Warnings: Barebacking, Dirty Talk, Slut Shaming, Comeplay, Spanking, Light Dom/sub, Sex Toys, Lingerie. Pure PWP.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna— Kurt, come on, just— oh god please don't stop!"

"I should stop," Kurt grunts, but fucks Sebastian harder despite his own words. "So fucking greedy, waking me up and craving my cock you filthy little slut. You can never get enough, can you?"

"I'm close, please, I want to—"

"Don't," Kurt says, voice surprisingly calm and sharp given his current position. "Don't come until I tell you."

"Kurt, I—"



Kurt slips out, reluctantly, and slaps Sebastian's ass. "No." He stays like that behind him, his cock hovering half an inch from Sebastian's asshole. He wants to push in again, so badly, but he also needs Sebastian to do as he says. He leans forward, slotting his cock between Sebastian's cheeks, strokes the sweaty hairs from the back of Sebastian's neck and places a kiss on the damp skin. "You gonna do as I say?" he says softly.

Sebastian whines and nods. "Yes. Put it back, I promise I'll— Just fuck me, please," he rambles.

"Mm, you do beg prettily," Kurt murmurs, petting Sebastian's side before he reaches down to grab his cock and positions it against Sebastian's hole again. "And you feel so good, fuck," he pants as he pushes in, slowly.

Sebastian is past words now, he just lets out broken whimpers and moans, clenching the sheets hard in a desperate attempt to keep from touching himself. Kurt feels his orgasm approach and fucks harder into Sebastian, not stopping this time.

"Come on, babe, that's it, just a little bit more now," he says, stroking his neck again. "You want me to come in you? Mm, you do like it when I fill you up, god, you're sofilthy, so good, taking it like—" he stutters out the last part, jerking his hips and coming deep in his boyfriend's ass. He leans forward again, pressing his chest against Sebastian's back while he still fucks out the last of his orgasm. "You can come now," he whispers in Sebastian's ear, and that's all it takes for him to clench around Kurt's cock and come in thick, messy stripes across the sheets. He collapses into it, the weight of Kurt and himself too much for his orgasm-weakened arms, but he's not complaining. Kurt knows that he loves this, loves all of it, but maybe the messy part the most.

Kurt sighs contently and nuzzles Sebastian's neck, licking his sweaty skin. "Good?" He asks, his voice completely void of any dominance now. Before Sebastian has a chance to reply, Kurt's phone starts to buzz.

It's important, it has to be important, because the call is coming from the only number that's allowed through the Do Not Disturb mode, and Kurt sighs again, much heavier this time.

"I'm sorry," he murmurs, placing a last apologetic kiss to Sebastian's neck before he reaches for his phone.

"For your own sake, I really hope that this is important."

It's late afternoon when Kurt finally gets home.

"Sebastian, are you home?" he calls out into the apartment when he unlocks the door. He still feels a little bad about the way he left this morning, on one of his rare days off, but it had been important. "If you're home I was thinking we could order Indian and maybe…pick up where we left off," he finishes, dropping his voice a little.

"You have to find me first," comes the reply in a sing-song voice. Kurt rolls his eyes and heads towards the bedroom. While their apartment isn't cramped, it's not exactly big enough for him not to be able to tell where the voice is coming from.

"I take it you're in…Wow. Okay," Kurt says when he enters the bedroom and finds the lights dimmed and Sebastian dressed in slacks and a nice shirt. He's propped up on the bed with a book. "Are you going out?" Kurt asks, because Sebastian usually barely even bothers with pants on the weekends.

"Nope," Sebastian replies, marking his place in the book and closing it with a smug smile. "We're playing a game."

"A game?" Kurt echoes.

"Yes." Sebastian gets to his feet, slowly, almost gingerly. "The 'hot or cold' game."

Kurt raises an eyebrow as Sebastian gets closer to him. "Really?"

"Really," Sebastian confirms, leaning in to kiss Kurt. "And right now, you're very, very hot."

"Oh, I am?" Kurt laughs, reaching up to put his arms around Sebastian's neck. "If I do this—," he pulls them flush together, "—is that hot or cold?"

"Still hot," Sebastian replies. Kurt trails his lips along his jaw, down his throat, and Sebastian lets out a breathy "Hotter" when Kurt sucks on his pulse point. Kurt slides his hands down and starts to work on the buttons in Sebastian's shirt, pressing a kiss on each newly-revealed piece of skin.

"Hotter or colder?" he asks, glancing up at Sebastian between his eyelashes when he's just reached the bottom of his ribs.

"Hotter. Definitely hotter."

"And if I…" Kurt trails off but puts his hands on Sebastian's fly.

"Still hotter."

Kurt slides his hands down to mid-thigh and looks up imploringly.

