie, of course," he answered gently and brushed her hair. "Now you wait here…"

"No!" At his slightly confused glance she turned back on her scared face and explain, "I don't want to be 'lone, Uncle Sammy."

He softened immediately, just like she knew he would. "Okay, just stay behind me, alright sweetheart?"

She nodded quickly and followed him from the room grinning madly when his back was to her.

As soon as he opened the door and turned into the hall he saw it. A giant inflatable clown that towered over him and slowly swayed forward and backward. And his reaction was priceless. Sam jumped back and landed flat on his ass all the while screeching in a way even Luxa would be ashamed to.

Dean came running out from his room moments later but stopped right as he entered the hall. His kid was rolling on the floor laughing, while Sam sat several feet away feet away from the dreaded inflatable with his full bitch face on. Dean had never been more proud.

Dean Winchester's daughter hates math.

"When on earth am I ever going to need to buy," she consulted her math worksheet again, "seven cantaloupes?! That's stupid! I hate cantaloupe, hate it!"She yelled while glaring at her dad and uncle who seemed to find her display amusing.

Sam, still chuckling, came over, picked up her pencil, and began to work on her homework. "Here, try this Luxa." He handed the paper back to her after a moment.

The problem read, 'If you have twelve shape-shifters on the loose and you need silver bullets and each bullet costs twenty bucks to make, assuming you have perfect aim how much will it cost to make your silver bullets and save the town from shape-shifters?'

She made an A on the next math test, though her teacher did call Dean in for a conference about Luxa's overactive imagination.

Dean Winchester's daughter uses the 'only if you do' method for everything.

"Aw shit!" She exclaimed softly from the backseat over something or other.

"Hey, watch your mouth kid." It was said almost absently, he really wasn't paying that much attention to her at the moment until…

"Son of a bitch!" She made her voice a bit deeper and more like her father's.

"What the hell, Luxa?" No other question seemed to suffice.

"That was you. I'll quit only if you do."

"Well, son of a bitch."

Dean Winchester's daughter is always there for him.

The pyre burned higher and higher, reducing John Winchester's body to ash. Dean swore he wouldn't cry and he tried to reaffirm it to himself after he looked over at Sam who was already breaking down. He could feel them though, at the brim of his eyes, tears were about to overflow and he wasn't sure if he could stop it. Then he felt her next to him though. A tiny hand squeezed his own as she stared up at him with a reassuring look. Somehow it helped him get through the rest. All she ever said was a soft, "Love you, dad." And she never again mentioned it.

Dean Winchester's daughter is an artist.

From the time she was seven she kept herself entertained on long car rides with drawing. It was usually the Jackson Pollock like scribbles of a child, but soon enough it became actual art. Dean's favorite was the perfect replica of the Impala sitting in front of Bobby's house that his daughter had given him when she was eleven. I remained folded up and with a picture of her in his wallet where every couple of days he pulled it out and happily stared at the art piece she had titled 'Home'.

Dean Winchester's daughter hates 'Romeo and Juliet'.

"This is not a love story, for god's sake! This is a sixteen year old and a twelve year old being overly dramatic and killing themselves because they're so in love! No their effing not, they've known each other for a couple days! What did Shakespeare have a vagina or something, was he on his period? Goddamnit! I can't believe I have read this! My teacher should be haunted by a spirit, turned into a vamp, molested by a women in white, have her head chopped off, sentenced to hell for ten years, pulled out by an angel, and then have it happen all over again, and maybe I'll let her die then!"

Dean looked up from the research he was working on. "Whatever you say, sweetheart."

Dean Winchester's daughter still loves Tinkerbelle and was deeply offended when she started talking.

"The whole point was she had major attitude without even speaking! And now she's all friendly and shit and is making friends with all the other fairies! I mean what the hell is their problem? She doesn't speak!"

"Luxa, you're sixteen, chill out." Sam just rolled his eyes.