Dean Winchester's daughter broke up with her first boyfriend.

It was only a little fling with the quarter-back. Not a serious relationship by any means, though they did go to the homecoming dance together. Then however, he brought up a music conversation. With her, of all people.

He was clad in a black 'Queen' t-shirt while she sat next to him gently playing with the ring on his middle finger. "Did you realize we're both wearing band t-shirts today?" He asked her,

She looked up at him, smiling lightly. She had noticed his t-shirt and knew that she was donning a red, black and blue 'The Beatles' t-shirt. "Yep. Aren't we cute?" She smirked a bit, like always.

"Would be if you wore a cooler band shirt. 'The Beatles' are cool enough babe, but they have nothing on 'Queen'." He still smiled at her, expecting her to agree and say that her 'Queen' t-shirt was either out of commission or in the washer.

She did nothing of the sort. The ever common nickname of 'babe', that she absolutely despised even slipped past her ears and all the filled them was the fact that he thought 'Queen' of all bands was better than… well she couldn't even say it. She did though. "You think 'Queen'" she spit out the name in ultimate disgust, "is better than 'The Beatles'?" Her voice sounding almost as if it were worshipping the latter in comparison.

"Yeah, babe. I mean their lyrics are just so deep, all 'The Beatles' sang about was LSD and shit."

Silently, Luxa pulled her hand from his and leaned down to pick up her slouchy rucksack. When she stood she turned around to the confused Tyler and said, "I just don't think this'll work out." She didn't even apologize, just turned on her heel and stuck in her headphones blasting a very loud and clear 'Help' and walked away leaving the very confused boy behind.

When she sat down at the dinner table that night she informed Sam and Dean that she had broken up with Tyler. Dean immediately burst out with the obvious of question of whether or not he had hurt her.

"No. No, he didn't. I just realized it couldn't work." Both men looked at the girl oddly until she explained, "He, well, he thinks 'Queen' is better than 'The Beatles'. He honestly thinks that." She shook her head a bit, her lip curling in disgust. She got up from the table the look still on her face as she dropped her dishes in the sink and stormed off to her bedroom.

"'The Beatles'?" Sam questioned, looking to his grinning older brother for an explanation.

"Well Sammy, let's start blastin' some 'Here Comes the Sun'."

Dean Winchester's daughter still remembers her foster family.

There had been three of them. Rick and Janice were the parents and Tommy was their real son. 'Real Son', they had often reminded her and rubbed it in her face that she wasn't their daughter, not really. And since she wasn't their real daughter they didn't have to take care of her, especially since they only got a foster kid because the government would send them some cash. They discovered the other various uses of her as punching bag and maid later on.

It was the day that she had been sent in for surgery that stuck with her and caused all her nightmares though. She had dropped something while she was cleaning, she can't remember what now but it made a loud crash. Loud enough to wake up Rick from his hangover induced sleep. He had stumbled from the couch and stormed towards her. He had a crazed kinda look on his face as he told her that he had a new type of punishment for her, he started pulling down his jean's zipper.

Her fear went into overdrive, and with a weak heart that should've been looked at several weeks ago at her annual check-up that Janice and Rick 'forgot' to take her to, she started to pass out. She shook and went unconscious right before their eyes, and not wanting to be blamed for her death they dropped her off at the emergency room and then high-tailed it out of town. That's when Dean was called.

Dean Winchester's daughter is innocent.

"Daddy! Daddy, look out there!" Luxa was propped up on the motel desk as she stared out the window and shouted towards her father who was lying on the bed at the opposite side of the room.

He gave up trying to get any sleep before Luxa was already knocked out. Dean stood and walked over to where his kid was sitting on the table and looked out the window that she was so eagerly pointing to. "What are you talking about, Luxie?" All he saw was a near empty parking lot and a McDonald's across the street.

"No, daddy," he could've sworn she rolled her eyes, "in the sky. It's a shooting star, daddy." She pointed towards the sky with a slight look of awe on her face.

He glanced up towards the night sky and immediately knew what she was talking about. It was a plane. Blinking red and then back to white, there was no doubt about it that what his little girl had confused for a shooting star was an airplane. And Sam started to tell her so before Dean stomped on his foot.

"Yeah sweetheart, it is." He smiled at her and ruffled her blonde ringlets. "Make a wish," he urged her.

Luxa tilted her head like she usually did when she was in deep thought. "Nah, I'm good." She smiled at her dad and uncle before slipping off the table and crawling into her and her dad's bed.

Dean realized even more that night that he wasn't raising a tough, strong hunter who already knew of all the world's terrors, or even someone like Sam who had seen enough to make him tough at a young age. He was dealing with Luxa, a girl who may have seen a lot of shit, but was still just an innocent little kid. He decided then not to take her on hunts, or get her into to unless she asked.

Dean Winchester's daughter is a small town girl.

Every time they're in a small little town for more than a weekend, Luxa ends up with a raggedy old plaid flannel shirt on along with some denim shorts riding in the back of a pickup. She hits up all the old diners with the local kids and fits right in. She's a small town girl.

Dean Winchester's daughter learned how to flirt at sixteen.

Her father was off in purgatory. Her uncle was just… off. She was on her own, but seeing as how it was still a hunter's life for her she was working jobs. And what came with those jobs was learning information from the locals. Being a pretty little sixteen year old had its advantages in this field.

She was at a bar when Dean found her. Having just come out of Purgatory and not finding his kid with Sam, he went in search. Finally after tracking her cell phone he got a location of a bar. And seeing her black Pontiac Firebird in the lot only made him sure that she was in there. She didn't even let him put a hand on that car.

He found her leaning against the counter. Blonde hair straightened and a tight dress on she leaned her upper body forward a bit so the twenty-something guy was spilling his guts.

Luxa widened her blue eyes at one point as if to seem frightened by whatever he was saying, "Really? Gosh, that sounds scary."

The guy puffed out his chest and made his voice lower while saying, "Yeah, you don't have anything to worry about though, stick with me and you'll be fine."

Luxa smiled and urged, "I bet so, tough guy like you. So why don't you finish up the story and then maybe we can get outta here, huh?"

Dean had had enough. He stormed over to where his kid was shamelessly putting herself out there and grabbed her shoulder. She jerked back and whipped around, full glare on her face, all the while the guy was raising protests about how she was there willingly and if they had to take this outside they would. Luxa shut him up quickly though with a swift kick to his leg.

"Daddy?" She asked her voice shaking as she did so.

"Yeah Luxie, it's me." Dean pulled her in for a hug and soon enough pulled her from the bar despite what's-his-name's protests.

Dean Winchester's daughter refuses to let anyone call her 'Luxie' except him.

Especially after Dean went to hell. Sam had shown up one day after leaving her with Bobby, just to check up on her, something like that. When she had blown him off he looked at her with the sad, kicked puppy expression that worked with Dean and he called his little niece 'Luxie'. That was always what her dad called her. His 'little Luxie'. It was cheesy as hell and kind of obnoxious, but hearing it come from her uncle who had good as abandoned her sent her into a rage. She threw things and screeched and didn't calm down until Sam had left her sight.

Sam tried to stop Dean from calling her that when he came back from down under, assuming that it was the nickname that annoyed her and not himself, but Dean slipped up. Luxa didn't even flinch, just smiled softly and continued on. That was her daddy's name for her, and his only.

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