Dean Winchester's daughter isn't afraid to break a nail.

Dean thought that if he ever had a daughter she would be cute, delicate, fragile, and all those other simple words that usually went along with tiny little girls. But no, Luxa was definitely his kid. And now he saw her swing herself over a fence and land deftly on the other side. She shook her hand a bit and mumbled, "Hmm, hangnail. Oh well." She wiped the bit of blood off on her band t-shirt and said that it 'added character' to her already chipping and pealing manicure.

Dean Winchester's daughter never knows how to take a compliment.

"Luxa!" It was Alex from Ms. Milton's class across the hall. Luxa knew him a little since he was friends with her best friend Mason.

She dropped down from the monkey bars and walked over to him smiling and asked him, "What's up, Alex?"

The nine year old blushed like crazy as he stuttered out, "You're, well you're really pretty Luxa."

Her smile dropped immediately as the memories of another man saying the same words entered her head. She glared at Alex and shoved him hard until he fell over. Luxa then climbed on top of him and punched blindly until her teacher finally pulled her off, yelling about how she would have to call Luxa's father.

Years later Luxa still couldn't take a compliment as Scott leaned in and smiled at her. "You look gorgeous tonight, Red." Luxa's cheeks burned up as she gently shoved his shoulder and told him to shut up.

Dean Winchester's daughter secretly watches chick flicks.

"We'll be a few hours, Luxa. Stay here and don't unlock the door for anyone, don't answer the phone unless it rings three times, and…"

"Call you if I need anything. I know dad." She rolled her eyes without even glancing is his direction to see that he did the same. "Now get outta here and go kill something."

"Love you too, Luxa." The door to the cheap motel room slammed shut. She waited for the taillights of the Impala to disappear however before she even moved to grab the DVD.

Fifteen minutes later however popcorn was freshly popped and she inserted 'The Princess Bride' into the player. Thirty minutes later she was fast asleep. And in another two hours Sam and Dean were back.

"What was it this time?" Sam asked gesturing to the DVD player while sitting down on the unoccupied bed.

Dean pressed the eject button and the snorted before putting away the movie in Luxa's bag in the 'hidden' spot she always used. "'The Princess Bride', same as always."

"Why do you think she tries to hide it?"

"'Cause she's Luxa, and well, I don't know, but don't mention it to her."

And neither of them did, same as always.

Dean Winchester's daughter was never in love until she saw 'Thor'.

It was one of those rare occasions where they went to the movie theatre. Usually Luxa and Dean would just watch some movie at home if they felt the need since they owned all of the classics, but Luxa insisted she wanted to see the new superhero movie. Dean soon found out why. His thirteen year old daughter was practically drooling as the actor in his late twenties came onto the screen shirtless. This started the several yearlong obsession with Hemsworth brothers, excluding the youngest because he is apparently 'gross', much to the brother's dismay.

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