"Colder," Sebastian says and swallows. Kurt rolls his eyes again but starts to undo the button of the fly, then takes on the zipper excruciatingly slow.

"You think you're so funny," he mutters. "Behaving like I haven't—oh." He peels back the fabric and is greeted by the sight of Sebastian's already hard cock enclosed in dark red lace. "Oh," he says again, breathier, tracing his thumbs over the smooth fabric. "Yeah, this is hot," he agrees, leaning forward to swipe his tongue over where Sebastian's cock is leaking precome against the lace.

"Actually not endgame," Sebastian manages to get out, trying hard not to buck his hips into Kurt's face.

Kurt pulls back. "There's more?"

Sebastian nods. "U-huh."

Kurt drags Sebastian's pants all the way down then and stands up. "You're dressed in lace, and there's more?" he murmurs against Sebastian's lips, trailing his hands across his back and down to his ass, where he palms his cheeks through the lace, kissing Sebastian until his fingertips catches on something. "Is that—" He pulls back, eyes widened.

"Burn," Sebastian says.

"Oh my god." Kurt pushes Sebastian onto the bed and manages to get his own clothes off in record time. "Turn around, hands and knees," he says, once he's naked and kneeling on the bed. Sebastian obeys easily, the lace stretching over his skin and making the bottom of the plug stand out against it.

"Fucking hell," Kurt murmurs, tracing his fingers over the fabric. He pulls them down in a flash, making Sebastian gasp when the rush of air hits his skin. The plug is snug in his hole, dark against his pale skin, and he looks so good.

"How long?" Kurt asks, setting his thumb against the plug and pushing a little.

"Since—fuck—since you left," Sebastian replies, pushing his ass back a little.

"Fuck," Kurt echoes. "You mean you're still—"

"Full of your come?" Sebastian finishes for him. "Yeah. Welcome home."

"Oh my god, Sebastian." He presses against the plug again. "You filthy slut," he says, his voice dropping. "You've been walking around like this all day? Waiting for me to come home? To fuck you again?" He pulls the panties further down. "You've been wearing these the whole time? Under your nice clothes?"


"You want me to fuck you, don't you? God, I don't even have to prep you, you'll be loose and slick already." Kurt grabs the plug and pulls at it, slowly. Sebastian hisses and Kurt sees how his ass clenches around it, trying to keep it in, but he continues to pull. It's slick with come when he gets it out and puts it down on the bed, too busy staring at Sebastian's red-rimmed asshole to care about it. White, sticky fluid trickles out and Kurt bites his lips and rubs his thumb against it, smearing it around.

"You're so fucking hot," he breathes, bringing his thumb up to suck at it.


"Fuck you? Yes, I'm getting to it. Patience, baby."

"I've been waiting for you all day," Sebastian snarls, which earns him a hard smack on the ass.

"By your own choice, so stop whining." Kurt caresses the red mark on Sebastian's skin. "But it was a really nice surprise, so I guess you deserve a reward," he murmurs and grabs his cock, aligning it with Sebastian's hole.

"Please," Sebastian moans, pushing back immediately. Kurt grabs his hips hard to still him.

"I decide," he snaps, slapping him again. "You're just gonna shut up and take it."

"Please," Sebastian repeats, but he stays still this time.

"Good boy," Kurt praises, and slides his cock in. It goes easily, Sebastian's ass being stretched and slicked already, and he moans loudly at the sensation. "Fuuuck. And you've been waiting for me all day, haven't you? Like an obedient little whore, just waiting for me to come home and fuck you like this, uh-huh?"

"Yes." Sebastian is clutching the sheets hard, Kurt can see the the tension in his arms and hands, and since this is such a nice surprise, Kurt takes pity on him and slides one hand down around Sebastian's hip to grab his cock.

"You won't come until I tell you to," he says warningly, squeezing around the hard flesh.

Sebastian hums, acknowledging the command, and pushes back on Kurt's cock.

"Oh no, you don't. You stay still," Kurt hisses, slapping Sebastian's hip with the hand not currently occupied. "Just take it, like you've been waiting for all day."

"Kurt, baby, please," Sebastian pleads.

"What do you want me to do?" Kurt slows down, fucking slowly now, stroking from Sebastian's neck down to where they're connected. "Tell me."

"Fuck me, please."

"How? Hard and fast?"

"Yesss, come on."

Kurt doesn't fasten is pace. "And what do you want me to do then?" He grabs Sebastian by the shoulder and jerks him up until he's kneeling, his back pressed against Kurt's chest. "You want me to lick you clean?" he growls into Sebastian's ear. "Want me to clean up what you didn't when I left this morning?"


"You want it?"

"Please, baby."

"Say it," Kurt demands, pulling roughly at Sebastian's hair. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Fuck me. Hard."

"And?" Kurt prompts, tugging harder on the brown curls.

"Lick me, Kurt, come on."

"How long are you going to be able to hold on?" Kurt asks, jerking Sebastian's cock. "Are you gonna be a good boy until I've licked you clean? Not come until I'm done?"


"Don't think you can do it? You're so hard babe, you've been waiting for this all day, are you really gonna be able to hold it while I lick my come out of your ass?"

"I—I don't know," Sebastian gasps, his hips jerking involuntarily, trying to fuck into Kurt's fist and push back on his cock at the same time.

"Are you going to try?" Kurt asks, sweetly, loosening his grip on his boyfriend's cock until it's only the whisper of a touch. "When you come, I'll stop. No matter what I'm doing. Just saying."

"Don't touch me, then," Sebastian pleads, reaching back with his hands to put them on the back of Kurt's thighs; not to bring him closer, just to keep his hands somewhere.

"You don't get to make the calls," Kurt sing-songs in a low voice, tightening his grip again. He gives him a few jerks, but then he lets go completely. He wants to follow through with his plans, he wants Sebastian to hold out all the way. He grabs his hips instead, holding on tight, fucking harder, like asked. The panties are still bunched above Sebastian's knees, preventing him from spreading his legs too far.

"How long have you had these? How long have you waited for the right opportunity to show them off?" He thrusts hard, catching Sebastian off-guard, preventing him from answering. Kurt is close, it's a fucking miracle he's been able to hold out this long considering the situation; coming home to a boyfriend dressed in lace, wearing a buttplug, full of his come, begging to be fucked.

"Are you close?" he asks, grasping Sebastian's cock again.

"Yeah, I—Fuck, Kurt," Sebastian gasps, and when Kurt lets go again, he lets out a frustrated whine.

"Me too," Kurt breathes in his ear, thrusting in hard, slamming their hips together, relishing the sound of skin slapping against skin. "Fuck, I'm gonna—" His hips thrust erratically a couple of times before he comes, deep inside Sebastian. He slides out before he's finished coming, ignoring Sebastian's gasp at the loss and staring down at where the rest of his come is spreading around Sebastian's asshole and over his cheeks. "God, you're so pretty," he murmurs, bringing down his fingers to smear the fluid around. "So, so pretty."

"Kurt, please," Sebastian moans, almost sobbing with frustration.

"Mm, I promised you something more, didn't I?" Kurt pushes at Sebastian's shoulder to get him down on his hands and knees again and lowers himself behind him. The position brings his face close to Sebastian's ass, but he still can't spread his legs, so he smacks his ass and says "On your stomach" to get him to lay down. He removes the panties carefully, even though they're probably stretched beyond their limit already, and then turns his attention back to his boyfriend's sticky backside.

"This is my favorite part," he says and leans in, licking a stripe of come off of Sebastian's ass. He cleans the skin first, with small, careful licks, making sure to get it all, before he closes in on Sebastian's hole. He dips his tongue inside, moaning at the heavy taste of him and Sebastian mixed together. "It's what you've been waiting for all day, isn't it?"

Sebastian doesn't even try to deny it. "Yes."

Kurt slides two fingers in and scoops out more come, licking it off, before backing away and making Sebastian stand up on his knees again. He reaches around and grabs Sebastian's cock, not holding back at all this time, fisting him roughly while nipping his neck.

"You can come now," he says, in a repeat of this morning, and Sebastian follows the command as easily now as he did then; shooting over Kurt's fist and making everything slick and sticky.

"Good boy," Kurt murmurs, stroking him through it and running his other hand soothingly over Sebastian's chest when he slumps back against Kurt. When he's finished, Kurt raises his hand to Sebastian's mouth and pushes his fingers between his lip. "Come on, baby, you know you want it."

Sebastian sucks on the fingers greedily, and when they're clean he twists out of Kurt's grip and slumps down on his back on the bed.

"Fuck," he says emphatically, dragging a hand through his sweat-soaked hair.

Kurt lays down beside him, curling up against his side, and trails his fingers over the red imprints on Sebastian's hips. "Yeah," he agrees. He stretches out his legs and one of his feet hits the buttplug. He nudges it away until it's out of reach. "That's new, right?"

Sebastian slides an arm around Kurt's shoulders and hugs him close. "Yeah. Bought it two weeks ago."

"And the panties? Fuck, babe," Kurt groans, just thinking about Sebastian in the lace.

"You liked them?" Sebastian asks smugly, completely unnecessary. "Same time," he says in regard to Kurt's question. "I've been waiting for a chance to surprise you since then."

"Well, consider me surprised," Kurt yawns, grabbing the covers with his toes to haul it up over them. "We should clean up," he says as he slides further down on the bed, his actions completely contradicting his words.

"We should," Sebastian agrees, while also sliding down under the covers. "In a while."